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One Minute More by Jan Ashton

“If I do my duty as a gentleman, I shall have to marry a woman who prefers you. How is this fair?”
It has been a miserable few weeks in Meryton. It was not enough that Fitzwilliam Darcy has had to tolerate the attentions of his best friend’s sister. Now he must deal with his cousin’s disastrous romantic alliance and his own unfortunate attraction to the intriguing and elusive Elizabeth Bennet.
Caroline Bingley’s life-changing mistake has landed her the wrong groom and a temporary exile to Longbourn. She packs her temper along with her gowns, ensuring no one is happy about their houseguest. Especially Elizabeth, who not only gives up her bedchamber to her adversary but becomes the focus of Caroline’s scheme to attach her to Mr Collins.
So much has happened in so little time. What can happen in one minute more?

Austen Years: A Memoir in Five Novels by Rachel Cohen

About seven years ago, not too long before our daughter was born, and a year before my father died, Jane Austen became my only author.”

In the turbulent period around the birth of her first child and the death of her father, Rachel Cohen turned to Jane Austen to make sense of her new reality. For Cohen, simultaneously grief-stricken and buoyed by the birth of her daughter, reading Austen became her refuge and her ballast. She was able to reckon with difficult questions about mourning, memorializing, living in a household, paying attention to the world, reading, writing, and imagining through Austen’s novels.

Austen Years is a deeply felt and sensitive examination of a writer’s relationship to reading, and to her own family, winding together memoir, criticism, and biographical and historical material about Austen herself. And like the sequence of Austen’s novels, the scope of Austen Years widens successively, with each chapter following one of Austen’s novels. We begin with Cohen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she raises her small children and contemplates her father’s last letter, a moment paired with the grief of Sense and Sensibility and the social bonds of Pride and Prejudice. Later, moving with her family to Chicago, Cohen grapples with her growing children, teaching, and her father’s legacy, all refracted through the denser, more complex Mansfield Park and Emma.

With unusual depth and fresh insight into Austen’s life and literature, and guided by Austen’s mournful and hopeful final novel, Persuasion, Rachel Cohen’s Austen Years is a rare memoir of mourning and transcendence, a love letter to a literary master, and a powerful consideration of the odd process that merges our interior experiences with the world at large.

Lost and Found by Julie Cooper

Once upon a time, there lived two sisters. Jane was fair, with mild blue eyes and hair the colour of corn silk. Elizabeth had long, dark, thick curls and eyes the startling green of a spring glade. Soon after the arrival of an evil stepmother, the girls found themselves starving and alone in the woods.
Their fairy tale ending is not easy to accomplish as one sister disappears into the home of a witch and the other sister—the valiant Elizabeth—is set to work as her slave. Wickedness is all around, and only by working with, and trusting, the cursed master of Pemberley can she break free of her captor, and release her sister and her beloved Darcy from the spells cast by the witch.

A Fine Joke by Amy D’Orazio

What would you do, knowing you had only weeks to live?
Such is the question Fitzwilliam Darcy faces shortly after his visit to Kent in 1812. A gentleman of honour, he decides he will go to his end having done his best to discharge the duty of providing an heir for Pemberley. A gentleman of passion, he decides it will be with a bride who suits his own fancy. Going immediately to Hertfordshire, he meets with Miss Elizabeth Bennet and asks her, a second time, to marry him, with the knowledge that the marriage will be short and that she will be soon left a wealthy widow.
Elizabeth agrees to be Darcy’s bride feeling all the compassion of a woman granting a man’s dying wish. However, soon she suspects the truth, that Darcy is not, in fact, dying. She begins to question what exactly happened between the time that Darcy proposed to her the first time and when he was given his dreadful diagnosis–and if, in fact, any of it is indeed true.
This Pride & Prejudice variation is a darkly humorous novella based on the characters of Jane Austen.

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Darcy’s Last Kiss by Samantha Erin

My Dearest Elizabeth,

The days grow short and the spray grows colder, and the mood of the men is grim. Still, nothing can chill the warmth that floods my heart whenever I recall the feel of your hand atop my own in that sacred moment we shared. All about me the others are gathering small affects and murmuring beneath their breath all the things they wish they had said to loved ones back home. For my part, I wish nothing but that the sea would carry these words swiftly from my heart to your own, that we might commune in some fashion, however distant.

War comes for England, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a young, landed gentleman, is not obligated, but volunteers to serve King and country for the honor of himself and his house. Meanwhile the woman he only just met has been left to puzzle out his character, who left her spurned but curious. In his absence she discovers he may be the man she could most love in all the world, and he learns to humble his pride and admit what was the truth since the moment he laid eyes on her: that he would love her, and her alone, until the day of his death.

They only hope that day is not too soon.

Darcy’s Last Kiss is a Pride & Prejudice variation which sets characters from Jane Austen’s perennial favorite in a new set of circumstances.

