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Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Present: The Madness of Mr. Darcy Continues  by Alexa Adams

The Madness of Mr. Darcy continues a year into Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s marriage. Old demons are laid to rest, but fear of losing his newfound happiness continue to haunt our hero. Learn how old and new friends prosper and see what the future holds for Pemberley. Will the Darcy family maintain the traditions of the previous generations, or will stewardship of the land pass to another clan?

Charlotte: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Aminadra

Charlotte secured her future by marrying Mr Collins.

But at what cost?

She used to say she wasn’t romantic, but after a year of marriage, she was unhappy and uncertain.

Everyone knew Mr Collins was a foolish man, and Charlotte had no delusions that they were in love either.

His constant fawning over his patroness, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, was embarrassing, and Charlotte tired of the Lady’s interference in their affairs.

Feeling trapped and unloved, Charlotte knows she ought to do as she’s told. But, as she sees the misery caused to others by their inimitable neighbour, she begins to question her loyalty to her husband.

If she risks everything to do what she knows is right, might Charlotte gain far more than she ever imagined from her marriage?

Wickham: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Karen Arminadra

Wickham’s desire could be his undoing…

Wickham believes life is cruel to him until he comes face-to-face with an irresistible pair of dark brown glinting eyes and falls in love. 

He is bored with his wife, Lydia, and his lot in life. She drives him as mad as a hornet’s nest, and he does not give her the attention and respect she demands. 

They both yearn for change. 

When Wickham leaves England to fight against Napoléon’s army in France, they both get their chance.

However, what they want is dangerous, foolhardy, and could wind up killing Wickham and ruining Lydia’s reputation forever. 

Lydia’s wicked neglect of their infant son in favour of her own desires and need for attention could lead her into very hot water. 

Wickham’s desire for the Frenchwoman he yearns for could be his complete undoing.

Halloween at Pemberley by Lindsay Beaudine

Following his rejected proposal, Mr Darcy meets Elizabeth Bennet while walking on the heath one day in October. Their conversation is awkward and when they discuss Halloween, Darcy mocks Lizzy’s family for their simple enjoyment of a festival in which he has never indulged.

She goads him into holding a Halloween celebration at Pemberley. He invites her family as well as Mr Bingley and Mr Wickham.

The festivities at Pemberley last for two days and involve many traditional activities and even Darcy ends up enjoying the celebrations.

On the last evening there is an intimate ball during which Darcy attempts to humiliate Mr Wickham.

And even though his attempt backfires, why does it lead to him making revelations to Lizzy about Wickham and himself?

And why does Mr Collins run from the Pemberley chapel when he is delivering his sermon to his wife?

Find out in this affectionate variation on Jane Austen’s classic novel.

Felicity in Marriage by Aria Benedict

Fans of Pride and Prejudice will delight in this anthology. Beginning where Jane Austen’s classic left off, this collection of six humorous and heart-warming stories takes readers from Lizzy and Darcy’s first argument as a married couple, to their youngest daughter’s first season. Follow our favorite couple as they overcome the trials and tribulations of wedded life, learning and laughing through it all.

Stories included:

For Better, For Worse

A Moment Alone

Lizzy’s News

The Missing Bonnet

A Letter to Mother

The Last Miss Darcy

Approximately 15,000 words total.

New Beginnings by Lily Bernard

A broken-hearted George Wickham leaves Pemberley after vowing to destroy Fitzwilliam Darcy and everyone he cares about. Darcy knows nothing about Wickham’s threat – he is in Hertfordshire helping Charles Bingley. After insulting her at the Meryton Assembly, Darcy meets Elizabeth while walking near Oakham Mount. Elizabeth accepts his apology and over time she comes to know him as the man he truly is.

After months of walking together and learning about each other’s lives, Elizabeth and Darcy fall in love and she happily accepts his proposal. Before Mr. Bennet can grant his permission, Darcy receives an urgent express from Colonel Fitzwilliam. The contents of that letter change the course of events for ODC and many others. Can there be a HEA when Wickham is consumed by his hatred for Darcy? Can Elizabeth Bennet find happiness without Fitzwilliam Darcy in her life? All these questions (and many more) will be answered in “New Beginnings Book One: Wickham’s Revenge.”

An Invisible Thread by Lily Bernard

“Mr. Darcy! Good morning, sir. I am surprised to see you here,” Elizabeth managed to utter although she was shocked by his presence on Oakham Mount. How could he actually be here when he had been on her mind throughout most of the night and since she had awakened this morning?

Elizabeth Bennet has been back in Hertfordshire for months and she hasn’t been sleeping well. She cannot seem to get Fitzwilliam Darcy, his insulting proposal and his letter of explanation out of her mind. One day, she sets out for her daily walk and finds Mr. Darcy waiting for her on Oakham Mount. He renews his proposal and after another sleepless night, she accepts. As they start their married life in London, all is well until Elizabeth visits the modiste with Lady Matlock and encounters Lady Alice Thornton. From that day forward, misinformation, hurtful comments, Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s self-doubts come together and build a wall between ODC. Will Elizabeth learn the truth about Darcy’s apparent betrayal? Can they begin to understand the truth of what has really happened and come to love each other as they once did? Was the Invisible thread which once connected them severed beyond repair?

Mr. Bingley’s Bride by Catherine Bilson

I’ve always liked Jane Bennet. She bore her misery with fortitude and grace, she spoke no ill of anyone, even those who most certainly did her wrong. She’s always been seen as the quiet, boring one, and in my opinion sadly neglected by English teachers and victimised at the pen of fanfic writers. But she was no fool, and I’d like to think that Charles Bingley discovered he’d married a woman with hidden depths.

This story explores how Mrs Jane Bingley’s marriage might have begun. It contains material of an adult nature and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

Dear Miss Darcy by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess

Successful ‘agony aunt’ Olivia Darcy owes her career of romantic advice to her ancestors—Lizzie and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s— famous name as much as her insights. But definitely not to her disastrous track record of first dates, ones she keeps hidden from even her closest friends.

But both are tested when she inadvertently challenges successful, self-made Christopher Stanley—one of London’s biggest playboys—over his latest relationship woes. When he demands a retraction, Miss Darcy ends up sparring with him, publicly and privately in a quest to prove she’s right. Only her curiosity about Christopher Stanley may cost Miss Darcy her career, her secret…and her heart!

