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New Releases

The Impetuous Mr. Darcy by Julia Biscayne

Mr. Darcy has always considered himself a controlled, rational man – until he meets Elizabeth Bennet.

Suddenly, against his better judgment, he is falling madly, foolishly, passionately in love with a woman who is completely unsuitable.

At the Netherfield Ball, Darcy learns that Mr. Collins is planning to propose marriage to Elizabeth in the morning. This cannot be. Darcy must act first to win Elizabeth’s hand or risk losing her forever.

For an exciting romance, read The Impetuous Mr. Darcy.

Charm and Enchantment by Josie Case

Pride and Prejudice meets Freaky Friday. On the morning after the Netherfield Ball Elizabeth Bennet wakes to find that she is not completely herself – not at all herself – in fact, she is someone else entirely! Will Lizzie’s feisty independent spirit find a way out of her body-swap conundrum. Will she manage it on her own? Or will she need to enlist the help of a man she despises. In this Georgian era, eve-of-Regency romance the characters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice are given a new lease of life… and fresh challenges. From Longbourn to Netherfield to Lucas Lodge and Rosings and from Meryton to Brighton, London and Kent, Josie Case’s newest romantic adventure follows our heroes and heroines and villains and scoundrels as they vie for advantage and resolution.

A Grateful Love (A Courtship of Roses Book 3) by Jane Hunter

Lydia Bennet’s flight from Brighton and her scandalous dalliances with Mr. Wickham were enough to ruin any family… but none could have felt it as keenly as a family in possession of five daughters who would all be tainted by her actions.
However, when an anonymous benefactor discovers the pair and sees them married–Elizabeth Bennet is determined to discover the identity of the nameless gentleman.

But when Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is revealed as the gentleman in question, her only thought is of demanding an answer as to why he had done it. Why had he come to their aid? Asking a question is one thing, but knowing how to react to the answer is entirely another.

Will Elizabeth Bennet be able to put aside her confusion and trust her heart? Or will this chance be lost to her forever?

“A Grateful Love” is the third instalment in “A Courtship of Roses,” a six book series of short standalone novellas featuring different re-imaginings of our dear couple’s courtship. From innocent beginnings to passionate encounters, these sensual and steamy reads are best enjoyed by mature readers.

Sought (Leaving Bennet Behind Book 5) by Sarah Johnson

The Bennet family changed dramatically when Mr Bennet nearly lost his life. The rekindled love between him and his wife encouraged a unifying bond amongst their five daughters. Their story unfolds as each eligible young lady walks down the aisle, taking her husband’s hand and forever leaving the name of Bennet behind.

Lydia Bennet’s four older sisters have found love, leaving only her at home now, however she is not eager to make a change to her status too soon. Her first Season in London is shared by her good friend Georgiana Darcy and opens up new and exciting prospects for both girls. Unfortunately, it is cut short by an unexpected situation, sending the family back to Longbourn, where things go from bad to worse when Lydia is kidnapped. Will she be found in time to save not only her reputation, but more importantly, her life?

The Mist of Her Memory (audiobook) by Suzan Lauder

What happened that fateful morning in Lambton?

What brutal attacker caused her grievous, near-fatal injuries?

Does she remain in danger? Elizabeth cannot remember!

Sequestered in her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner’s London home, Elizabeth Bennet tries to recover from a devastating incident that stole her memories during their Derbyshire tour. She continues to suffer from strange, angry voices in her head and to recall events that people tell her never happened. Even those who love her refuse to believe her. Elizabeth can barely endure the confusion.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate for any hint of his beloved’s wellbeing, yet he lacks the information he seeks as her family forbids him contact with Elizabeth. His frustration mounts when he learns that her mental impairment incited taunting and torment in the market town of Meryton.

Which of Elizabeth’s recollections bear the closest resemblance to the truth? And what is the result of her sister Lydia’s elopement with Mr. Wickham? How is Mr. Darcy to rekindle his romance with Elizabeth when her aunt and uncle strictly shield her from him?

Prepare to grip the edge of your seat during this original romantic tale of suspense and mystery, another Pride and Prejudice variation by bestselling author Suzan Lauder.

The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection (British Edition) by Gianna Thomas

British Edition – British Spelling

The entire ‘Darcy and Elizabeth Series’ is now available in one volume as ‘The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection.’ This volume is made up of three short prequels and three novellas. Enjoy this sweet Regency romance series featuring Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet as they meet, enter a courtship, and find their happily ever after in spite of the problems they encounter along the way. But will the Bennet family’s reputation survive the heartache that strikes their loved ones? Find out in this Pride and Prejudice variation that goes beyond Jane Austen’s original masterpiece.

‘The Women of Longbourn’ is a short story prequel that depicts Elizabeth Bennet’s journal entries from a se’nnight before the Meryton Assembly and with a slight overlap with ‘Darcy Chooses—The Complete Novel.’

‘Attending a Ball’ is a prequel that recounts the three days before the beginning of ‘Darcy Chooses’ from Elizabeth Bennet’s perspective and portrays Elizabeth and her friends, Charlotte Lucas and Melanie Farrington. It also gives extra insight into the Bennet family members.

‘Darcy Chooses – The Complete Novel’ is the pinnacle of ‘The Darcy and Elizabeth Collection.’ It contains the short story prequel ‘Darcy and Bingley’ and ‘Parts 1 and 2’ of the original ‘Darcy Chooses.’

‘Elizabeth’s Choice’ is the novella-length sequel to ‘Darcy Chooses – The Complete Novel’ and recounts Darcy and Elizabeth’s honeymoon to Ireland and their growing love for one another. But will they survive an encounter with an old enemy?


Darcy’s Secret Bride: a cowboy billionaire Pride and Prejudice romance (Brothers of Austen County Book 1) by Brianna Bennett

He’s married to the woman of his dreams, but no one can ever know.

Not only is the marriage a secret but cowboy billionaire, William Darcy, hasn’t seen his wife in seven years, not since that fateful day they said “I do”.

The marriage had been spontaneous, romantic, and riddled with farce. Neither of them thought the vows had a shred of reality to them.

But now, faced with a corporation out to tear Austen apart, the Darcy family attorneys assure William there’s nothing fake about the marriage license. He has to do whatever he can to resolve the situation before the generations of work are undone and the Darcy family loses its claim on Pemberton.

Mary Cambry is from the wrong side of Austen with her lack of money and connections. There’s something to be said for having roots in Wyoming, but only if they’re the right kind.

She left town to find her own way and make a fresh start so many years before.

Now, though, Mary is back and she’s every bit the headstrong woman William Darcy fell in love with.

Her own secrets and ambitions keep her from professing her love but is that all?

Can she long for the same promises they once giggled over or is her pride going to keep them apart?

And can William pull through for his family in more ways than one?

Or does he get to choose the one person everyone else wants him to give up?

***With strong Pride and Prejudice flavors with the longing and need between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Fall in love over and over again.***

Cherishing Kitty (Marrying Elizabeth Book 5) by Leenie Brown

She loves him. He loves her. If only each knew the other’s heart. 

Kitty Bennet hadn’t meant she would never marry the gentleman she was caught kissing. She had only meant she couldn’t marry him just yet. She has a promise to keep first. However, before she can explain herself to him, he tosses her heart back at her in a thousand broken pieces. 

Lorcan Langley is in love with Kitty, but when she declares she has no desire to marry him, he comes to the heart-rending decision to give her what she wants – a future without him. 

As both Lorcan and Kitty attempt to move on with their lives into bleak futures without the person they love, a broken wheel will bring their plans to a screeching and potentially disastrous end.  

Cherishing Kitty is the fifth installment in Leenie Brown’s Pride and Prejudice variation series Marrying Elizabeth.  If you like misunderstandings between lovers and second chance romances, then you’ll enjoy this story about discovering that happiness and doing the right thing do not have to be mutually exclusive.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Cherishing Kitty, and join Kitty and Lorcan as they are forced together and lay a foundation for a happily ever after that is uniquely their own. 

Recipe for Persuasion by Sonali Dev

From the author of Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors comes another , clever, deeply layered, and heartwarming romantic comedy that follows in the Jane Austen tradition—this time, with a twist on Persuasion.