Secrets of a Virgin: An Austen Series Novella by Josie Litton

From NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Josie Litton

SECRETS OF A VIRGIN is a **very** hot romance novella with two characters I hope you’ll love as much as I do. It’s part of my Austen series, incendiary romances loosely inspired by Jane Austen but set in the modern world. Readers have called this series “shockingly sexy”, “OMG addictive!”, “The dirtiest books I have ever read. I love them!” and much more.

Penelope Padgett is a young woman on a mission–seduce billionaire Cole Dawson, the man she has yearned for since she was sixteen. Ten years her senior and a friend of her family’s, Cole has resolutely refused to acknowledge that the winsome teenager with a crush on him has grown into a beautiful and very determined woman. Until, that is, Penelope contrives to bring herself to his attention in a way that shatters even Cole’s iron control and propels them both into a confrontation with their deepest, darkest desires.

BeSwitched by KaraLynne Mackrory

Mortals can be such pesky beings. They are always mucking up their destinies, unbalancing their fates…leaving the world of fairies to pick up the pieces and put it all to rights. Trouble is, mortals do not get a say in their fates—that’s not for them to decide. Especially with regards to love, since love is such an integral part of the tapestry of mortal lives.

And everyone knows that love does not just happen. It requires a bit of finesse, a touch of magic. But how is a sprite to work that magic when stubborn mortals Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet keep fighting against their destinies? Well, a sprite will do whatever he must! Even if it means forcing the pair to see the world through the other’s eyes.

This Pride and Prejudice retelling is a misadventure of whimsical hilarity as the world of fairies and a few troublesome mortals attempt to weave together fate and love. It is a short story of approximately 20,000 words.

Mr. Darcy: A Man with a Plan by Lucy Marin

Fitzwilliam Darcy was a man in despair following his disastrous proposal in Kent. If only he had done this made, or said that! If only he had made more of an effort? 
Was too late?

Perhaps it was not for soon after that fateful April day, Darcy unexpectedly sees Elizabeth in London. He seeks her out again, ostensibly to ensure she now thinks better of him. He quickly decides that he wants to win her affections.

It would require effort, perhaps a great effort, but Elizabeth Bennet was worth fighting for.

But in order to do so, he would need a plan.

Rash and Rationality (Happily Ever Austen Book 2) by Ellen Mint


Book two in the Happily Ever Austen series

Love is a lot closer and more complicated than Marty ever dreamed.

Marty Dashwood is a true romantic. Hearts, chocolates, kisses on the hand—the whole nine yards. His killjoy brother Eldon doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but one day Marty will have the perfect meet-cute, she’ll fall helplessly in love with him and they’ll live happily ever after.

Brandy’s worked with Marty for almost two years. He’s the best friend she could ever have hoped for after the accident that took her husband. So she should be happy that Marty finally found what he’d always wanted, right?

So why does it feel like every time she sees Marty with the ‘Social-Media Angel’ he rescued from a mugger, a piece breaks off her heart? How can she explain any of this to him before she loses her best friend forever?

Rash and Rationality is a modern gender-swapped friends-to-lovers Sense & Sensibility, set in a cozy bookshop.

When He Comes Back by Anniina Sjöblom

“When this war is over, I will come back. And you will love me.”

4 June, 1940. The last day of the Dunkirk evacuation. On one side of the English Channel, Elizabeth Bennet looks to the horizon, counting the boats returning from France, wondering if it is possible to learn to love a man in his absence. Across the narrow stretch of sea, two exhausted men stand, shoulder-deep in the water, waiting for one more boat to come and take them home.

On the eve of the Second World War, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy meet in Kent, in a small coastal town called Meryton. He thinks she is tolerable at best, she thinks he is a pompous ass. Will the terror sweeping across Europe tear them apart or pull them closer together? Can Darcy keep the promise he made her before he left?

The People We Love: A Paranormal Pride and Prejudice Variation by Penelope Talbot

Is it possible for a grieving woman and a restless spirit to fall in love?

After the death of her husband, William Collins, Elizabeth and her daughter Sarah leave Hunsford behind for a peaceful life by the sea. She is sure they have discovered the solace they sought in a small cottage in Brighton that once belonged to a friend of a friend of a cousin. It was secluded and had a lovely view of the ocean, beautiful bright rooms, and a surprise tenant, in the spectral form of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the previous owner’s ghost.

After their first contentious meeting, the ghost of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Collins begin to discover that they are not so very different. As one runs from the reminder of a marriage without love, the other longs for the comfort of it.

How can these two people, with death itself keeping them apart, find a way to be together?

The People We Love is a sweet, clean, comedic, and paranormal Pride and Prejudice variation. With plenty of surprises and a guaranteed happy ending, Penelope Talbot will prove that it’s possible for love to transcend all barriers!

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