Accidental Affection by Erin Butler

This is a short, cute romp into the world of Elizabeth and Darcy’s.

Months have passed since the Bennets and the Bingleys last saw one another at the Netherfield Ball in November. When Charles Bingley returns to Hertfordshire, he is once again struck with the idea of planning another party and invites the Bennets at once. Elizabeth is happy at least that Mr. Darcy is not one of the party.

That is, until he shows up at Netherfield with blood trickling from a head wound and confessing his admiration for her. Not only that, he seems to be confused by the date, thinking that they are once again at the ball in November.

Despite his obvious injuries, Elizabeth quite likes the demeanor of this open Darcy who is eager to please and smile. She finds herself warming to him, overcome with his attentions. But when his memory starts to return, will Darcy once again be his prideful self? Or did the head injury just allow Darcy to loosen up the reigns and show his true character?

This is a 6,500 word short story Pride & Prejudice variation for all readers.

I Smell Trouble by Jadie Brooks

William Collins, rector of Hunsford parish, was well-known for his obsequious manner and famous for his servile deference to his betters in social standing. However, he possessed one hidden, secret talent. He could smell trouble — literally.

Darcy’s Perfect Christmas Present by Zoe Burton

All he wanted at Christmas was peace … until he found her.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives in Hertfordshire, he yearns to spend a quiet holiday with friends. However, meeting the charming and witty Elizabeth Bennet changes all his desires. No longer content to while away his time in solitude, he spends much of it with the lovely young woman. Seeing her happy replaces all his previous intentions as claiming her heart becomes his greatest Christmas wish.

If you like sweet romance, earnest heroes, and flirty heroines, this short Pride & Prejudice variation from Zoe Burton is for you. So, buy Darcy’s Perfect Present, curl up in your favorite chair with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and lose yourself in the delight of the Christmas season.

This 12,361 word short story is 75 pages in print.

A Royal Disposition by Amy Cecil

What if….Elizabeth Bennet outranked Fitzwilliam Darcy? The familiar love story featuring two of the most celebrated characters in our history comes to life again in a “what if” story with a twist. Elizabeth and Darcy are in love and plan to marry, until Elizabeth comes face to face with Lady Catherine De Bourgh. Although standing strong during the worst confrontation of Miss Elizabeth’s life, she soon realizes that she cannot marry Mr. Darcy and refuses him. Futile attempts by Mr. Darcy to win her back fail, until he finds out the most astonishing information about Elizabeth Bennet.

Relentless Considerations by Amy Cecil

Mr. Darcy is in love with the beautiful and witty Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but she is entirely unaware of his affections. Determined to spend more time with the beguiling young woman, Mr. Darcy decides to pay a visit to his aunt when he learns that Miss Elizabeth’s cousin will soon be hosting her as a guest.

As Mr. Darcy decides that he means to secure his future happiness, his cousin and dearest friend, Colonel Fitzwilliam, comes to the same realization. Seizing the opportunity to join Mr. Darcy, the colonel prepares to make a proposal of his own.

Will Colonel Fitzwilliam overcome the obstacles in his path? Will Mr. Darcy find the happiness he so desperately longs for, or will his misguided assumptions forestall his chance at finding love?

On Stranger Prides by Amy Cecil

Separated by prideful airs and prejudiced assumptions Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are convinced they will never see the other again … until, eleven years later; fate sets them both on a different course.

Elizabeth Bennet

After receiving the most insulting proposal imaginable from Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet vows to loathe him for all eternity. Years later, now a widowed duchess and raising her son, the Duke of Grafton, Elizabeth embarks on an adventure with her son and father to the West Indies.

Fitzwilliam Darcy

After enduring a scathing condemnation of his character by the only woman he would ever love, Mr. Darcy decides he must disappear from society. With the help of his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy secures a ship and crew and sets sail on the open seas. Mr. Darcy’s life takes such a turn that even his closest relative would not recognize him or his new identity as Max Sterling, Captain of the Absolution.

When the pirates of the Absolution attack the Duchess’ ship, Captain Sterling receives the shock of his life when he spots the beautiful duchess and realizes that they share a connection, albeit one that was abandoned eleven years ago …

Mr. Darcy’s Imperfect Past by Alexandra Daniels

Now that Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are wed, they long to live joyfully ever after. Yet Darcy has “an unsocial taciturn disposition” and it is interfering with the happiness of their marriage.

Elizabeth asks him, “Why must you always be so cold and formal? Why must you be forever reserved and restrained?” Darcy decides to answer his wife with a long letter: where he opens his heart and reveals his past to her.

Darcy tells the hidden story behind his relationships with his father, George Wickham, and his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Not all is as it seems on the surface. In the light of the truth, Darcy emerges as even more the silent hero.

Darcy even reveals the real reason behind the rude remark he first made to Elizabeth which almost ended their romance before it started.

So if you love Mr. Darcy and if you want to fall in love with him all over again, then you will want to know all about “Mr. Darcy’s Imperfect Past.”

This is a 13,260 word short story is 44 pages on Kindle.

This is not a full length novel.

It’s Always Been You by L.L. Diamond

All Ellie ever dreamed of was the perfect vacation.

Ellie Barrett’s first glimpse of the island resort is everything she dreamed when she planned her long-awaited tropical getaway—sun, sand, and miles of brilliant aquamarine water. She’d made it! Two whole weeks to explore paradise. What could possibly be better?

Perhaps an athletic man in board shorts with a body to die for and a pair of stunning blue eyes? On her first evening, she meets William. Intelligent, amazing to talk to, and hot as sin, he’d never be interested in her, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the view while it lasted!

But perfection isn’t bound to last. What if William isn’t everything he seems? When love persists over all obstacles, is it enough? How can Ellie trust William and protect her heart at the same time?

Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Carol by Carolyn Eberhart

The Locket Theif by April Floyd

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy become entangled in the matter of a stolen locket in this lighthearted mystery. This is the first book of a series that will follow their love story with a bit of larceny, bribery, and mischief thrown in!

Miss Caroline Bingley accuses Lydia Bennet of stealing her locket during the Netherfield ball and Elizabeth Bennet decides to find the culprit and see her sister Jane matched to Mr. Bingley.