Chef Ashna Raje desperately needs a new strategy. How else can she save her beloved restaurant and prove to her estranged, overachieving mother that she isn’t a complete screw up? When she’s asked to join the cast of Cooking with the Stars, the latest hit reality show teaming chefs with celebrities, it seems like just the leap of faith she needs to put her restaurant back on the map. She’s a chef, what’s the worst that could happen? 

Rico Silva, that’s what.  

Being paired with a celebrity who was her first love, the man who ghosted her at the worst possible time in her life, only proves what Ashna has always believed: leaps of faith are a recipe for disaster. 

FIFA winning soccer star Rico Silva isn’t too happy to be paired up with Ashna either. Losing Ashna years ago almost destroyed him. The only silver lining to this bizarre situation is that he can finally prove to Ashna that he’s definitely over her. 

But when their catastrophic first meeting goes viral, social media becomes obsessed with their chemistry. The competition on the show is fierce…and so is the simmering desire between Ashna and Rico.  Every minute they spend together rekindles feelings that pull them toward their disastrous past. Will letting go again be another recipe for heartbreak—or a recipe for persuasion…? 

In Recipe for Persuasion, Sonali Dev once again takes readers on an unforgettable adventure in this fresh, fun, and enchanting romantic comedy.

Darcy’s Last Kiss by Samantha Erin

My Dearest Elizabeth,

The days grow short and the spray grows colder, and the mood of the men is grim. Still, nothing can chill the warmth that floods my heart whenever I recall the feel of your hand atop my own in that sacred moment we shared. All about me the others are gathering small affects and murmuring beneath their breath all the things they wish they had said to loved ones back home. For my part, I wish nothing but that the sea would carry these words swiftly from my heart to your own, that we might commune in some fashion, however distant.

War comes for England, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a young, landed gentleman, is not obligated, but volunteers to serve King and country for the honor of himself and his house. Meanwhile the woman he only just met has been left to puzzle out his character, who left her spurned but curious. In his absence she discovers he may be the man she could most love in all the world, and he learns to humble his pride and admit what was the truth since the moment he laid eyes on her: that he would love her, and her alone, until the day of his death.

They only hope that day is not too soon.

Darcy’s Last Kiss is a Pride & Prejudice variation which sets characters from Jane Austen’s perennial favorite in a new set of circumstances.

Jane in Love by Rachel Givney

A charming, romantic debut novel in which Jane Austen, heralded author, ends up time-traveling almost 200 years in the future. There she finds the love she’s written about and the destiny she’s dreamed of…but is it worth her legacy?

Bath, England, 1803. At 28, Jane Austen prefers walking and reading to balls and assemblies; she dreams of someday publishing her carefully crafted stories. Already on the shelf and in grave danger of becoming a spinster, Jane goes searching for a radical solution—and as a result, seemingly by accident, time-travels. She lands in…

Bath, England, present day. The film set of Northanger Abbey. Sofia Wentworth is a Hollywood actress starring in a new period film, an attempt to reinvent her flagging career and, secretly, an attempt to reinvent her failing marriage. When Sofia meets Jane, she marvels at the young actress who can’t seem to “break character,” even off set. And Jane—acquainting herself with the horseless steel carriages and seriously shocking fashion of the twenty-first century— meets Sofia, a woman unlike anyone she’s ever met before. Then she meets Fred, Sofia’s brother, who has the audacity to be handsome, clever, and kind-hearted.

What happens when Jane, against her better judgement, falls in love with Fred? And when Sofia learns the truth about her new friend Jane? And worst of all, if Jane stays with Fred, will she ever achieve her dream, the one she’s now seen come true?

Performing Jane: A Cultural History of Jane Austen Fandom by Sarah Glosson

Jane Austen has resonated with readers across generations like no other writer. More than two hundred years after the publication of her most celebrated novel, Pride and Prejudice, people around the world continue to honor “dear Jane.” In Performing Jane, Sarah Glosson explores this vibrant fandom, examining a long history of Austen fans engaging with her work, from wearing hand-­sewn bonnets and period-­appropriate corsets to creating spirited fanfiction and comical gifsets. Sophisticated and engaging, this study demonstrates that Austen fans of today have a great deal in common with those who loved the English novelist long before the term “fan” came into use.

Performing Jane analyzes three ways fans engage with Austen and her work: collecting material related to the writer, whether in physical scrapbooks or on social­-media platforms; creating and consuming imitative works, including fanfiction and modernized adaptations such as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; and making pilgrimages to Steventon, Hampshire, Chawton Cottage, and even to annual meetings of Jane Austen societies. Key to Glosson’s exploration of Austen fans is the notion that all of these activities, whether occurring in private or in public, are fundamentally performative. And in counterbalance to studies that center on fans with a tendency to transform and disrupt the original text, this study provides much-­needed understanding of a fandom that predominantly reaffirms Austen’s works.

Because Austen’s writing has bridged the realms of both literary and popular culture, this fandom serves as an excellent case study to understand the ways in which we draw distinctions between fandom and other forms of intensive engagement and, more importantly, to appreciate how fluid those distinctions can be. Performing Jane embraces a holistic view of the long history of Austen fandom, relying on archival research, literary and visual analyses, and ethnographic study. This groundbreaking book not only demonstrates the ways in which fan practices, today and in the past, are performative, but also provides fresh perspectives into fandom and contributes to our understanding of the ways readers engage with literature.

Officer Darcy by Sophia Grey

What if the reputation of the Bennet sisters was ruined forever by Lydia’s selfish actions? Could Elizabeth ever trust a member of the militia ever again?

After her youngest sister’s disgrace at the hands of one Mr. George Wickham, Elizabeth Bennet has vowed never to trust a military-minded man. She and her sisters do their best to raise Lydia’s child in the relative seclusion of their country home and the society of Hertfordshire seems to continue on without them.

But when Elizabeth receives a rare invitation to an assembly, she is reluctantly introduced to an officer from Derbyshire who may very well hold the key to resurrecting the Bennet family’s honor—and the key to Elizabeth’s heart.

Being able to trust the dashing officer is one thing, but is it too late to bring her family back from the brink and set things right?

Officer Darcy is a sweet, clean Pride and Prejudice Variation romance that is suitable for all lovers of Jane Austen’s classic.

Very Nearly Perfect by Miranda Greywood

Can two complete opposites find a way to discover the happy middle of their new marriage?

Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy have just returned to Pemberley from their wedding trip to India and are now faced with the realities of being married. Elizabeth is learning to be the lady of a grand estate and Darcy is busy with the day-to-day details of maintaining Pemberley. But when a new friend from India arrives at Pemberley, Elizabeth and Darcy’s lives are turned upside down. Will these newlyweds survive the chaos created while their friend stays at Pemberley? And more importantly, can they find a way to give up a little bit of themselves so they can fill their lives with the joy they have searched for for so long?

Very Nearly Perfect is a clean comedic Pride and Prejudice variation full of romance, unexpected love, and more than a few silly surprises as Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy traverse life as a married couple.

Pride and Papercuts (The Austen Series Book 5) by Staci Hart

Bestselling author Staci Hart is back with the Pride and Prejudice retelling you’ve been waiting for. We’re back at Wasted Words, the book bar of our dreams, for the epic finale of the Austen series, where we’ll follow Laney Bennet and Liam Darcy down the bumpy road to their happy ending.

Mr. Darcy’s Tender Heart by JT Hunt

“Mr. Darcy’s Tender Heart” is a clean, romantic “Pride and Prejudice” variation of approximately 35 K words (almost twice that of the author’s first two stories.)

While she is visiting her friend, Charlotte Collins, in Kent, Elizabeth is surprised to meet Mr. Darcy again, together with his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. While she takes an immediate liking to the amiable Colonel, Elizabeth’s hatred of Mr Darcy only increases, as she blames him for separating Jane and Mr. Bingley, as well as for his unjust treatment of the poor Mr. Wickham.

Several unexpected encounters in the Rosings’s groves put Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in some peculiar circumstances that allow her to discover a tender side to his character that she has never before suspected and make her wonder about his true nature.

Mr. Darcy, in his turn, has the opportunity to discover that Elizabeth’s opinion of him is not as favourable as he had proudly assumed and that he must make amends before even considering a marriage proposal.

Under Lady Catherine’s close observation, how will the relationship between ODC evolve once the misunderstandings are cleared?

Mr. Darcy’s Ruined Bride (Power of Darcy’s Love Book 2) by Violet King

Compromised. Married. Triumphant?

