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Pemberley Shades by D. A. Bonavia-Hunt

Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice has had countless admirers through the ages. Who can ever forget the sweet but deeply satisfying love story of Darcy and Elizabeth, the two immortal lovers of the regency era romance? Still, if you are one of those, who have kept wondering about their lives and love after marriage, or, those of the other characters, then this is the perfect book for you. First published in 1949, Pemberley Shades is the first ever sequel of Austen’s monumental work and comes really close to the perfection of its famous predecessor. The story continues in the hallowed grounds of Pemberley, Darcy’s exquisite estate with his beautiful and forever witty companion, Elizabeth. Keep reading!

He [Darcy] had settled in his own mind that the new rector should be under forty, of superior birth, breeding and education, a scholar without pedantry, or irreproachable life, but not too exigent in matters affecting the usages of the polite world, and preferably married to a gentlewoman who would be acceptable to the ladies of Pemberley, his wife Elizabeth and his sister Georgiana. These demands appeared to him to be so moderate that he was hopeful of their attainment without difficulty or much delay. But that he should have exactly the sort of man he wanted he was thoroughly determined…

Persuaded to Sail: Book Three of Jane Austen’s Fighting Men by Jack Caldwell

The long-awaited sequel to Jane Austen’s final novel, Persuasion. After an eight-year separation and a tumultuous reunion, Anne Elliot marries the dashing Captain Frederick Wentworth. The pair looks forward to an uneventful honeymoon cruise aboard the HMS Laconia.But the bride and groom find the seas of matrimony rough. Napoleon has escaped from Elba, the country is at war with France again, and the Admiralty imposes on Wentworth a mysterious passenger on a dangerous secret mission. The good captain is caught between duty to his country and love for his wife. All eyes are trained for enemies without, but the greatest menace may already be on board…

Pemberley Strife by Lane Cossett

Whose word can they trust? Mr. Darcy has never encountered a woman like Elizabeth Bennet. Her actions and words are not those he expects of a gentlemen’s daughter.

Elizabeth dislikes Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and pride. She can’t understand why people speak so highly of him when there’s evidence he’s a fraud.

With troubles on the Pemberley Estates, accusations of wrongdoing are made from all sides, until a near-tragedy forces Darcy and Elizabeth to see each other differently.

But will two people with so much antipathy in their history, ever trust their feelings or each other enough to plan a future together?

As She Was No Horsewoman by Anna Ferriera

Elizabeth has never learnt to ride a horse. Darcy thinks this a grave oversight in her education, and with the help of a little mare named Rose, sets out to teach his wife the art of horsemanship. Poor Elizabeth had no idea what she was getting herself into…

The Secrets of Pemberley by Anna Harlow

Amnesia. A secret baby. A kidnapping. Seemingly endless mysteries to solve.

Elizabeth Bennet volunteers to become a governess in order to help raise an unwanted baby girl born to her sister Lydia and the dastardly Mr. Wickham.

Her plans, along with her unmarked coach, are derailed and she loses her memories from the terrible accident.

Mr. Darcy comes across an unknown injured woman and an infant, and insists upon taking them back to Pemberley to recover.

He does not expect to develop feelings for her, and finds it inopportune with her social status being unknown.

But she falls head over heels for him too, and they decide to marry.

When Lizzy’s identity is revealed, as well as the true parentage of the child in her care, Mr. Darcy realizes that it is connected to the same scheme that befell his sister,

Georgiana. Mr. Wickham seduced her with false promises and then sold her son, whom Darcy has been trying to locate for months.

Will they be able to outsmart Mr. Wickham so that no more children suffer the same fate?

***The Secrets of Pemberley is a sensual romance featuring Our Dear Couple in this Pride & Prejudice Variation, and it’s over 50,000 words long.***

Losing Lizzy by Regina Jeffers

She thought him dead. Now only he can save their daughter.

When Lady Catherine de Bourgh told Elizabeth Bennet: “And this is your real opinion! This is your final resolve! Very well. I shall now know how to act. Do not imagine, Miss Bennet, that your ambition will ever be gratified. I came to try you. I hoped to find you reasonable; but, depend upon it, I will carry my point,” no one knew how vindictive and manipulative her ladyship might prove, but Darcy and Elizabeth were about to discover the bitter truth for themselves.

This is a story of true love conquering even the most dire circumstances. Come along with our dear couple as they set a path not only to thwart those who stand between them and happiness, but to forge a family, one not designed by society’s strict precepts, but rather one full of hope, honor, loyalty and love.

Travels with Mr Bennet: Further extracts from the journals of Mr. Bennet, of Longbourn by Ronald McGowan

When Dr Morland recommends a warm climate for Mrs Bennet’s condition, and news comes from Corfu that Lydia and Wyckham will be in Venice during the summer, the Bennets set off to meet her, accompanied by the Darcys, the Morlands, Young Frank Darcy and Wilhelmina Tilney, Catherine Morland’s daughter. Their adventures on the way and back again provide a fitting sequel to ‘Our Neighbours’ Sport Beyond the Seas.