Mr. Darcy of Pemberley, though he once gave Elizabeth an insult, becomes her partner in solving the mystery of the locket thief. But when the Bingleys leave Netherfield with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is left to mark off her list of suspects without Mr. Darcy’s assistance. It is not until she is in London with Jane and the Gardiner family that the true thief is revealed.

Guilty Conscience: A Conscience Series Novelette Book 1.5 by Cat Gardiner

The characters you fell in love with in the modern Pride and Prejudice-inspired Denial of Conscience have charted a new course five months after the dramatic rescue of Thomas Bennet in Marrakech. This BONUS NOVELETTE: Guilty Conscience brings us six vignettes as we await the sequel to the first book in the Conscience Series. It is not a stand-alone piece and it is recommended that you read Denial of Conscience first.

Questions such as: What is married life like for newlyweds Fitzwilliam and Liz Darcy after their whirlwind romance in Denial of Conscience? Can the protective Darcy give his new wife wings to fly without holding on too tight? Can the newly freed Liz learn to compromise after being essentially imprisoned at Longbourn? You’ll also get a glimpse into what the future may bring this couple in Without a Conscience. Does danger lurk around the corner? Although Iceman has retired from Obsidian and trains polo ponies, could he be drawn back into black ops?

Next up: Book 2 – Without a Conscience where Liz and Iceman will take you on the ride of your life in the continuation of The Conscience Series

Author note: This is an original, 11,000 word, epilogue-esque continuance of Denial of Conscience. It is NOT a continuation or variation of Pride and Prejudice but instead borrows Jane Austen’s beloved characters to continue my tale of deep love and daring adventure.

*Be advised: This novelette contains mature sexual content.

Vintage Valentine  (1940s Time-travel Romance) (Time & Again Antique Shop Series Book 1) by Cat Gardiner

Book 1, Second Edition in the Time & Again Antique Shop Series~ (formerly Memories of Old Series)

Romance and time-travel meet Pride and Prejudice in this utterly romantic modern story. Step back in time to WWII-era for a sweet Valentine’s Day.

What begins as a curious visit to Time & Again antique shop turns into so much more than discovering trinkets from the past. The unexpected happens! Love and lessons await Lizzy Bennet when she leaves her mobile device in the future. Travel with her through a portal to timeless romance back in 1943 where she’s looking up into the eyes of one dashing G.I. at U.S.O dance.

Not Romantic by Maria Grace

Once burned is twice shy. Charlotte has no place for romantic notions or sentimentality. All she asks is a comfortable home and a man who is respectable and steady.

But the only man she knows who fits that description pines for her best friend. Must she betray her friendship to pursue everything she has ever hoped for?

Last Dance  by Maria Grace

To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love. Mary was not. Nor was she fond of dresses or balls or parties, or any of the things most girls her age adored.

With three sisters married, Aunt Philips insists she must be next. But is dancing essential to falling in love?

Sweet Ginger  by Maria Grace

Harriet Smith has abandoned all hope of a home and family of her own and plans a future teaching for Mrs. Goddard.

Things change with the arrival Rachel and Margaret Martin whose grumpy old bear of a brother might just have a taste for ginger.

Christmas Present by Amanda Grange

Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Angel by Katy Green

Short story 15,000 words

In this story, Lady Catherine never visited Longbourn so Elizabeth and Mr Darcy were never reunited. Mr Darcy is dangerously ill the following Christmas and calling for Elizabeth. Colonel Fitzwilliam goes to fetch her and what happens next is the subject of this festive short story.

What Happened in Lambton by Jennifer Kay

Mr. Darcy’s entrance just after Elizabeth receives news that Lydia has run away kicks off the string of events that leads to Lydia’s salvation – and that of the entire Bennet family. But what if he did more than offer his condolences and leave? What if, touched by Elizabeth’s distress or a moment of insanity, Mr. Darcy gave into his feelings and kissed her then and there?

It is a moment neither Darcy nor Elizabeth ever expected, but the odds are still stacked against the couple. As the weeks go by and Darcy shows no sign of renewing his advances, Elizabeth begins to wonder if what happened in Lambton will be nothing more than a sweet memory. Will circumstances conspire to keep them apart forever? Or will Darcy and Elizabeth find their happily ever after?

At roughly 12,000 words, What Happened in Lambton is an alternate ending to Pride and Prejudice beginning when Elizabeth receives news of Lydia’s elopement.

Darcy’s Tempest by Jennifer Kay

Months after Elizabeth Bennet rejected his proposal, Darcy confesses to Bingley that he was wrong about Jane Bennet’s affections. He agrees to accompany the hopeful Bingley back to Hertfordshire, resigned to seeing Elizabeth but with little hope of winning her hand. That all changes when a storm strands them alone together. Can Darcy make the most of the situation and convince Elizabeth that he has changed? Or is he still the last man in the world she could ever be prevailed upon to marry?

This alternate ending to Jane Austen’s most beloved story, told from Darcy’s perspective, explores what would have happened if Darcy and Elizabeth met again in Hertfordshire rather than at Pemberley. At 10,000+ words, it is a short glimpse into Jane Austen’s world that can be enjoyed in an afternoon or evening.

Lost in Love by Madeline Kennet

A surprise meeting in an unusual place brings Jane and Mr. Bingley together at last, and puts Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy on the path toward true love.

A short read of about 13000 words.

What Comes Around by Madeline Kennet

A short, sweet tale in which Mr. Darcy overhears some less than flattering opinions of himself. Is fate trying to tell him something? Approximately 13,000 words.

Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Surprise by Debra-Ann Kummoung

Mr. Darcy is grieving and a young lady is desperate to cheer him.

Can Elizabeth Bennet help Mr. Darcy with the assistance of friends and a puppy in time for Christmas?

Previously released as part of Most Ardently – A Jane Austen Inspired Christmas Anthology.

Return to Hertfordshire by Perpetua Langley

This is a short Pride and Prejudice continuation novella, followed by a sampling of the first chapters of the Sweet Regency Romance Series books 1 through 3: #1 A Summons to Greystone Hall, #2 The Mysterious Earl, #3 Season of Grace

Return to Hertfordshire:

It has been seven months since Miss Elizabeth Bennet became Mrs. Darcy. Elizabeth and Jane will travel to Longbourn to see their parents before the Christmas holiday. Afterward, they plan on finding themselves snug at Pemberley – just Elizabeth, Darcy, Bingley, Jane and Georgiana. All plans are overturned when Mr. Bingley goes missing in the middle of a storm. Where is he and what must Elizabeth and Darcy do to get him back?