After Mr. Darcy rescues Elizabeth, to spare her reputation, they marry in haste and Elizabeth returns to Longbourn. But rumors of her ruination and memories of her trauma make Elizabeth unsure of herself and her future. Worse, her new husband and cousin are away, hunting down the man who hurt her. When they return, can Elizabeth find the courage to testify against her abductor? And will love – and a ball – be enough to save their marriage from enemies within and without?

Find out in Mr. Darcy’s Ruined Bride, Book 2 of the Power of Darcy’s Love series. Mr. Darcy’s Ruined Bride is a sweet, suspenseful romance of 30,000 words with a guaranteed happy ending.

If you love Pride and Prejudice Variations, grab Mr. Darcy’s Ruined Bride today!

To Be Loved by Anna Lockhart

She never imagined she would find true love…

Elizabeth Collins only married for convenience. It just so happened that the marriage lasted two days before she was made a widow. Now, she is alone and discovers she must return to Longbourn until another suitable match can be made. Before her return to Meryton, however, she visits her aunt and uncle in London, and it is there she that she meets Fitzwilliam Darcy for the second time…

Over the course of one evening, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will both discover that there is always a second chance for love

To Be Loved is a Pride and Prejudice variation full of love, moonlight, and a guaranteed happy ending!

In the Tower with Mr. Darcy (Happily Ever After Collection) by Valerie Lennox

Once upon a time, a girl was captured by a madwoman and imprisoned in a tower…

Lady Catherine de Bourgh is rumored to have been carried away by grief over the death of her daughter Anne. When Elizabeth Bennet is visiting her friend Charlotte in Kent, she hardly expects to be abducted by the woman and imprisoned in a tower, a replacement for the dead Anne de Bourgh herself.

Forced to wear Anne’s old clothes and to answer to her name, Elizabeth does everything she can to escape from her prison, but Lady Catherine’s madness is impenetrable.

When Mr. Darcy arrives to visit his aunt, Elizabeth tries to signal him from the tower window, and he sees her, but it is all for naught when he, too, is dragged to the tower and imprisoned. After all, Lady Catherine always did have plans for Mr. Darcy and her daughter.

But these plans she is carrying out now, they are dark and despicable.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fear they may not get out alive. And they only have each other to rely on.

This Rapunzel retelling is part of the Happily Ever Collection, a series of novels that puts together Pride and Prejudice and fairy tales. This is a Regency Era retelling with no paranormal elements, but it is exceedingly gothic and owes a great deal to the grimmer aspects of the Grimm Brothers’ tale. Readers who like high stakes, a healthy dollop of angst, and just a hint of heat will likely find this is just what they’ve been looking for.

Fitz Darcy and the Drowned Heiress (Fitz Darcy Adventures Book 1) by Vic Neal

Fitz Darcy – the scandalous younger son of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy – has inherited the very worst qualities of both of his parents.

Like his mother, he is intelligent, whimsical and restless, always searching for perfection in a world that lets him down. His pride, quick temper and obstinacy are all his father, although he would hate to admit any resemblance. His twin brother Will, meanwhile, is everything a Darcy should be – handsome, honest and noble.

For six long years Fitz has been absent from his family home, following a furious row with his father just before his eighteenth birthday. A family tragedy sends him back to Pemberley where his favourite Aunt Lydia enlists his help. Her husband Wickham has become embroiled with the dangerous Lord Thorne, a man known to be both powerful and beyond censure. With his sidekick, Angel, Fitz must rescue Thorne’s niece from certain death and bring about Thorne’s downfall.

Will Fitz save the day and restore his reputation or will he fail and besmirch the famous Darcy name forever more?

Part one in a new series by Vic Neal.

Fitz Darcy and the Screeching Ghoul (Fitz Darcy Adventures Book 2) by Vic Neal

Fitz Darcy, the eldest son of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy, investigates a mysterious string of violent crimes in the Scottish Highlands which are believed to have been committed by a screeching ghost.

Fitz Darcy and the Curse of Upper Slaughter (Fitz Darcy Adventures Book 3) by Vic Neal

Fitz Darcy, the eldest son of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy, is recuperating from his latest illness in the pretty village of Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds, but just as he starts to regain his strength he is beset by a string of bad luck. When Angel disappears, along with his money and his horse, Fitz begins to despair of ever leaving his new lodgings. Is someone trying to keep him in Upper Slaughter or has he been beset by its famous curse?

The Beginning of Hope (Romance and Reconciliation Book 2) by Meg Osborne

Thrust into society once more, neither Fitzwilliam Darcy nor Elizabeth Bennet can even contemplate renewing the affection they once shared: they can barely look at one another!

When an old antagonist tips his hand, secrets are revealed and Elizabeth and Mr Darcy are forced to acknowledge the love the had for one another had never truly gone away…

Book 2 in a fun new Pride and Prejudice variation series. Romance and Reconciliation what if Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet met long before the Meryton Assembly…?

A Continued Affection (Romance and Reconciliation Book 3) by Meg Osborne

En route to London, Elizabeth Bennet has matrimony in mind – for not one but two of her sisters. She scarcely dares to dream of revisiting her own past romance.

Ftizwilliam Darcy once vowed never to revisit history, but time has changed him and now he is forced to acknowledge he has not stopped loving Elizabeth, and never shall…

Book 3 of Romance and Reconciliation, a Pride and Prejudice variation series that contemplates what might have happened if Mr Darcy met Elizabeth Bennet long before the Meryton Assembly.

Checkmate Mr. Darcy by Hester Rose

The best games are played at night.

After Mrs. Bennet traps Mr. Darcy into compromising Elizabeth at the Netherfield Ball, Darcy is forced to marry Elizabeth. But he vows to get an annulment so the marriage will not be consummated.

Elizabeth does not mind, because she didn’t want to marry the odious Mr. Darcy in the first place. But time and proximity, as lawful man and wife at Pemberley, start to change her opinion. Mr. Darcy is much better than he seemed.

If Elizabeth wants to stay married, she must seduce her husband.

Checkmate Mr. Darcy is a steamy Pride and Prejudice Variation based on Jane Austen’s iconic lovers. This is an enemies to lovers romance set in the Regency Era.

A Ball at Longbourn by Margaret Lynette Sharp

Lydia’s delight at her father’s (albeit reluctant) agreement to host a ball at Longbourn is tempered somewhat by his insistence that young Miss Victoria Williams be invited to attend. Given this outcome, Lydia finds consolation in thoughts of the envy Victoria will doubtless feel when she catches sight of the magnificent blue gown that the youngest Miss Bennet will be displaying on the night. Will the gala evening turn out as Lydia has planned?

Mr. Darcy’s Sweet Encounter (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 1) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy has never met a woman like Elizabeth before… but can he claim her heart before it’s too late?

On a fine English morning in May, Darcy visits his Aunt Catherine at Rosings. Little does he know that his life will change for ever that day.

The irrepressible Miss Bennet is in the room—and the intrigued Mr. Darcy cannot take his eyes off her.

Darcy is determined to get to know Elizabeth better. No woman has ever drawn his eye like this before. Can this feeling really be what he thinks it is? Could this fiery beauty really become the worthy bride he never dreamed he’d find?

But just as life feels sweetest, events conspire to tear the pair apart. Elizabeth is gone, and England feels empty without her.

Time waits for no man; not even Darcy. If he doesn’t act quickly, Elizabeth will be lost forever.

Can Darcy move mountains to fight for Elizabeth? Can he follow his heart and find his soulmate?

Or is it already too late for love?

Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in the final book.

Mr. Darcy’s Summer of Love (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 2) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy’s heart belongs to Miss Bennet… and he has never felt more alive

The glorious English summer is a perfect setting for courtship. Mr. Darcy relishes every moment he spends in the company of his dark-eyed beauty.

But summer cannot last, and neither can the couple’s good fortune.

Will Darcy ever see his beloved Elizabeth again?


Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in the final book.

Mr. Darcy’s Voyage of Hope (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 3) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy would travel to the ends of the earth to bring his Elizabeth home… but can he find her?

Nothing can come between Fitzwilliam Darcy and the woman he adores. Even a vast expanse of sea cannot separate their hearts. And neither can his meddling aunt.

But if Darcy wants to see Elizabeth’s face again, he’ll have to battle with darker forces than even Lady Catherine’s wrath.