Hypothetically Married (audiobook) by Renata McMann and Summer Hunford; Narrated by Catherine Bilson

What does an aging country attorney know about raising five young women? Apparently not enough, for the first of them to wed is the youngest, and her husband is a schemer. Trying to do better for his remaining wards, Mr. Phillips moves them to London.

Elizabeth is happy enough to visit London with her uncle and sisters, until town life throws her into the company of Mr. Darcy. She met him the autumn before, when he and his friends visited Hertfordshire, and found him thoroughly disagreeable. Now, it seems she must be in his company nearly every day.

Darcy is aware that Miss Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t care for him, which suits him perfectly. After all, he has no intention of courting the aggravating country miss. Even so, he must see her often and they develop a tentative friendship. Both make it clear to each other that it is friendship, not love. As those around them seek their help for their romantic relationships, Darcy and Elizabeth are steadfast in avoiding romantic involvement with each other. Or are they?

A Duel in Meryton by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

With his young sister Georgiana’s reticence a constant reminder that his onetime friend, George Wickham, should not be trusted, Darcy decides a trip to rural Hertfordshire is in order, for both him and Georgiana. Darcy believes the people there are of so little consequence, Georgiana will know no fear in interacting with them. He soon learns he’s wrong about both his sister and Hertfordshire, but not about Wickham.

Even bearing the brunt of Mr. Darcy’s insult doesn’t soften Elizabeth to her wife-hunting cousin, Mr. Collins, and her first reaction is to disdain both men. As the two join forces against Meryton’s newest militia member, the charming Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth comes to see a different side to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins. Their presence in Hertfordshire, along with Mr. Darcy’s other companions, will forever alter the lives of Elizabeth and those she cares for most.

Fitz Darcy and the Drowned Heiress (Fitz Darcy Adventures Book 1) by Vic Neal

Fitz Darcy – the scandalous younger son of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy – has inherited the very worst qualities of both of his parents.

Like his mother, he is intelligent, whimsical and restless, always searching for perfection in a world that lets him down. His pride, quick temper and obstinacy are all his father, although he would hate to admit any resemblance. His twin brother Will, meanwhile, is everything a Darcy should be – handsome, honest and noble.

For six long years Fitz has been absent from his family home, following a furious row with his father just before his eighteenth birthday. A family tragedy sends him back to Pemberley where his favourite Aunt Lydia enlists his help. Her husband Wickham has become embroiled with the dangerous Lord Thorne, a man known to be both powerful and beyond censure. With his sidekick, Angel, Fitz must rescue Thorne’s niece from certain death and bring about Thorne’s downfall.

Will Fitz save the day and restore his reputation or will he fail and besmirch the famous Darcy name forever more?

Part one in a new series by Vic Neal.

Darcy’s Alibi: A Sweet Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abbey North

A murder in Meryton leads to Lizzy becoming Darcy’s Alibi.
When Wickham is discovered with a knife through his heart—and the hilt has the Darcy crest—suspicion immediately turns to Mr. Darcy. Lizzy soon learns who the real killer was, and the circumstances of why, and she is forced to act to save the culprit and Mr. Darcy. She claims she spent the night with him at Netherfield, thus besmirching her reputation and ensuring utter ruin unless Darcy offers marriage. He does, but he believes she is the murderer, and he holds her at arms’ length, clearly not trusting her. Lizzy is miserable in their marriage, but telling the truth betrays the trust of another. How can she get Fitzwilliam to see past his assumptions and allow them to have a genuine marriage built on love and respect?

While Abbey sometimes writes steamy JAFF, this is strictly SWEET. There is one fade-to-black scene between the married couple.

Darcy’s Obsessions: A Dark Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abbey North

A burning obsession, a rejected proposal, and a desperate Darcy.
After Lizzy rejects Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford, he can’t accept it. He’s lost everyone in the world who matters to him, and he can’t allow Lizzy to slip away too. In desperation, he kidnaps her with the intent of taking her to Gretna Green before an extended stay at the familial castle. Lizzy refuses his offer of marriage again, leaving him to enact a more desperate plan.

Locked in the Scottish castle with Darcy, a man driven by demons and possessed by melancholia, Lizzy fights to deny the pull he exerts and her own passionate nature. Darcy sets about unlocking her inhibitions, but can she ever risk letting him win her heart?

While Abbey sometimes writes sweet JAFF, this is strictly SENSUAL. Please be advised it has a darker tone than Abbey’s other works.

