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Below are the Amazon Countdown Deals that I have found running on 4/24/20. Click the cover to be sent to the site. Also, consult the included author page links to consult if they have additional sales.

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An Unlikely Missionary: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice by Skylar Hamilton Burris

When the practical Charlotte Collins is unexpectedly sent on a missionary journey to India, she must examine her values and find her place within a world of dark intrigue. Join Mrs. Collins as she traverses a path beset with comedy, mystery, tragedy, and joy.

Long and Short Romance Reviews describes the novel as “deep and thought-provoking” and notes that “the beauty and savagery of the setting and time period are artfully intertwined into the plot.”

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A Very Austen Valentine (Austen Anthologies Book 2) by Mandy H. Cook, Barbara Cornthwaite, Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Susan Kaye & Wendi Sotis

Six beloved authors deliver romantic Valentine novellas set in Jane Austen’s Regency world. Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, and Barbara Cornthwaite, together with Susan Kaye and Mandy Cook, share variations of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility, featuring your favorite characters in sequels, adaptations, and spinoffs of Austen’s adored novels.

Experience uplifting romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and poignant regret as these authors deftly tug on your heartstrings this Valentine’s Day.

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Affectionate Hearts by Cassandra B. Leigh

Fitzwilliam Darcy received the shock of his life when he arrived at Ramsgate! His arch-nemesis George Wickham had absconded with his fifteen year-old sister and was heading to the border! Vowing Wickham’s demise, Darcy raced northward but could he catch them in time to save Georgiana from ruin?

Longing for a change of scenery and perhaps a bit of adventure, Elizabeth Bennet toured the Lake District with her aunt and uncle. During a chance encounter, she gains a new friend but will she also find the love of her life?

This sweet, clean Regency novella begins months before the start of Pride and Prejudice.

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Common Ground: A North and South Variation (Margaret of Milton Book 1) by Elaine Owen

John and Margaret are engaged, but they still have challenges to face. Can Hannah ever accept Margaret as her son’s wife? How will Margaret’s investment affect John’s business? Is Watson’s investment scheme as profitable as it first appears? What will a future together look like between two people from such different backgrounds? Follow John and Margaret through their engagement and into their marriage in this charming North and South continuation.

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Elizabeth and Darcy: Unquenchable by JL Pearl

I will love you, Elizabeth, until the very ground beneath my feet wastes away.

True love is born of passion in this short, highly romanticized, steamy variation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Darcy, a man respectable, refined, and restrained, finds his very sense of self shaken by the violent, tremulous emotions evoked by his meeting Miss Elizabeth Bennet at a simple country dance. Which will win over within him–the well-bred, mannered gentleman, or the animal of passion?

Elizabeth Bennet has never known romance until she finds herself pursued by the enigmatic but beautiful Fitzwilliam Darcy. Will she succumb to his charms, or maintain virtue and keep him at bay?

Classes clash and all rules are thrown away in this whirlwind pas-de-deux. Elizabeth & Darcy: Unquenchable is a very steamy retelling of Jane Austen’s novel, featuring Austen’s characters placed in new, exciting situations, and should be enjoyed responsibly by readers of a certain age.

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The First Temptation of Mr. Darcy: A Steamy Pride and Prejudice Variation (Temptations Book 1) by JL Pearl

Lust wins.

When Elizabeth Bennet learns that Mr. Darcy has saved the reputations of the Bennet family by arranging the marriage of Mr. Wickham to her sister Lydia, she is overwhelmed with gratitude. When he visits and invites her to accompany him for a walk in the countryside, both are overwhelmed by something else.

There will be passion.

There will be love.

There will be temptations.

“The First Temptation of Mr. Darcy” is a Pride & Prejudice variation story featuring characters from Jane Austen’s beloved classic novel in very steamy situations, and should be enjoyed responsibly by readers of a certain age. This is the first of a three-part series.

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1812: How it All Began Part 2 (The Darcy Legacy) by Deborah E. Pearson

Sick and Heartbroken Mr Darcy is forced to face the truth that he is not the man he thought himself to be. With the very survival of Pemberley itself riding on the changes Mr Darcy makes, can he fix his faults and win the hand of Miss Elizabeth Bennet or will all be eventually lost?

The second book in a three-part retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Mr Darcy. The series will follow the fates of the Darcy children throughout the generations. Can Pemberley survive the changes that successive generations and new advances will bring?

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The Longbourn Conundrum by Deborah E. Pearson

An Ancient Curse. A Thunderstorm. An Epidemic.

Jane Bennet’s invitation to tea at Netherfield is interrupted by a strange series of events. Could they be related to the rumours of a generations old curse on Netherfield and Longbourn? When a thunderstorm and epidemic sweep through Meryton people are quarantined in their homes and the long-dismissed curse seems more and more like a reality than an ancient story. Can Jane and Elizabeth’s family survive this crisis or will these unnatural events claim the last generation of Bennets?

WARNING: Contains scenes of domestic/sexual abuse. Please do not read if you are easily triggered or under 18.

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The Meryton War by Deborah E. Pearson

The characters from Pride and Prejudice have plunged in an alternate universe. An eerie prophecy made in 1730 has resulted in the removal of three families from London society in a desperate bid to stop a war.

Three generations later, that Prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The War seems inevitable. Is peace possible? If not, can an energy balance ever be restored to the earth? Will an imbalance in the world’s energy field and the coming war wipe out humanity?

This paranormal fantasy is not suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes.

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Twelvetide Chaos by Deborah E. Pearson

Christmas has arrived! Mrs Bennet, nervous and unsure has the task of arranging five weddings, while hosting a large group
of family and friends for the full twelvetide period. Can she cope or is her Christmas destined to have all hell break loose?

Originally published as part of the 2019 Most Ardently Christmas anthology.

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Romance Comes to Pemberley: Longbourn Stories 11 to 19 (From Longbourn to Pemberley Book 2) by Margaret Lynette Sharp

As this story begins, our favourite couple have been blessed with two wonderful children: Fitzwilliam, Jr and Juliette, who have blossomed into adulthood. Will these two bearers of the legacy of our favourite romantic couple find true love and happiness, or will the obstacles thrown in their paths by the unforeseen and unforeseeable vagaries of fate destroy their best and fondest hopes? ‘Twill be a roller-coaster ride, navigating the twists and turns of Regency-era romance, in either case.

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