When at last he locates his lost love, a shock awaits them both. Darcy has only hours to save the day. If he fails, he’ll lose the one thing he treasures most of all. Her.

Can Darcy rescue his beloved from a terrible fate before the candle burns out? Or is Elizabeth lost for good?


Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in the final book.

Mr. Darcy’s Hunt for Elizabeth (Mr. Darcy in Love Book 4) by Clara Winfield

Mr. Darcy will fight for the woman he loves… whatever the cost

Elizabeth Bennet is in danger. Darcy rushes to the rescue.

The stakes have never been higher.

Can Darcy beat the odds and bring his bride home, before their ship sails for good?


Mr. Darcy In Love is an epic sweet and clean Regency love story in four exciting parts. It traces an untravelled path in the world of Pride and Prejudice. There will be drama and surprises along the way, but rest assured that the thrilling storyline will be resolved fully in this final book.

Sansei and Sensibility by Karen Tei Yamashita

In these buoyant and inventive stories, Karen Tei Yamashita transfers classic tales across boundaries and questions what an inheritance—familial, cultural, emotional, artistic—really means. In a California of the sixties and seventies, characters examine the contents of deceased relatives’ freezers, tape-record high school locker-room chatter, or collect a community’s gossip while cleaning the teeth of its inhabitants. Mr. Darcy is the captain of the football team, Mansfield Park materializes in a suburb of L.A., bake sales replace ballroom dances, and station wagons, not horse-drawn carriages, are the preferred mode of transit. The stories of traversing class, race, and gender leap into our modern world with and humor.

Free Finds

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Master of Longbourn: A Sequel to Mr. Darcy’s Comfort (Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 10) by Leenie Brown

From awkward and unlovable to handsome and loved.

Large, awkward, unlovable, and destined to fail — that is who William Collins has always been told he was, and while he might have accepted the first three monikers, he’s worked hard to ensure the last one does not become true.

Kitty Bennet has never lacked for attention from gentlemen, but while she’s proficient at flirting, she has never had her heart touched by any of the potential suitors who have sat in Longbourn’s sitting room.

That is her heart was never touched until now when the awkwardly endearing heir to Longbourn takes up residence in her home. But how does one encourage a gentleman to love her when he’s seemingly unaffected by fluttering lashes and demure looks?

And how can someone as inept, as Collins thinks he is, ever win the heart of a lady as charming as Kitty Bennet?

It will take determination and a little help as well as the realization that sometimes the battle for the heart is played out in the mind.

Master of Lonbourn is part of Leenie Brown’s Dash of Darcy and Companions collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like well-written sweet romance featuring an unlikely hero who must blossom from ugly duckling to majestic swan, then you will love this story about Collins overcoming the edicts of his father to become what he wishes to be while claiming the lady who is the desire of his heart.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Master of Lonbourn, and slip into a world of sweet and endearing romantic indulgence today.

A Forever Kind of Love by Christie Capps

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The best-laid plans of mice and men did NOT have a wife!

In this sweet Regency variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s eldest son sets out to seek a bride. Alexander Fitzwilliam Darcy is the spitting image of his father—in looks, temperament, and his inability to impress a woman not particularly wanting to be impressed.

Darcy, against the loving advice of his intelligent wife, decides to help his son along. In the process, the forever kind of love our dear couple has for each other is displayed as tenderness meets stubbornness and affection meets determination.
Come along for the bumpy ride between Darcy & Elizabeth as love blooms at Pemberley—or does it?

A Forever Kind of Love is appropriate for all readers. This story can be read in about an hour and is just over 100 pages in length.

Georgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott

Mr. Darcy’s younger sister searches for her own happily-ever-after…

The year is 1814, and it is springtime at Pemberley. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have married. But now a new romance is in the air, along with high fashion, elegant manners, scandal, deception, and the wonderful hope of a true and lasting love.

Shy Georgiana Darcy has been content to remain unmarried, living with her brother and his new bride. But Elizabeth and Darcy’s fairy-tale love reminds Georgiana daily that she has found no true love of her own. And perhaps never will, for she is convinced the one man she secretly cares for will never love her in return. Georgiana’s domineering aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, has determined that Georgiana shall marry, and has a list of eligible bachelors in mind. But which of the suitors are sincere, and which are merely interested in Georgiana’s fortune? Georgiana must learn to trust her heart–and rely on her courage–for she also faces the return of the man who could ruin her reputation and spoil a happy ending, just when it finally lies within her grasp.

Pledged (Loving Elizabeth Book 1) by Rose Fairbanks

She was everything he ever wanted…if only she was not his best friend’s sister.

As any honourable gentleman knows, a friend’s sister is untouchable. It is a code that Fitzwilliam Darcy has never had an issue with until now. However, Elizabeth Bennet might be enticing enough to risk not only disinheritance from his father and the displeasure of his entire family but also the loss of his best friend’s trust.

To Elizabeth, her brother’s friend, Will, is as pompous as the day is long. However, he is also enigmatic, and soon, she finds herself drawn to his complexities. Unexpectedly, she falls hard and fast for this young heir of a vast estate, but at sixteen, she has never been in London society before and is new to all its deceptions and games. Will she be able to decipher who to trust or will her heart pay the ultimate price?

Pledged is the first volume in Rose Fairbanks’ newest novella series, Loving Elizabeth. If you are a busy reader who likes stories of young lovers sprinkled with family drama and intrigue, this new JAFF series is for you. Buy your copy today!

Pride and Prosperity by Julia Fellowes

Can a gentleman change his manners and a lady change her mind?

IF it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a great fortune must be in want of a wife, mothers will go to great lengths to see their daughters have a real chance of marrying him.

Pride & Prosperity is a charming novelette inspired by Jane Austen’s highly esteemed story Pride & Prejudice.

An Heir for Pemberley by Jane Grix

Fitzwilliam Darcy has it all – a beautiful, intelligent wife who loves him and she is expecting their first child. But Darcy’s mother died in childbirth and he worries that he could lose it all.

An Heir for Pemberley is a variation to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It is a short story sequel, 4000 words long and takes about fifteen minutes to read. It is a quick escape to Pemberley.

Their adventure takes more twists and turns than does the original “Pride and Prejudice,” but the reader will enjoy the devotion displayed by Darcy and Elizabeth as they bring Wickham to the line in Lydia Bennnet’s defense, as well as their working their way through multiple misconstructions and vulnerabilities. Darcy’s final wooing of Elizabeth brings two very private individuals to a very public declaration of their love. considers what will happen if he does not succeed in bringing Mr. Wickham before a magistrate. Will his failure bring an end to their “bargain”? Or will true love prevail?

Four Days in April by Maria Grace

Sweet, Austen-inspired treats, perfect with a cup of tea.

Full of hope and ripe with possibility, beginnings and new beginnings refresh the spirit with optimism and anticipation.

Four Days in April.

Two letters. Four Days. Everything changes.

After offering a most disastrous proposal of marriage and receiving a rebuke he will never forget, Fitzwilliam Darcy writes Elizabeth Bennet an equally memorable letter.

What if she answers it with one of her own?

Perusasion: Behind the Scenes by Various Authors; Edited by Susan Mason-Milks & Maria Grace

You pierce my soul.

Before Jane Austen wrote that romantic letter from Captain Frederick Wentworth to Anne Elliot, she crafted a masterful story of heartbreak and longing that still resonates with readers today.

But what of those scenes that Jane Austen never wrote?  What Persuasion fan doesn’t want to listen in on Anne and Wentworth’s first courtship, laugh at the follies and foibles of the Elliot family, sail along on Captain Wentworth’s harrowing adventures at sea or attend Wentworth and Anne’s wedding.

Twelve authors of Austen-inspired fiction:  Diana Birchall, Marilyn Brant, Jack Caldwell, L.L. Diamond, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Kara Louise, Susan Mason-Milks, Jane Odiwe, C. Allyn Pierson, Mary Lydon Simonsen, and Shannon Winslow collaborated to put this unique collection that fills in “missing” scenes from Austen’s classic work, sure to delight any true Persuasion fan.

Spirited Away by Alix James

When doing the right thing goes utterly wrong.