The Colonel’s Timely Bride by Dana R. Lynn

She’s a modern woman with a mind of her own. He’s a colonel in His Majesty’s Army and the son of an earl. Do they have a chance to make a timeless love match?

The last thing Mckenzie James expected when she visited England for her grandmother’s funeral was to find a time portal. Now, stuck two hundred years in the past, she must rely on her new friend, Miss Georgiana Darcy, to help her transform into a proper regency lady. All is going well until she meets Georgiana’s dashing cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. Suddenly, hiding her identity isn’t her only problem…she must protect her heart, too!

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam wants what his cousin Darcy has- a love match. Unfortunately, society demands he marry a wealthy woman from a noble family. His duty has always been a bittersweet one, but now it is almost more than he can bear, for he is losing his heart to the mysterious Miss James.

How can such a match work? Will his family- or her secret- be the wedge that divides them…forever?

An Inconvenient Courtship by Dana R. Lynn

Mr. Darcy is determined to find a wife he can love and respect. He is fascinated by the lively Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but is determined to forget her due to her low connections. Until an act of jealously puts her life at risk. Faced with the bleak reality of living without her forever, Mr. Darcy must examine what he really wants. With the assistance of Colonel Fitzwilliam, his sister, and Elizabeth’s father, Mr. Darcy works to save Elizabeth’s life. If he is lucky, he will then be able to win her heart.

Pembereley Forever by Lillian M.

It is an irrefutable truth that we must all, one day, meet our end…

After forty years of sharing their lives, of reveling in the love that was theirs, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy of Pemberley have finally come upon the last chapter of their lives.

They have lived a life fulfilled.

From his pride to her prejudice, to the discovery of a love everlasting, they have tasted, seen and enjoyed life’s wonders.

But now, they must embark on a journey that would take them beyond the flesh and into eternity where forever will begin…

Pemberley Forever explores the ultimate separation between Darcy and his Elizabeth. But more than anything else, this short story is about a reunification. A celebration of a love lasting into the very depths of eternity. It is about the inevitable path that we must all take, to a place where only the soul will last forever…

The Pemberley Affair by Charity McColl

Elizabeth Bennet Darcy, a newlywed, finds that adjusting to the expectations of London society during the season imposes a vastly different set of expectations upon her. Her upbringing, although respectable, did not prepare her for rigorous adherence to the ways of the haute monde.

When she is asked to chaperone the daughter of Lady Descartes, a former actress married to a member of the aristocracy, Elizabeth is hesitant to take on the responsibility, particularly when the young lady, a lively young woman who shuns her genteel upbringing and goes by the name of Tommy, takes an interest in a young man who has been disinherited by his father because of his ambition to become a poet.

Ultimately, the drama must be resolved at a gathering at Pemberley, at which the redoubtable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Collins and his wife, Elizabeth’s friend Charlotte, the Bingleys, and the warring parents of the young couple are present for a confrontation that tests Darcy’s trust in his wife and Elizabeth’s confidence in her role as the mistress of Pemberley.

Anne de Bourgh Manages by Renata McMann

This short story is a “Pride and Prejudice” variation, which centers on Anne de Bourgh, the daughter of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. After Darcy’s disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Elizabeth saves Anne de Bourgh’s life. In the process of doing something for Elizabeth, Anne makes decisions about her own life.

Anne de Bourgh Manages is a short story of about 16,000 words. Cover by Summer Hanford.

Heiress to Longbourn by Renata McMann

After Mr. Collins’ death, Mr. Bennet decides to make his daughter Elizabeth his sole heir. She discovers what it is like to be courted for her wealth.


The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley by Renata McMann


What if Darcy did not find out about Wickham’s and Lydia’s elopement until Lydia returned home in disgrace? Elizabeth is shaken by the scandal, and Caroline Bingley is as determined as ever to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart.

Cover by Summer Hanford

This is a short story that is about 15,000 words long.

Pemberley Weddings by Renata McMann

What if Colonel Fitzwilliam told Mr. Darcy that Elizabeth was upset about Darcy separating Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet? If Mr. Darcy realized Elizabeth didn’t like him, but he still wanted to marry her, what would happen?

This is a short story, containing less than 12,000 words.

Cover by Summer Hanford.

Three Daughters Married by Renata McMann

After Anne de Bourgh’s unexpected death, Lady Catherine de Bourgh talks herself into believing that Darcy should marry Elizabeth Bennet. This short story assumes the reader is familiar with Pride and Prejudice.

Caroline and the Footman by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

This Pride and Prejudice variation explores the possibility that Caroline Bingley’s behavior is motivated by goals other than a desire to attract Darcy. In an effort to shatter the Caroline Bingley villain motif, Caroline and the Footman portrays a Caroline who is not stupid, greedy or villainous, but rather someone with her own life and dreams, though her actions do still influence Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship. Readers will find everything they thought they knew about Caroline Bingley turned on its head.

This short story is also included in the compilation Pride and Prejudice Villains: Revisited – Redeemed – Reimagined, A Collection of Six Short Stories.

Lady Catherine Regrets  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Lady Catherine de Bourgh cannot understand what her nephew, Mr. Darcy, sees in the low born, impertinent Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and with Darcy married, what is to become of her daughter Anne? Lady Catherine’s quest to find her daughter a husband might just lead to a better life not only for Anne, but for herself.

This short story is also included in the compilation Pride and Prejudice Villains: Revisited – Redeemed – Reimagined, A Collection of Six Short Stories.

Miss Bingley’s Christmas by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t stop Miss Bingley from dragging her sister off to a trendy new flower shop in a slightly less than modish part of London. What could be so important as to bring two socialites out in the cold? Why, Mr. Darcy is coming for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Miss Bingley, a winter storm and her own arrogance combine to ruin her Christmas plans, but maybe the Christmas she ends up having will actually turn into the Christmas of her dreams. 

PLEASE NOTE: Renata McMann and Summer Hanford write SWEET ROMANCE. Our books contain no explicit situations beyond a kiss and only the occasional (maybe once in every ten books) mild curse. It is our belief that our books should be appropriate for all readers.

Elizabeth in the New World by Maggie Mooha

 Jane Austen’s most famous lovers, Darcy and Elizabeth, return in a tale of romance, adventure, and danger set in the heart of the Caribbean.


