Countdown Deals 6/19/20

Below are the Amazon Countdown Deals that I have found running on 6/19/20. Click the cover to be sent to the site. Also, consult the included author page links to consult if they have additional sales.

*Please note: I use universal links which may require an extra step before going to the site and marketplace of your choice. Some promotions may not be available in all countries.

Darcy by Moonlight by Allison Smith

Darcy desires to claim his bride. Elizabeth’s heart agrees, but not her mind. Will personal disaster, and Caroline’s machinations, keep them apart?

A spark.
A knowing.

Master of Pemberley, entirely used to having his own way, wealthy Fitzwilliam Darcy yearns for a wife who will love him first, and his fortune second. He finds that wife in Elizabeth Bennet, a woman he has come to esteem from afar. However, Lizzy proves difficult, resisting courtship even though circumstances force them into a hasty engagement.

Darcy struggles with patience and to rein in his passion, for the harder he chases, the faster Elizabeth runs.

A marriage for love.
A foundation of esteem.

Elizabeth is determined to wed a man whose love will last a lifetime, and refuses to allow the compromise of her reputation force Darcy to offer his hand in marriage.

Just as her heart begins to soften, danger too close to home threatens their budding romance and Elizabeth must decide whether to trust in Darcy’s love, or retreat in fear.

Darcy by Moonlight is a sweet, fast burn Pride & Prejudice variation with hints of sensuality. For readers who enjoy forced marriage, compromise, and a passionate battle of wills.

Download now because you love pages of intense, witty dialogue and Darcy’s determined pursuit of Elizabeth.

Mr. Darcy Takes a Potion by Kate Treely

‘Mr. Darcy Takes a Potion’ is a clean Pride and Prejudice variation featuring Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, with prominent contribution from Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy.
And, an …. interesting …. cameo from Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

From the prologue:
“Mr. Darcy had never known such powerful emotion. Anticipation and excitement throbbed through his veins as potent as any wine. By the end of this day he expected to be happily engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. He was shortly to become the happiest of men, his future assured.”

Or will it be a case of the best-laid plans …..?

This Pride & Prejudice re-imagining takes place after Elizabeth Bennet refuses the offer of marriage from Fitzwilliam Darcy at Hunsford.

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