Elizabeth Bennet cannot rid herself of the strange feeling she has whenever she is around Mr. Darcy—and it has nothing to do with the fact that he is irresistibly handsome and intelligent. Almost nothing, anyway. People around town are disappearing, and no one seems to know why. And who was that woman Mr. Darcy was hiding at the Meryton Inn? Elizabeth has questions, and Mr. Darcy refuses to answer them.

Fitzwilliam Darcy hates deception and disguise, but to protect his cousin, that is precisely what he must do. It troubled his conscience to keep certain matters from his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, even temporarily. Lying to Elizabeth Bennet, however, is robbing him of his sanity. Of all the women in Hertfordshire who might challenge him over missing persons, why did it have to be the one who had captured his heart and mind?

In the absence of good information, dark suggestions soon populate the town’s imagination. And when another young lady goes missing, will the town turn on Darcy, or will the truth come out—no matter who it exposes?

Mr. Darcy’s Passions by Harriet Lark

When Elizabeth Bennet tours Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle Gardiner, they make a plan to visit Pemberley.

Initially worried she will bump into Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth is reassured when she’s informed he won’t be arriving until the next day.

But when she strolls in the woods alone, she comes face to face with him!

Passion burns in Darcy’s veins. He’d determined to show Elizabeth just how much he ardently admires and loves her.

Will their passionate interlude in the woods lead to something more? Or will this be the only opportunity Elizabeth has to feel his strong arms around her, and to experience his lips on hers?

This is a short novelette of 8,000 words.

Epiphany with Tea by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Who would think tea at Rosings could be enlightening? Not Mr. Darcy. At least, not until the moment he realizes how to win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart.

Even after years of marriage, the memory of tea at Rosings is still fresh in Darcy’s mind, but can lessons learned then help him come to terms with the trials of today?

Epiphany with Tea is a story of love, happiness, understanding and cherishing the season.

PLEASE NOTE: Renata McMann and Summer Hanford write SWEET ROMANCE. Our books contain no explicit situations beyond a kiss and only the occasional (maybe once in every ten books) mild curse. It is our belief that our books should be appropriate for all readers.

This story is a complete Pride and Prejudice variation, ending with Elizabeth Bennet and Mister Darcy in love, and is not part of a series.

1811-1812 How It All Began Part I by Deborah Pearson

Thirty-two years after Marrying Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy has decided to write his side of the famous love story. This first of three parts exploring their courtship and marriage explores what was going on Darcy’s mind as we follow him evolving from a lonely man through Georgiana’s near elopement, to his meeting with Elizabeth and struggling to accept her lower status to himself. We all know the reasons Darcy lists as to why he doesn’t ask Elizabeth but what really is driving those reasons? Are they really what holds him back?

How it all began is the first story in The Darcy Legacy Series, which will follow the Darcy’s as each new generation faces new trials and hardships in an ever changing world. Will the family name endure? And what will happen to Pemberley throughout the years? These and many more questions will be asked and answered in the series.

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Darcy's Awakening: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by [Georgina Young-Ellis]

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An Unlikely Missionary: A Sequel to Pride and Prejudice by Skylar Hamilton Burris

When the practical Charlotte Collins is unexpectedly sent on a missionary journey to India, she must examine her values and find her place within a world of dark intrigue. Join Mrs. Collins as she traverses a path beset with comedy, mystery, tragedy, and joy.

Long and Short Romance Reviews describes the novel as “deep and thought-provoking” and notes that “the beauty and savagery of the setting and time period are artfully intertwined into the plot.”

A Very Austen Valentine (Austen Anthologies Book 2) by Mandy H. Cook, Barbara Cornthwaite, Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Susan Kaye & Wendi Sotis

Six beloved authors deliver romantic Valentine novellas set in Jane Austen’s Regency world. Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, and Barbara Cornthwaite, together with Susan Kaye and Mandy Cook, share variations of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility, featuring your favorite characters in sequels, adaptations, and spinoffs of Austen’s adored novels.

Experience uplifting romance, laugh-out-loud humor, and poignant regret as these authors deftly tug on your heartstrings this Valentine’s Day.

Affectionate Hearts by Cassandra B. Leigh

Fitzwilliam Darcy received the shock of his life when he arrived at Ramsgate! His arch-nemesis George Wickham had absconded with his fifteen year-old sister and was heading to the border! Vowing Wickham’s demise, Darcy raced northward but could he catch them in time to save Georgiana from ruin?

Longing for a change of scenery and perhaps a bit of adventure, Elizabeth Bennet toured the Lake District with her aunt and uncle. During a chance encounter, she gains a new friend but will she also find the love of her life?

This sweet, clean Regency novella begins months before the start of Pride and Prejudice.

Common Ground: A North and South Variation (Margaret of Milton Book 1) by Elaine Owen

John and Margaret are engaged, but they still have challenges to face. Can Hannah ever accept Margaret as her son’s wife? How will Margaret’s investment affect John’s business? Is Watson’s investment scheme as profitable as it first appears? What will a future together look like between two people from such different backgrounds? Follow John and Margaret through their engagement and into their marriage in this charming North and South continuation.

Elizabeth and Darcy: Unquenchable by JL Pearl

I will love you, Elizabeth, until the very ground beneath my feet wastes away.

True love is born of passion in this short, highly romanticized, steamy variation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Pride & Prejudice. Mr. Darcy, a man respectable, refined, and restrained, finds his very sense of self shaken by the violent, tremulous emotions evoked by his meeting Miss Elizabeth Bennet at a simple country dance. Which will win over within him–the well-bred, mannered gentleman, or the animal of passion?

Elizabeth Bennet has never known romance until she finds herself pursued by the enigmatic but beautiful Fitzwilliam Darcy. Will she succumb to his charms, or maintain virtue and keep him at bay?

Classes clash and all rules are thrown away in this whirlwind pas-de-deux. Elizabeth & Darcy: Unquenchable is a very steamy retelling of Jane Austen’s novel, featuring Austen’s characters placed in new, exciting situations, and should be enjoyed responsibly by readers of a certain age.

The First Temptation of Mr. Darcy: A Steamy Pride and Prejudice Variation (Temptations Book 1) by JL Pearl

Lust wins.

When Elizabeth Bennet learns that Mr. Darcy has saved the reputations of the Bennet family by arranging the marriage of Mr. Wickham to her sister Lydia, she is overwhelmed with gratitude. When he visits and invites her to accompany him for a walk in the countryside, both are overwhelmed by something else.

There will be passion.

There will be love.

There will be temptations.

“The First Temptation of Mr. Darcy” is a Pride & Prejudice variation story featuring characters from Jane Austen’s beloved classic novel in very steamy situations, and should be enjoyed responsibly by readers of a certain age. This is the first of a three-part series.

1812: How it All Began Part 2 (The Darcy Legacy) by Deborah E. Pearson

Sick and Heartbroken Mr Darcy is forced to face the truth that he is not the man he thought himself to be. With the very survival of Pemberley itself riding on the changes Mr Darcy makes, can he fix his faults and win the hand of Miss Elizabeth Bennet or will all be eventually lost?

The second book in a three-part retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Mr Darcy. The series will follow the fates of the Darcy children throughout the generations. Can Pemberley survive the changes that successive generations and new advances will bring?

The Longbourn Conundrum by Deborah E. Pearson

An Ancient Curse. A Thunderstorm. An Epidemic.

Jane Bennet’s invitation to tea at Netherfield is interrupted by a strange series of events. Could they be related to the rumours of a generations old curse on Netherfield and Longbourn? When a thunderstorm and epidemic sweep through Meryton people are quarantined in their homes and the long-dismissed curse seems more and more like a reality than an ancient story. Can Jane and Elizabeth’s family survive this crisis or will these unnatural events claim the last generation of Bennets?

WARNING: Contains scenes of domestic/sexual abuse. Please do not read if you are easily triggered or under 18.

The Meryton War by Deborah E. Pearson

The characters from Pride and Prejudice have plunged in an alternate universe. An eerie prophecy made in 1730 has resulted in the removal of three families from London society in a desperate bid to stop a war.

Three generations later, that Prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The War seems inevitable. Is peace possible? If not, can an energy balance ever be restored to the earth? Will an imbalance in the world’s energy field and the coming war wipe out humanity?

This paranormal fantasy is not suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes.

Twelvetide Chaos by Deborah E. Pearson

Christmas has arrived! Mrs Bennet, nervous and unsure has the task of arranging five weddings, while hosting a large group
of family and friends for the full twelvetide period. Can she cope or is her Christmas destined to have all hell break loose?