Darcy’s sudden, passionate kiss sweeps Elizabeth into a bliss she has never known…but their love is short-lived. On a field of honor, Wickham, once again, engages in an irresponsible act, which leaves Darcy mortally wounded and Elizabeth broken. Refusing to leave Darcy’s side, the last vestiges of her reputation are shattered, and when Elizabeth sees Darcy in his coffin, she is ruined in more ways than one. Devastated and without hope, reluctantly she agrees to accompany friends to Grenada, a Caribbean island on the brink of revolution.

Things are not what they seem. Darcy hasn’t died, but Elizabeth is gone and he fears it is too late to recapture what he has lost. As he struggles to recuperate, he must put aside his pride and his heritage in order to find the only woman he will ever love. Never before has Darcy sacrificed so much for a passion he fought against so vehemently. And never before has Elizabeth’s strength of character been stronger – it is the only thing standing between her and an end that doesn’t include Darcy.

Elizabeth a Foundling by Alice Morgan

Elizabeth is a foundling, a nameless orphan taken in and raised by the generous priest, Mr. Bennet, and his housekeeper, Mrs. Gardiner.

She is a strong, young woman, who is equally beautiful as she is intelligent. When she meets a handsome Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in the forest, it is a love at first sight. But what will happen when she learns his identity? And will Lady Caroline, an unpleasant and vicious woman, come between them, or will Elizabeth’s kindness and grace win the gentleman’s heart?

Mrs. Darcy Gives a Ball by Anne E. Myham

This is a continuing story of “Pride and Prejudice” and taking place a few months after the wedding of Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

The happily newly married couple decides to throw a Pemberley ball in honour of their marriage and to help secure Mrs.

Darcy’s place in Derbyshire society.

Elizabeth starts preparation but something unforeseen happens…

Letters from Mr. Darcy by Sandranetta Nellum

At the end of the events in Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy has not long been wed before he must away on business in town. On his arrival, he writes Elizabeth a letter telling her of the melancholy he has in missing her, and much more.

Elizabeth’s Letters by Sandranetta Nellum

Elizabeth replies to Mr. Darcy’s letters with some of her own.

After receiving letters from her husband, Mr. Darcy (from Letters from Mr. Darcy), Elizabeth soon replies with her own set, quenching his anxiety and inertia on his first trip away from Pemberley since their marriage.

In Netherfield Library by Meg Osborne

A novella and collection of short stories inspired by the works of Jane Austen…

In Netherfield Library – Pride and Prejudice – Brought to Netherfield to care for her ailing sister and kept there by an ongoing rain-storm, Elizabeth Bennet seeks refuge from Caroline Bingley’s perpetual gossip in the library – but she is not alone in her desire for peace. Fitzwilliam Darcy is surprised to find an able chess opponent in Elizabeth, and as the pair debate strategy and novels they find a rapport they never previously imagined.

Mr Bennet Pays a Call – Pride and Prejudice – Despite his insistence to the contrary, Mr Bennet is eager to meet the newest arrival in Hertfordshire, and arranges to call on the party at Netherfield without the interference of his wife.

One Dance at the Assembly – Pride and Prejudice – When Mr Darcy overhears his opinion of Elizabeth Bennet being discussed by that lady herself, he decides to remedy his bad manners immediately: even if that means inviting the lady in question to dance.

Almost a Collision – Pride and Prejudice – Elizabeth loves to walk, even when the weather is a little inclement. She is less prepared for a London carriage hurtling down the pathway, narrowly avoiding crushing her but sacrificing its wheel in the process. Unfortunately, its owner, Mr Darcy, is more concerned with his carriage and the disruption to his journey than the mud-covered young woman who is responsible for the accident.

Henry Crawford’s Redemption – Mansfield Park – Henry Crawford gave up his plans to become a better young man when Fanny Price spurned his hopes of marriage. Will a chance encounter with another young lady encourage him to persevere in his reform?

The Rumour of an Engagement – Persuasion – Captain Frederick Wentworth is enjoying a meal with his sister and friends, when he overhears words that ruin his appetite. “Miss Elliot is engaged to be married.”

Longbourn’s Lark by Meg Osborne

Longbourn’s resident songbird finds her happily ever after, and determines to help her sister, Elizabeth, find hers.

Mary Bennet is used to being the overlooked Bennet sister, but when Colonel Fitzwilliam accidentally enters her life, everything changes.

As cousin to Mr Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam knows what it’s like to feel invisible. His experiences at war have left him with one goal in mind: to marry, set up home and live in peace. When he witnesses the interaction between his cousin and Mary’s sister, Elizabeth, he is determined his own happiness will not be the only end in mind.

However, with Mrs Bennet focused only on securing Longbourn by matching one of her daughters with the odious Mr Collins, will there be any chance of marrying for love, for anybody?

Longbourn’s Lark is book one of A Convenient Marriage, a Pride and Prejudice variation novella series.

Duty Demands by Elaine Owen

When Elizabeth’s father dies unexpectedly, she is surprised to find that the proud, arrogant Mr. Darcy wants to marry her- and even more surprised when her uncle tells her why. But after they are married she begins to see a different side of her husband.

Darcy thinks that Elizabeth has married him for love, but slowly begins to realize that all is not as it appears in their marriage. Will he still love her when the truth is revealed?

Will our two favorite characters overcome their misunderstandings and achieve a marriage based on more than duty and obligation? This is a Pride and Prejudice variation brought to you by the author of Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit, Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet, and One False Step.

At Pemberley by Georgina Pryke

3 short stories about life at Pemberley after ‘Pride & Prejudice’

An Evening at Pemberley – When Colonel Fitzwilliam arrives at Pemberley for an unexpected visit he is greeted by three very subdued relatives. What could have possibly happened to produce a tight-lipped Darcy, a sheepish Elizabeth, and an embarrassed Georgiana? Colonel Fitzwilliam is determined to find out during one entertaining and unprecedented evening. The only problem lies in knowing that truth can be hard to discern from fiction, especially with three story-tellers.

Overheard at Pemberley – The position as lady’s maid to the mistress of an estate is an enviable one in service, particularly for an unrepentant eavesdropper like Daisy Tiller. She is in a unique position to be confidante and observer both, apt to hear much of interest. When she is hired by Mrs Darcy, Tiller finds there is much to keep her entertained throughout the days at Pemberley, especially with a master and mistress like Mr and Mrs Darcy.

