The best way to know about sales is to read the weekly Roundup. I update this page as a courtesy if someone comes to the site for other reasons and doesn’t see the link to the Roundup post.

Below are the books at a discounted price that I have found. Click the cover to be sent to the site. Up to two books per author are featured. If the author has more than two books discounted, their author page will be linked.

This list is a work in progress. I am just starting to keep a database of prices so unless I see a notice from an author or am informed by them, I may miss that a book has been reduced in price. If you know of any not included on this list, please do not hesitate to inform me!

*Please note: I use universal links which may require an extra step before going to the site and marketplace of your choice. Some promotions may not be available in all countries.

*These sales are considered time sensitive and may only be reliable for a few days at a time.

Latest Sales List

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