Originally published as part of the 2019 Most Ardently Christmas anthology.

Romance Comes to Pemberley: Longbourn Stories 11 to 19 (From Longbourn to Pemberley Book 2) by Margaret Lynette Sharp

As this story begins, our favourite couple have been blessed with two wonderful children: Fitzwilliam, Jr and Juliette, who have blossomed into adulthood. Will these two bearers of the legacy of our favourite romantic couple find true love and happiness, or will the obstacles thrown in their paths by the unforeseen and unforeseeable vagaries of fate destroy their best and fondest hopes? ‘Twill be a roller-coaster ride, navigating the twists and turns of Regency-era romance, in either case.


Unwilling by Elizabeth Adams

Mr. Bennet discovers his days are numbered, so he immediately begins to set his affairs — and his five unmarried daughters — in order. Knowing they will fare best should at least one of them find a suitable husband, he cannot refuse any respectable suitors.

The high-spirited Elizabeth suspects something isn’t right in the halls of Longbourn, but nothing prepares her for a certain haughty gentleman from Derbyshire. While Mr. Darcy is exceedingly wealthy and handsome, in Elizabeth’s eyes, he is also proud, high-handed, and insulting. And unfortunately, desperately in love with her.

Suddenly, Elizabeth is forced to rethink her previous opinions. And accept a choice she never had the chance to make.

**Ms. Adams is featuring three other books for $0.99 USD right now.**

On Equal Ground by Elizabeth Adams

Well-read, observant, and spirited, a young Elizabeth Bennet draws the attention of a wealthy widower.

When she finally meets Mr. Darcy, she outranks him. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from insulting her. Married and wealthy, is she still beneath his notice?

Elizabeth’s high society connections create new opportunities for her sisters and, in turn, keep Darcy close to her family.

When tragedy strikes, will Darcy rise to the occasion? Or will his propensity to give offense show no respect for rank?

**Ms. Adams is currently offering two other novels discounted to $2.99 USD**

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Persuading Miss Mary (Marrying Elizabeth Book 4) by Leenie Brown

In society’s eyes, he’s got everything, but, in her estimation, he’s lacking the one thing she requires.

Reginald Arthur Fitzwilliam, Viscount Westonbury, has never met a lady like Mary Bennet. Most debutants would be happy to have his attention, and who could blame them? He’s titled, wealthy, charming, and handsome — everything one could want for in a husband unless you’re Mary Bennet.

From their first meeting when she scolded him for his behaviour and made it perfectly clear that she did not care one jot for his title or fortune, Wes has known that Mary is no standard-order, ton-approved debutant. She is something far better. She is a lady who sees him for himself and not his accouterments.

However, there are two things that Mary Bennet absolutely despises — a flagrant disregard for the rules of propriety and disrespect, and Lord Westonbury, who has treated her sisters ill, embodies both. She would rather he ignored her, but sadly he seems bent on provoking her at every turn. It is, therefore, with trepidation that her father allows her to accompany her sister to town.

When Wes discovers that his mother is hosting Mary and her sister at Matlock House, he sets about the task of persuading Mary that he is not so bad as she thinks, for he would dearly love to court her. However, he will soon discover that even his charm is not going to be enough to sway her. She demands more than pretty words, which will require him to take a serious look at his life of pleasure and weigh it against those demands and his growing love for her. But can he make the necessary changes to prove his devotion, and if he can make them, will they be enough? Or will he always be found wanting in her eyes?

Persuading Miss Mary is the fourth installment in Leenie Brown’s Pride and Prejudice variation series Marrying Elizabeth.  If you like enemies to lovers romances, then you’ll enjoy this story about a charming rascal and a prim and proper miss discovering that sometimes love requires more from a person than he or she ever imagined it would.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Persuading Miss Mary, and join Wes and Mary as they argue and struggle along their road to a very sweet happily ever after.

**Ms. Brown has reduced the price of all her novellas, novelettes, and novels to $2.99 USD or $3.99 USD. Several bundles have also been reduced.**

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Mr. Darcy’s Comfort (Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 9) by Leenie Brown

Sometimes the deepest sorrow can bring the greatest joy

An honourable gentleman remains true to his word, and Fitzwilliam Darcy is as honourable as they come. He would never consider breaking a promise. At least, he would not have before he met Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth has never found any gentleman as fascinating as Mr. Darcy is. She has also never met one more disagreeable. However, when an unexpected caller arrives at Netherfield, Elizabeth is given a glimpse of a Mr. Darcy that causes her to question her evaluation of the gentleman.

Handed an unexpected resolution to his dilemma, a grieving Darcy, finds himself making another promise that, should he be successful in keeping it, will ensure his and Elizabeth’s future happiness.

Mr. Darcy’s Comfort is part of Leenie Brown’s Dash of Darcy and Companions collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like well-written sweet romance with a touch of bittersweet sorrow, then you will love this story about Darcy embracing an unexpected turn of events and resolutely working to turn mourning into joy.

So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of Mr. Darcy’s Comfort, and slip into a world of sweet and poignant romantic indulgence today.

Darcy Overhears by Zoe Burton

His enemy, her reputation, their love

Fitzwilliam Darcy has fallen deeply in love with the most gorgeous, warm-hearted, and amusing woman he has ever met. When he overhears a former friend threaten her, he goes to the lady’s father, hoping they can form an alliance to safeguard her.

Elizabeth Bennet eagerly anticipates the quiet times of reflection and escape from chaos that her daily walks afford her. She never thought her most cherished freedom could become the source of her greatest fears. When she is endangered, who can she trust to protect her?

**All novels are discounted from $6.99 to $4.99**

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Mr. Darcy, My Hero by Zoe Burton

One victim. One hero. Four happily ever afters.

Even the strongest of ladies sometimes needs rescuing. In this collection of four previously-published Pride and Prejudice variations, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself in need of a hero, and Fitzwilliam Darcy saves the day. Together, the pair finds healing and true love in each other.

To Save Elizabeth: Darcy has been moving along with little to rock the boat of his life, until a young woman faints in front of him. Elizabeth has survived a harrowing ordeal, but the danger is far from over. If Darcy wishes to help her heal, he’s going to have to save her first.

Darcy Overhears: Darcy hears a former friend make a threat against the most gorgeous, warm-hearted woman he knows. Elizabeth’s most cherished freedom becomes her greatest danger. When she is endangered, who can she trust to protect her?

The Essence of Love: Darcy and Elizabeth meet through the machinations of her sister, Mary. They make an immediate connection, and when Darcy proposes, Elizabeth is eager to accept him. Two people from Darcy’s life are determined to step between the couple; Darcy puts them in their place and both go on their way, but one returns for revenge. When Elizabeth goes missing, Darcy tears the county apart looking for her. Will he find her in time, or will she be lost to him forever?

Mr. Darcy’s Love: Elizabeth is injured shortly after hearing Darcy insult her at the Meryton Assembly, and loses her memories of the incident. Without her feelings of offence, their relationship starts out on a better footing, which in turn leads Elizabeth to react differently to those who would try to derail their happiness. This story contains a non-graphic attempted sexual assault scene.

Mr. Darcy, My Hero is a compilation of two novels and two novellas by Zoe Burton. If you enjoy brave heroines, strong heroes, and a dash of danger, you’ll love these sweet JAFF romances. Curl up in your favorite chair and download Mr. Darcy, My Hero today!

**All bundles are discounted from $7.99 to $5.99**

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Mr. Darcy's Compassion: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Jane Austen Reimaginings Book 6) by [Rose Fairbanks]

Mr. Darcy’s Compassion (Jane Austen Re-Imaginings Book 6) by Rose Fairbanks

Devastated. Abandoned. Will they find comfort in each other’s arms?

When Mr. Darcy stops for respite at a coaching inn, a warm meal and bed are all that are on his mind. Soon, he recognizes a tavern maid as none other than the woman who captured his heart weeks ago. Reeling from his own hardships, Darcy makes the impulsive decision to chase after her and offer assistance.

Elizabeth Bennet is alone and friendless in the world. Necessity drove her from her home and the life of a gentlewoman to working for her room and board. Mr. Darcy’s offer of aid is timely, but can she trust him when she has been hurt by all she calls family? Can she ever learn to love and forgive herself?