Shadow of Darcy: A Paranormal Pride and Prejudice Variation by Abbey North

Will Lizzy lose her heart or her life to the enigmatic Mr. Darcy?
Lizzy is the newest instructor at Netherfield Academy, and strange noises have her searching the corridors of the drafty old castle to discover the source. The previous headmaster disappeared under strange circumstances, and when his replacement, Mr. Darcy, catches her in the corridors, he warns her. The first time. The next time, he kisses her, and she sees something different about him. Darcy is as mysterious as the surroundings, and she fears for her life, her sanity, and her heart as she strives to resist the pull he exerts on her.

This is a paranormal take on ODC with a strong dash of gothic as well.

While Abbey sometimes writes sweet JAFF, this is strictly SENSUAL.

Disenchanted by Kara Pleasants

As a renowned wizard, Fitzwilliam Darcy thinks he is familiar with most of the spells, enchantments, and magic practised in the wizarding world. When he reluctantly joins his friend Bingley in Meryton, a small town not known for its magic, he is startled to stumble upon the rare gift possessed by Miss Elizabeth Bennet. The daughter of a poor country squire, she possesses a singular talent: she is not only immune to magic, but she can counter enchantments as well.

Despite their initial dislike of each other, the two draw closer as the threat from the Thieving Necromancer, a dark wizard stealing people’s magic, grows more dangerous.

As Darcy battles nefarious wizards and Elizabeth unravels ever more difficult spells, they uncover dark secrets and break mysterious enchantments.

But love may prove the most important magic of all.

The Surprising Mr Bingley by Rose Raven

When Mr Charles Bingley took the lease of Netherfield Park, he did not expect to meet the woman of his dreams.

Miss Jane Bennet was all that was beautiful, demure and accommodating.

But could she accommodate Mr Bingley’s surprisingly kinky tastes? Of her own free will?

This is a short, steamy romance not suitable to people under the age of 18.

Darcy’s Paramour by M. A. Sandiford

Elizabeth on the run …

Four months have passed since Darcy’s ill-fated proposal to Elizabeth at Hunsford Parsonage. Shaken, he has retreated into solitary pursuits such as walking and fishing. Much time has been lost lamenting past errors, but he sees at last a way forward. He will try to get Elizabeth back. Risk a confession to Bingley. Convince Lady Catherine that he will never marry her daughter. Curb his pride and disrespect for others. Seek a reunion. And hope.

No sooner has this resolution been formed than Darcy receives dramatic news of the Bennets. The family has been disgraced, not by Lydia, but by Elizabeth herself. She has been convicted of a felony and is now missing, believed a fugitive. Alone and without means, she faces destitution—or transportation at best if caught.

Convinced of Elizabeth’s innocence, Darcy stands by his resolution. But how can he help Elizabeth without locating her? And how can he locate her without betraying her to the authorities? The conundrum seems insoluble. Will love find a way?

The Unexpected Proposal by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When Miss Elizabeth Bennet receives a letter from a new acquaintance, its contents sends her into a flurry of conflicting thoughts and feelings. What steps might her admirer consider appropriate to secure her admiration and affection? Or is Lizzy’s heart not easily touched?

Mr. Darcy Takes a Potion by Kate Treely

‘Mr. Darcy Takes a Potion’ is a clean Pride and Prejudice variation featuring Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, with prominent contribution from Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy.
And, an …. interesting …. cameo from Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

From the prologue:
“Mr. Darcy had never known such powerful emotion. Anticipation and excitement throbbed through his veins as potent as any wine. By the end of this day he expected to be happily engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. He was shortly to become the happiest of men, his future assured.”

Or will it be a case of the best-laid plans …..?

This Pride & Prejudice re-imagining takes place after Elizabeth Bennet refuses the offer of marriage from Fitzwilliam Darcy at Hunsford.

Mr. Darcy’s Sweet Encounter (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 1) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy has never met a woman like Elizabeth before… but can he claim her heart before it’s too late?

On a fine English morning in May, Darcy visits his Aunt Catherine at Rosings. Little does he know that his life will change for ever that day.

The irrepressible Miss Bennet is in the room—and the intrigued Mr. Darcy cannot take his eyes off her.

Darcy is determined to get to know Elizabeth better. No woman has ever drawn his eye like this before. Can this feeling really be what he thinks it is? Could this fiery beauty really become the worthy bride he never dreamed he’d find?

But just as life feels sweetest, events conspire to tear the pair apart. Elizabeth is gone, and England feels empty without her.

Time waits for no man; not even Darcy. If he doesn’t act quickly, Elizabeth will be lost forever.

Can Darcy move mountains to fight for Elizabeth? Can he follow his heart and find his soulmate?

Or is it already too late for love?

Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in the final book.

Mr. Darcy’s Summer of Love (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 2) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy’s heart belongs to Miss Bennet… and he has never felt more alive

The glorious English summer is a perfect setting for courtship. Mr. Darcy relishes every moment he spends in the company of his dark-eyed beauty.

But summer cannot last, and neither can the couple’s good fortune.

Will Darcy ever see his beloved Elizabeth again?


Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in the final book.

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