Amazon Countdown Deals 4/11/20

Below are the Amazon Countdown Deals that I have found running on 4/11/20. Click the cover to be sent to the site. Also, consult the included author page links to consult if they have additional sales.

*Please note: I use universal links which may require an extra step before going to the site and marketplace of your choice. Some promotions may not be available in all countries.

Desire and Duty by Ted and Marilyn Bader

Many critics feel the lively heroine of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet Darcy, is the best characterized female in all of English literature. Jane Austen’s story ends with Elizabeth’s marriage and the Baders continue her story as wife, mother, and confidante to her sister-in-law, Georgiana. Set in the years 1805-1816, Desire and Duty tells the romantic adventures of Mr. Darcy’s beautiful, shy, devout younger sister, Georgiana. After her narrow escape (in Pride and Prejudice) from the nefarious clutches of Mr. Wickham, Georgiana is very cautious about men. Her childhood friend and poor gentleman neighbor, Mr. Thomas Staley, returns from the battle of Waterloo to become a tutor for the Darcy children. He is fascinating to her, but he is ashamed of his poverty. When Georgiana realizes her feelings for Thomas are more than friendship, she has to fight her own extreme shyness as well as the machinations of her imposing and powerful aunt, Lady Catherine, who wishes to see Georgiana married to the Duke of Kent, who will inherit Catherine’s estate. Along the way, issues of duty and desire, in marriage and in one’s relationship to God, are presented. Surprises in the plot rivet the attention of the reader until the very end.

Desire and Duty is unique among sequels to Pride and Prejudice since it is the only one which follows the ideas Jane Austen left for the continuation of her famous book.

Poor Mr. Collins by Summer Hanford and Renata McMann

Imagine a world in which Darcy doesn’t go to Ramsgate and thus doesn’t stop Georgiana from running off and marrying Wickham. Renata McMann and Summer Hanford present “Poor Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella,” in which they examine how that single alteration changes the way Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s story unfolds, a tale that hinges on Mr. Darcy’s performance as a poor Mr. Darcy.

The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion by Don Jacobson

Does it matter how a man fills out his regimentals? Miss Austen never considered that query. Yet, this question marks the beginning of an education…and the longest life…in the Bennet Wardrobe saga.

Lydia Bennet, Longbourn’s most wayward daughter, embarks on her quest in The Pilgrim: Lydia Bennet and a Soldier’s Portion. This biography reveals how the Wardrobe helps young Mrs. Wickham learn that honor and bravery grow not from the color of the uniform—or the gender of its wearer—but rather from the contents of the heart.

In the process, she realizes that she must be broken and repaired, as if by a kintsugi master potter, to become the most useful player in the Bennet Wardrobe’s great drama.

The Pilgrim explores questions of love, loss, pain, worry, and perseverance. All of these are brought to bear as one of the silliest girls in England grows into the Dowager Countess.

This 151,000-word novel is the seventh, and next-to-last, volume in the Bennet Wardrobe Series. Each book along the way has revealed more about how the mysterious Wardrobe has led Miss Austen’s Bennets to learn that which they need in order to take part in its ultimate mission.

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Jane and Bingley (Austen in Love #2) by Jenni James

Eight months ago, Charles Bingley took off for New York and never told Jane Bennet why he was breaking up with her. Now he’s back, and she’s cautiously optimistic at the attention he’s been showing her. Could they actually have a chance at rekindling their relationship? She’s hopeful—until her sister Eliza’s wedding to Will Darcy, when Charles begins to show his true colors again.

Charles knows he’s nearly lost the love of his life, and he isn’t about to let that happen. With the help of his lovable grammy, he comes up with a plan to woo Jane and prove he’s in her life to stay.

Join Charles as he shares with Jane the true Twelve Days of Christmas, and see how with patience, a little imagination, and hope, he captures the heart of the woman who was meant to be his forever.

Sensible and Sensational (The Jane Austen Diaries Book 6) by Jenni James

Can a sensible girl learn to find her own kind of sensational?

When Ellyn Dashwood’s family moves to Bloomfield, New Mexico, she’s not sure if she’ll fit in as easily as her wildly popular twin sister, Maralyn, will. Though they’re identical, the two sisters are exact opposites. Maralyn attracts people to her like bees to a hive. However, because Ellyn has autism, she’s positive she’ll never be considered more than awkward. That is, until she meets the totally hot Zane Ferrars.

Zane is the tall, smart, hot, athletic, kind—and did we mention hot?—neighbor who has made it his mission to uncover Ellyn’s secrets. She’s a puzzle he’s eager to solve. However, she soon finds out he’s got a few secrets of his own—secrets that will break her cautious heart if she’s not sensible enough to be careful.

This eagerly awaited new installment of the Jane Austen Diaries is a contemporary retelling of the classic novel Sense and Sensibility.

**Ms. James as several other Austen-inspired books on a countdown deal right now.**

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Longbourn: The Early Days by Margaret Lynnette Sharp

The days and years before Lizzy and Mr Darcy first met were filled with excitement, humour and drama at Longbourn. This anthology, made up of the first six prequel vignettes by Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp, spotlights the behaviour of some of the most intriguing Longbourn characters from Jane Austen’s immortal classic.

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The Jane Austen Dating Agency by Fiona Woodfield

Does true romance really exist?

Sophie Johnson is young, intelligent and attractive. So, when she lands the dream position of Sales Executive at a leading fashion magazine, it appears she has it all.  But in reality, she hates her job, is sick of her controlling mother and is a dating disaster. 

Then she discovers The Jane Austen Dating Agency, an exclusive club for ladies who want to meet real gentlemen and believes her luck has changed. And when Sophie meets Darcy Drummond, she thinks her dreams have come true. That is until she discovers he is arrogant and hard-headed.

So, when Daniel Becks steps into her life, she thinks she’s found the one. But is he really all he seems?

The Jane Austen Dating Agency is for anyone who has ever dreamed of romance and wondered if it really exists.

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