Mr. Darcy’s Compassion is Rose Fairbanks’ latest novel about healing deep-seated wounds, relinquishing faulty beliefs, and making a fresh start. If you love romance that is built upon genuine trust and restores the soul, then buy today!

*This story may contain triggers for emotional and/or sexual abuse survivors.

The Secrets of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Men of Austen Book 1) by [Rose Fairbanks]

The Secrets of Pemberley (The Men of Austen Book 1) by Rose Fairbanks

To the world, Fitzwilliam Darcy has it all. He’s the young master to one of the kingdom’s oldest and wealthiest Norman families. Through his mother, he is related to a powerful line of earls. Beneath the perfect façade lies the truth: he’s the product of his mother’s affair and the heir George Darcy never wanted.

At twenty-eight, Darcy has fought hard to put to rest the pains of the past and earn his place in Society. But can he resist the allure of ending his loneliness with the unsuitable woman who has tugged at his heartstrings? Will he tell her his secret and if he does, will she keep it? Or will someone else from the past destroy everything Darcy has worked for?

**Ms. Fairbanks has reduced all of her novels from $7.99 and $4.99 to $3.99.**

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Frankenstein Darcy by Cass Grix

Pride and Prejudice meets Frankenstein.

When he first comes to Hertfordshire, Frankenstein Darcy is a man of secrets, wanting to find peace. Falling in love with a provincial nobody is not in his plans.

Elizabeth Bennet is both intrigued by this tall, dark, handsome stranger and infuriated by his arrogance.

Neither of them realize how dangerous falling in love can be.

Frankenstein Darcy is a Jane Austen and Mary Shelley Variation, a romantic mashup with just a touch of the macabre.

Frankenstein Darcy. Who says you can’t make the ideal man?

The Pemberley Ball by Regina Jeffers

Elizabeth Bennet’s acceptance of his hand in marriage presents FITZWILLIAM DARCY a hope of the world being different. Elizabeth offers warmth and naturalness and a bit of defiance; but there is vulnerability also. With characteristic daring, she boldly withstood Caroline Bingley’s barbs, while displaying undying devotion to her sister Jane. More unpredictably, she verbally fenced with the paragon of crudeness, his aunt, Lady Catherine, and walked away relatively unscathed. One often finds his betrothed self-mockingly entertaining her sisters and friends, and despite Darcy’s best efforts, the woman makes him laugh. She brings lightness to his spirit after so many years of grief.

Unfortunately for ELIZABETH BENNET, what begins gloriously turns to concern for their future. She recognizes her burgeoning fears as unreasonable; yet, she cannot displace them. She refuses to speculate on what Mr. Darcy will say when he learns she is not the brilliant choice he proclaims her to be. Moreover, she does not think she can submit to the gentleman’s staid lifestyle. Not even for love can Elizabeth accept capitulation.

Will Elizabeth set her qualms aside to claim ‘home’ in the form of the man she truly affects or will her courage fail her? Enjoy a bit of mayhem that we commonly call “Happily Ever After,” along with three alternate turning points to this tale of love and loss and love again from Austen-inspired author, Regina Jeffers.

The Road to Understanding: A Tale of the Taming of a Shrew, First Impressions, and a Bit of Pride and Prejudice by Regina Jeffers

DARIUS FITZWILLIAM’s life is planned down to who he will marry and where he will live, but life has a way of saying, “You don’t get to choose.” When his marriage to his long-time betrothed Caroline Bradford falls through, Darius is forced to take a step back and to look upon a woman who enflames his blood with desire, but also engenders disbelief. Eliza Harris is everything that Darius never realized he wanted.

ELIZA HARRIS is accustomed to doing as she pleases. Yet, despite being infuriated by his authoritative manner, when she meets the staunchly disciplined Captain Fitzwilliam, she wishes for more. She instinctively knows he is “home,” but Eliza possesses no skills in achieving her aspirations.

Plagued with misunderstandings, manipulations, and peril upon the Great Valley Road between eastern Virginia and western Tennessee in the years following the Revolutionary War, Darius and Eliza claim a strong allegiance before love finds its way into their hearts.

This is a faith-based tale based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

A Baby for Mr. Darcy by J. Dawn King

When those you love the most become your worst enemy

Fitzwilliam Darcy is on the run…with a baby!

When an emergency summons Mr. Darcy back to London during the Netherfield ball, he discovers a newborn in his study along with a note. Now, he must guard a secret that could shatter his family and put the child in danger. But that isn’t his biggest challenge. He must find a wife—a woman he can trust with his charge and with his heart.

Elizabeth Bennet’s prospects for a marriage based on love are taken away from her when her father makes a deal with Mr. Darcy, a man she despises. When she learns the identity of the baby and the true identity of the man she married, will their marriage of convenience develop into a love for the ages?

Together they face slander, intrigue, family pressure, and prison. Will their marriage survive? Will the baby thrive? Or, will forces much larger than themselves destroy everything Darcy and Elizabeth hope for?

The Letter of the Law by J. Dawn King

One month to find a wife he can live with forever.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate. If he doesn’t marry within 33 days, he loses guardianship of his sister to his cantankerous aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh. His diligent search within the ton was in vain, so he heads to the country with his mind filled with determination and his heart hoping for love.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet is desperate. Her father’s disinterest in their estate has resulted in concern for the future of her family. When circumstances become precarious, Elizabeth accepts an offer from the last man on earth she suspected would be interested in marriage to her.

Will the hero and heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice find their happily-ever-after when the odds and the wickedest of enemies are against them?

Follow Elizabeth and Darcy in this novel-length Regency romance as J. Dawn King takes them through a sweet adventure where their happiness comes only if they obey The Letter of the Law.

**All of Ms. King’s works are currently discounted to $3.99 USD.**

Amazon Author Page

Phi Alpha Pi (21st Century Austen Book 2) by Sara Marks

Lizbeth has a busy senior year ahead of her, balancing her goals to complete the year as president of her sorority, writing an honors thesis, graduating, and decide her future plans.  Love isn’t something she’s even thinking about. That is until Wil, a new transfer student, pushes every one of her buttons. Lizbeth finds Wil to be rude, snobby, and judgmental. Even though she tries to avoid him, he seems to be everywhere, scowling when he sees her in classes and at parties. That is, until his Thanksgiving proclamation of love. That causes Lizbeth to reconsider how she sees the world and Wil. Even though she rejects him, there are still six more months until graduation! How is Lizbeth going to make it through the rest of the school year? How did she miss his true feelings? Will she be able to reconsider her own?

Woodhouse Hall (21st Century Austen Book 3) by Sara Marks

Amelia is stuck in the worst dorm on campus for a whole year! She’ll have to make the best of it in Woodhouse Hall and her roommate Jenna will be her new best friend, Amelia’s sure of that. Jenna’s sweet personality and openness to new things incite the matchmaking-genius in Amelia to find the perfect boyfriend for her new bestie. She shoots high by attempting to entice Eric, the President of the Student Government, to fall for her roommate. Amelia’s past success makes her confident they will be a couple in no time. When that turns out to be a disaster, she is forced to face the lies she’s told herself about her strengths and her assumptions about the people she loves. Over the year, Amelia learns who she is, what she wants, and how to fight for what’s really important.
This novel, inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma, will have you laughing, crying, and finding a little of yourself in one or all of the characters. 

**Ms. Marks has additional works on sale for $0.99 USD.**

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Longbourn’s Songbird by Beau North

South Carolina, 1948 – Elizabeth Bennet is looking forward to a life of few surprises on her family’s farm. Longbourn is a place of comfort and quiet security, a haven from the heartache of her past, where she can sing to heart’s content, comfortable in the cage she’s built for herself.

When Charles Bingley buys the property neighboring Longbourn Farms, his best friend Will Darcy sees an opportunity he can’t miss. The postwar economy is booming, and the young, ambitious tycoon is determined to reap the benefits…until a chance encounter in the Netherfield woods changes everything, making him question the man he is, and the man he wants to be.

If Will can look beyond his own rigid expectations, can Elizabeth learn to forgive and live fully, free from her cage? Longbourn’s Songbird is a vivid reimagining of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, shining a spotlight on the opportunities and injustices of postwar America, a spellbinding tale of loss, of love, and of letting go.