A Stolen Day at Pemberley – After an insulting marriage proposal, Elizabeth Bennet desires nothing more than to never see rude Mr Darcy again. But that very night she endures a vivid nightmare of his home at Pemberley, one in which she is his wife, and mother to his children, and happy to be so! What is she to do with this confusion, even as she becomes more convinced that the nightmare world might be real? Could she really love Mr Darcy?

This collection of short stories is the first publication from Georgina Pryke, based on the novel by Jane Austen.

The Art of Scandal by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Short story

The presence of Lydia Wickham attracts more than an ordinary measure of attention when, after Lydia’s extended stay in the Derbyshire home of the Bingleys, Jane receives a letter from her sister, Elizabeth, detailing concerns harboured both by Lady Catherine and by Mr Darcy, that a newly-formed alliance between the Wickhams and someone of seemingly impeccable reputation may not be so auspicious as it seems. Will Her Ladyship’s suspicions and actual indignation prove to have been warranted? Or is she merely (and characteristically) exhibiting outrage over a mini-tempest in a tea-cup?

Charlotte and the Stranger by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When rumour of the imminent engagement of Charlotte Lucas reaches Lizzy’s ears, she finds herself assailed by a wave of strong emotions – not least of which is pity in contemplation of Charlotte’s purported scant knowledge of the man the gossips anticipate she will marry. Is Lizzy correct in thinking it is nothing more than a scandalous falsehood? Or is Charlotte actually desperate enough to be willing to wed a stranger?

Dinner at Rosings by Margaret Lynette Sharp

The acceptance by Fitzwilliam Darcy and his young sister, Georgiana, of an invitation to dine at Rosings with his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and her daughter, Miss Anne de Bourgh, provides the matriarch with an unmissable opportunity to declare her pleasure at the prospect of a closer alliance with the Darcy family. Will Darcy’s response bring delight to both Her Ladyship and Miss de Bourgh?

Flirtatious by Margaret Lynette Sharp

The frightening potential repercussions of her sister, Lydia’s, friendship with Maria Lucas weigh heavily on Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s mind, moving her to seek an audience with her Papa and a discussion with her flirtatious sister. Will Mr Bennet heed Lizzy’s heartfelt warnings? Or will the youngest Miss Bennet remain free to act as she wishes?

The Handsome Stranger by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Who is the mysterious, handsome stranger who has caught the eye of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Miss Charlotte Lucas, and nine or ten other young ladies at the Ball? Will Mrs Bennet succeed in persuading her husband to ask him to dine at Longbourn?

The Invitation by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Bennet’s joy at the prospect of a week in London with her friend, Charlotte Lucas, and Charlotte’s father, Sir William Lucas, is tempered somewhat by the disturbing news of an unexpected strain on her father’s finances. Elizabeth had expected to make her appearance in London in a new ball gown, perhaps to interest a suitor, but under the circumstances, her conscience won’t allow her to impose yet another burden on her father. Jane has an idea, though…

The Letter by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Fitzwilliam Darcy’s affection for Miss Elizabeth Bennet appears undiminished by her emphatic rejection of his offer of marriage – so much so that he composes an impassioned, yet highly detailed, tightly reasoned, almost legalistic brief for her consideration, rebutting each of her stated reasons for her negative opinion of his character… then delivers this missive to her in person and on horseback as she walks alone in the peaceful woods surrounding the parsonage. He speaks scarcely a word other than to beseech her to read it, then turns about and leaves her to ponder his words. We are made privy to Lizzie’s reflections on Darcy’s heartfelt plea, and on her own deepest feelings as they evolve in response to his argument.

In this concise retelling of a scene from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the depth of Darcy’s trust in his beloved is likewise revealed to us..

Lizzy’s Decision by Margaret Lynette Sharp

At the age of twenty, Miss Elizabeth Bennet has settled on a view of marriage that seems quite fixed, and is also quite the opposite of the one held by her friend Charlotte Lucas, who makes her own opinion perfectly clear one fine day when the pair meet near the village of Meryton. Will Lizzy’s mind be changed when, that very evening, she hears her mother’s news?

Lydia’s Letter by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When Mrs Bennet announces her hope that Lydia will be chosen by Mrs Phillips as her companion on a trip to London – taking in the Grand Ball at Huntington – the excitement of her youngest daughter knows no bounds. Will Lydia’s correspondence forward her cause?

Mark My Words by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When news of the wild behaviour of fourteen-year-old Lydia Bennet spreads throughout Hertfordshire, reaching the ears of both Sir William and Lady Lucas, the friendship between Elizabeth and Charlotte is sorely tested After all, what single woman can afford to risk tarnishing her hitherto unblemished reputation by associating with a member of such a family – even if the said member is, herself, beyond reproach?

What steps will Lizzy and Jane take in an attempt to curtail Lydia’s unchecked spirits? Will their efforts be in vain?

The Message by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s emotions are roiled when her new admirer, Mr Grey, chooses to pay more attention to her beautiful sister Jane than to herself, at the Meryton Ball. What surprises will the eldest Miss Bennet reveal over the breakfast table the following morning? Will Lizzy’s heart be broken?

The New Arrival by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Mrs Bennet’s joy at the prospect of a new resident in the neighbourhood brings with it happy expectations of a romantic nature for her eldest daughter. Will the wished-for introduction of young Mr Williams to Miss Jane Bennet develop as planned?

Of Rumour and Reputation by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When a rumour of the most alarming kind reaches their ears, both Jane and Elizabeth seem conflicted in their thinking about what needs to be done to salvage the reputation not only of Lydia, the one most directly implicated, but of the family in its entirety. Can it be known and will it even matter whether the rumour amounts to nothing more than a scandalous falsehood?

Once in Love with Lizzy by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Conspicuous attentions accorded Lizzy at a dance by a certain Mr Hughes inspire Mrs Bennet to conceive hopes and even schemes that inspire strong reactions, both in her daughter and in her husband. Lizzy is fearful of confronting her father, not knowing what his own predisposition towards Mr Hughes might be. Whether her trepidation is warranted is a matter left for the reader to discover.

The Revelation by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Mrs Bennet cannot wait to share the news with her family of a reported change in the estate of the son of Reverend Harper – a change that might suddenly transform the hitherto uninteresting young man into an irresistibly eligible bachelor. Under the circumstances, it would be inconceivable that she not become avid to acquire the ultimate prey: a rich son-in-law. Will her dreams and schemes to conjure matrimony from the vasty deep bear fruit? Stay tuned for the answer in this latest installment of the P&P prequel saga.

Two Gentlemen Callers by Margaret Lynette Sharp

When Mrs Bennet learns the identity of the two guests that Mr Bennet has invited to dine at Longbourn, no words can persuade her to view the upcoming event with anything other than profound aversion.

Even Mr Bennet’s astute observation that the younger visitor is a single gentleman of good fortune fails to elicit the enthusiasm such a pronouncement of the availability of a wealthy prospective son-in-law would normally have done.

Whatever is behind the matriarch’s attitude? And will the newcomers soon become neighbours of the Longbourn household?

The Unexpected Visitor by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Here’s the ultimate dystopian scenario. What if the beloved Darcy we know had been just a little less strong-minded and less independent of the social constraints that would have prevented him from marrying Elizabeth? And what if Elizabeth — herself very strong-minded and perhaps resentful of attempts to interfere with her sister’s happiness — had reacted to Darcy’s tender of an offer… well, very differently? Be prepared for the unsweetened sentiments expressed in this retelling of a vital scene in Jane Austen’s immortal classic!

Whatever Happened at Miss Bingley’s Wedding by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Short story

With the wedding-guests including the likes of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr Collins, Lydia Wickham and Bingley’s sister Caroline, the stage is set for spirited discussions and dangerously unguarded observations. Will the eldest Miss Bingley’s special day be marred by scattered thunderstorms of social indignation and aggravated huffiness?

Mr. Darcy’s Angel of Mercy by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Mr. Darcy’s Angel of Mercy – A Novella: Two years after the conclusion of The Great War, those affected by the conflagration are still trying to put their lives back together, including Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. While Darcy continues to grapple with horrific memories, Elizabeth, who served as a Voluntary Aid Detachment, suppresses recollections of her service in France. But Darcy suspects there is one memory the two share: a beautiful night spent in a hospital ward in France where Darcy was visited by an angel of mercy.

Mr. Darcy– Bitten: A Prequel to Mr. Darcy Bites by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Mr. Darcy – Bitten, A Novella – While touring the Black Forest with his father, fourteen-year-old Master Darcy is bitten by a wolf. When the wound does not heal, Old Mr. Darcy consults a doctor and learns that his son has actually been bitten by a werewolf. As the years pass, Fitzwilliam has come to accept that for two nights of the lunar calendar, he is a creature of the night, prowling the grounds of Pemberley with a small pack of werewolves. He understands that for reasons of safety, it is in his best interest to marry a she-wolf. But that decision was made before he met Elizabeth Bennet. Mr. Darcy – Bitten is the story of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s pursuit of a woman who is fully human, but whom he cannot live without.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mr. Darcy – Bitten is the prequel to Mr. Darcy’s Bite, published by Sourcebooks Landmark in 2011. Several of the chapters in this prequel previously appeared on the blog, Austen Variations, but are no longer available on the Internet. After the serialization of Mr. Darcy – Bitten on Austen Variations, I was asked by many of my readers to expand the story and to put it in book form so that it could be purchased as an e-book. I have done that and have published the novella independently. About a third of it is entirely new content. Original content has been revised and edited. 25,000+ words.

Mr. Darcy Bites Back by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Someone or something is lurking in the woods of Pemberley. As Mr. and Mrs. Darcy approach the first anniversary of their marriage, they look upon their life together as very much an idyll. With one exception. Their lives will always be ruled by the lunar cycle as the Master of Pemberley is a werewolf.

As Darcy prepares his pack for the rising of a full moon, an unsettling rumor is making the rounds of the village that a phantom Ghost Buck has appeared in Wentside Woods on the Darcy estate. Knowing the stag does not exist, he wants to know who started the rumor. Is it possible that someone knows of his darkest secret and is trying to draw him out? His life and the safety of his family depend on the answer to that question.

Mr. Darcy Bites Back, a Novella, is the sequel to Mr. Darcy Bites published by Sourcebooks. 35,000+ words.

Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Captain Wentworth Home from the Sea – A Novella: In 1806, Frederick Wentworth returned to the sea in the hope of leaving behind memories of Anne Elliot of Kellynch Hall. After eight years serving as the captain of the Laconia, he has failed to jettison recollections of the only woman he could ever love, that is, until a shipboard accident robs him of his memory. When he is once again thrown into Anne’s company, he knows nothing of their previous engagement. With the slate wiped clean, will Anne Elliot be able to secure the love of Captain Frederick Wentworth or will all opportunities to reclaim a lost love be denied her?

The Carriage Ride Mary Lydon Simonsen

The Carriage Ride – A Pride and Prejudice Short Story – Following Darcy’s failed marriage proposal at Hunsford Parsonage, Darcy and Elizabeth head for London, but a chance encounter at a coaching inn in Bromley has the couple sharing a carriage. The forced intimacy presents Darcy and Elizabeth with an opportunity to set aside their prejudices so that they might see each other in a different light. 10,000 words

Darcy Goes to War by Mary Lydon Simonsen

Spring 1944 – Britain is now in its fourth year of war. In order to defeat Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, everyone in the country must do his or her bit. While a young Elizabeth Bennet makes her contribution by driving a lorry, Fitzwilliam Darcy flies Lancaster bombers over Germany. Because of the war, both are wary of falling in love, but when the two meet near an airbase in Hertfordshire, all bets are off.

Set against the background of World War II, in Darcy Goes to War, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy battle something more than class differences. The greatest evil of the 20th Century is trying to bring Britain to its knees. In order to be together, they must survive the war.

The Keys for Love by Wendi Sotis

In this sweet Pride and Prejudice-inspired romance, William Darcy has finally torn himself away from work to join his sister at their vacation house in the Florida Keys. There, he meets his sister’s new friend, Elizabeth Bennet, the housesitter staying next door.

A light, fluffy, feel-good short story/novella. No graphic love scenes.

Clues to a Mystery by Kate Speck

A short story sequel to P&P with a mystery on what happened when a terrible storm forces closeness of the large family party at Pemberley, and everyone seems to be hiding something.

But He Turned Out Very Wild by Alyx Silver

In the original Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen there was only enough good between Darcy and Wickham to make a “good sort of man.”

But what if there were true? What if what we — and Darcy — think we know about Wickham was all wrong?

In this short story of intrigue and crime, one might end up feeling sorry for George Wickham himself.

The Women of Longbourn by Gianna Thomas

Dreams! Jane Austen dreamed and wrote about young women and young lovers and is known throughout the whole world for her delightful writings because she didn’t forget her dreams by setting them aside.

But did many of the women of the early 19th century have dreams beyond marriage and children? Jane Austin and Mary Wollstonecraft are just two women of that era who followed through with lofty goals.

A short Pride and Prejudice variation, ‘The Women of Longbourn,’ takes a closer look at the Bennet family women and what their dreams may have included. And don’t be surprised when you learn that even the female servants had dreams as well.

Come along with Elizabeth Bennet as she records the aspirations of the Bennet women— and the female servants who care for their needs—during the fortnight prior to the Meryton Assembly. May you enjoy Lizzy’s comments that are interspersed in her journal with the family’s interactions and how they may have differed with most families in the early 1800’s in Regency England.

Although not a Regency romance per se, ‘The Women of Longbourn’ does also mention the coach accident that occurred on Lizzy’s way to London and her thoughts about Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy who helped her and her friend that day. This is a slight overlap with the novel ‘Darcy Chooses.’

Less Proud and More Persuasive by Sophie Turner

This short novella explores a simple question: What if Lady Catherine was just a little more rude, prompting Mr. Darcy to make a more Persuasion-esque proposal?

Readers considering this work should be aware that, unlike the Constant Love series, this novella is written in third-person present tense, so if they routinely read only past-tense writing, they may wish to peruse the sample before purchasing.

They should also be aware that it uses lines from Jane Austen’s Persuasion as well as Pride and Prejudice. Readers who have not read Persuasion are encouraged to read that novel first, less because of spoilers than because it is absolutely wonderful.

The Forgotten Bonnet by Gisele Vezeley

In her hurry to leave Netherfield after her sister’s illness, Elizabeth Bennet forgets her favorite bonnet. Mr. Darcy, who can no longer deny his attraction to her, finds it and welcomes a chance to return it to her. But after his past rudeness, can he win her affection before Bingley’s imminent ball? Otherwise, he may never feel her in his arms during a reel….

This short story suggests new scenes for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. At 3,600 words you can read it in approximately a half hour. Enjoy a few moments with your favorite characters in the Hertfordshire countryside.

How to Rescue a Lady by Gisele Vezeley

Elizabeth Bennet does not need rescue by a condescending man. She can defend herself, thank you very much. Therefore, when Mr. Darcy interrupts Mr. Collins’s bungled marriage proposal and shoos him away with characteristic hauteur, Elizabeth is indignant instead of grateful.

But the truth about Wickham, along with another misadventure, reverses Elizabeth’s opinion about her erstwhile adversary.

This Pride and Prejudice variation short story suggests several merry scenes that delve into what it means to help one another while maintaining one’s dignity. At approximately 6,000 words, you can read it in about forty-five minutes.

A Gift for Lizzy by Lady Waller

A Sweet Pride and Prejudice Novella

Christmas Eve has come to Pemberley, and Elizabeth Darcy is in her fifth month of pregnancy with their first child. Fitzwilliam Darcy will grant his lovely wife any wish she desires, yet a request for him to host a houseful of Bennets quickly turns to disaster.

A Gift for My Mr. Darcy by Lady Waller

A Sweet Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella

Christmas Day has come to Pemberley, and Elizabeth Darcy has fretted over what to give the man who has everything. Even after a disastrous Christmas Eve spent with her family, she’s determined to make this a holiday to remember.

It’s in His Kiss by Lady Waller

A sweet Pride and Prejudice variation short story.

Can one kiss melt the frost in Elizabeth Bennet’s heart toward Mr. Darcy? What if instead of writing a letter explaining his disapproval of Mr. Wickham, he’d explained himself further after his marriage proposal and subsequent confrontation with Elizabeth in Hunsford? Take a journey into a reimagined scene with our dear Lizzy and Mr. Darcy.

A Twist of Fate by Brenda Webb

Do you love Christmas stories about Darcy and Lizzy? Then this book is for you! 

During a bleak Christmas season, Elizabeth Bennet has a chance encounter in London with Mr. Darcy, a man she hasn’t seen since his disastrous proposal at Rosings two years ago. Will this ‘twist of fate’ change her future for the better or only bring her more heartache? Be aware this is a very short, quick read of only 58 pages, thus the low price.

August in Derbyshire by Ola Wegner

Pride and Prejudice Novelette. What if Darcy and Elizabeth had met in slightly different circumstances when she was touring Derbyshire with the Gardiners?

Christmas at Pemberley by Ola Wegner

We have opportunity to observe Christmas at Pemberley over the course of twenty years. From the time Fitzwilliam Darcy was just a boy, enjoying the love and attention of both of his parents and the antics of his baby sister. Through the years of darkness and struggles when he dealt with the death of his mother and father, raising Georgiana and carrying the responsibility of Master of Pemberley. To the moment when he is a mature man with a family of his own, reveling in happy existence with the love of his life and the mother of his child by his side.

Wish Upon a Star by Ola Wegner

Pride and Prejudice Novelette. What if Darcy and Elizabeth had come to understanding in very different circumstances and a bit later than in the novel?

Most Truly by Reina M. Williams

Colonel James Fitzwilliam is home. The war has left him weary, battle-scarred—and a free man of fortune ready to find a wife. He travels to Pemberley, his second home. There he meets Kitty Bennet. Her unexpected charms soon have him questioning his familial duty and his expectations. A fight looms on the horizon when his aunt—Lady Catherine de Bourgh—and his parents arrive with their own plans for his future.

Kitty Bennet has found happiness. At Pemberley, she has improved herself and formed true friendships with her sister Lizzy and Georgiana Darcy. Kitty is captivated by the gentlemanly Colonel Fitzwilliam. But she will not be silly over a redcoat again, and she will not risk her happiness—or his family’s displeasure—for his attentions. Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy, Lizzy, and Georgiana have their say, and Kitty learns a new lesson—love will find you at Pemberley.

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