The Colonel: A Longbourn’s Songbird Novel by Beau North

1950: After letting his chance at love with Elizabeth Bennet slip through his fingers a second time, Richard Fitzwilliam loses himself in women, whiskey, and war as he tries to forget what he left behind. Putting oceans, continents, and decades between himself and his heartbreak, Richard seeks his future, only to be pulled back to the past again and again.

2002: Shaken by recent events, Ben Fitzwilliam has left everything familiar behind, walking away from his relationship, his Manhattan apartment, his career as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to return to his family home in Annapolis, Maryland. Struggling to navigate a world that makes less and less sense, Ben finds purpose where he least expected it: in his father’s private letters. With the help of Annapolis PD Officer Keisha Barnes, Ben attempts to uncover his father’s secrets, heal the rifts those secrets caused, and find the answers he seeks on far shores.

Spanning decades, continents, wars abroad and wars at home, The Colonel is the anticipated companion to Longbourn’s Songbird.

Content Warning: This book contains themes that may not be suitable for some readers such as PTSD, Addiction, Suicidal Ideation and Violence.

**Ms. North is offering all books at $0.99 except for The Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy. She is also offering free books to all healthcare, grocery/food workers and temp or hourly workers furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact her directly.**

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A Very Merry Mix-up by Jennifer Redlarczyk

It all began when Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousin Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam stopped at the posting station in Bromley on their way to Rosings Park for their annual visit. Looking for some diversion, the good colonel happened upon a local Romani woman who was selling her people’s treasured Moon Wine. Find out what happens to some of our favorite Jane Austen characters when her advice is ignored in A Very Merry Mix-up.

A Taste of Peanut Butter by Jennifer Redlarczyk

Elizabeth Bennet has a passion for baking and peanut butter happens to be her signature ingredient. William Darcy’s family owns Pemberley Network where she is a contestant in their next bake off television series. Will their newly found romance be complicated by a conflict of interest? Find out in A TASTE OF PEANUT BUTTER. This romantic comedy is followed by a short Regency tale called BLAME IT ON THE SQUASH. Both of these stories are light-hearted and low-angst.

Ms. Redlarczyk has also reduced the price on her other books.

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A Pemberley Medley by Abigail Reynolds

Five Pathways to Pemberley

It’s the best of all worlds.

Five short Pride & Prejudice variations by bestselling writer Abigail Reynolds gathered in one volume. Can Mr. Darcy win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart… or will they misunderstand each other forever? Can he stand by and watch Elizabeth lose everything she holds precious… including him?

Becoming Lady Darcy by Sara Smallman

As a direct descendant of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Elizabeth Darcy spent her childhood wandering the halls of Pemberley. Now a tourist attraction under the watchful eye of curator Joyce Hutchinson, every room contains reminders of the timeless love story as it seeps through the history of the great house.

Lizzy has given up trying to find love, but things get tricky once Hollywood director, Matthew Wickham, the father of her daughter Harriet, returns to the Derbyshire estate to begin filming Jane Austen’s classic novel, bringing with him a very famous, very aloof actor, who catches her eye. But Benn Williams has his own secrets, and Lizzy finds that history seems to be repeating itself, despite her attempts to resist it.

Dipping into key events in history, ‘Becoming Lady Darcy’ combines a variety of techniques to tell the story, as we move throughout the timelines of five obstinate headstrong girls who called Pemberley home.

Sophia, the Jacobean courtier, has a clever head and a smart mouth, but when the gaze of the King falls on her, she finds herself embroiled in courtly games and treasonous plotting.

Elizabeth, with her fine eyes, begins her tenure as mistress with the devoted Fitzwilliam by her side, but happily-ever-afters don’t always work out quite as we expect, and being Mrs Darcy proves trickier than she anticipated.

Mabel, only daughter of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth, finds that her privileged upbringing leaves her yearning for adventure and looking for escape in the arms of a handsome gentleman in a seaside town.

Millicent, who lives lots of lives, must navigate the changing world at the turn of the twentieth century, and fight to save Pemberley from an uncertain future.

And then there is Lizzy, who realises that in order to embrace her future, she has to accept her past and realise that sometimes life, and love, have to be experienced without pride and prejudice getting in the way

Foundation of Love (The Mystic Blessing 2) by Wendi Sotis

Building contractor William Darcy doesn’t trust women. Elizabeth Bennett, an architectural intern working on his latest project, wants nothing to do with such a rude man. Because of a magical blessing inherited from an ancestor
of a similar name, Elizabeth begins to doubt her sanity when her cell phone receives pictures predicting future events. After Elizabeth uses the photos to save
William’s sister, the wall between them begins to crumble.

When William witnesses Elizabeth viewing a series of prophetic photos, he becomes involved, as well.

Will their shared experiences become the foundation of love?

Desperate Hearts by Anna Kate Suton

In this “what if?” variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find true love in a story that starts off with our dear couple happy and hopeful.

Until, that is, two villains – each for their own reason – launch a plot to separate them.

Darcy is broken-hearted and sure he has lost Elizabeth, but things are not always as they seem. It is up to Darcy’s loyal cousins to unravel the mystery and reunite our dear couple.

As they do, a long-hidden family secret is revealed to explain why Elizabeth is her mother’s least-favoured child.

An Autumn Accord (Seasons of Serendipity Book 4) by Elizabeth Ann West

The fourth season of the Seasons of Serendipity and conclusion of the first year sees Elizabeth and Darcy reconcile the consequences of their honeymoon trip in Scotland with their family’s future. Kitty Bennet and Georgiana Darcy have bonded over their training for debut in society, plus found a bit of mischief to create. When Darcy decides to help his wife mourn the one-year anniversary of her father’s passing with a trip to Hertfordshire, he finds a whole new set of problems await them both regarding the widow Bennet.

Three Dates with Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Anthology by Elizabeth Ann West

Enjoy an exclusive novella, Much to Conceal, and the first books in her two Jane Austen Fan Fiction variation series.

A Winter Wrong, the first book of the Seasons of Serendipity, is a novella series that wonders what if Mr. Bennet died at the very beginning of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice?

By Consequence of Marriage is the first novel in a series the reimagines the entire story if Mr. Darcy did not rescue his sister, Georgiana, from the clutches of George Wickham.

All 3 stories are perfect for a snuggled reading afternoon with your favorite warm beverage! Elizabeth Ann West confesses she is hopelessly Darcy addicted and prays no one finds a cure!

A Prayer and Praise: A Jane Austen Devotional by Shannon Winslow

Did you know that Jane Austen wrote prayers in addition to her six classic novels? She was not only a woman of celebrated humor, intellect, and insight; she was a woman of faith.

Prayer & Praise is a treasure trove of thought-provoking messages inspired by the lines of Austen’s three preserved prayers. Atop a solid foundation of scripture, these 50 devotional segments (each finishing with prayer and praise) enlist familiar characters and situations from Austen novels to illustrate spiritual principles – in creative, often surprising, ways!

Which one of Austen’s characters developed a god complex? Who was really pulling Henry Crawford’s strings? Where do we see examples of true repentance, a redeemer at work, light overcoming darkness? With a Biblical perspective, Austen’s beloved stories reveal new lessons about life, truth, hope, and faith.

New $0.99 finds

Below are books that I have recenly found available for $0.99 and were not on my first list for the price. The $0.99 page has been updated to reflect these finds.

A Capital Whip by Anna Ferreira

An invalid for much of her life, Miss Anne de Bourgh has precisely one accomplishment: carriage driving. She is proud of her skill with reins and whip, and justifiably so.

But when another young lady moves into the neighborhood, and challenges Anne’s place as the most accomplished driver in Hunsford, Anne must prove to herself, to her beloved horses, and to her family that she is worthy of the name de Bourgh, and she does not shrink away from a challenge.

A Summer in Scarborough by Anna Ferreira

Miss Anne de Bourgh was delighted to receive a letter from her cousin Georgiana, explaining that she would be spending the summer by the sea, and requesting the pleasure of her company. A glorious few months of balls, shopping, and walking by the sea awaits- a wonderfully diverting holiday for Anne, who has rarely left Rosings before.

But Anne is a de Bourgh, and life is never simple. Before long, she finds herself caught between the attentions of two very different men, and must choose if she will follow her heart or disoblige her family. One must be disappointed, and Anne has never been very practiced in the art of disobedience. Must she give up everything she has ever known, will she find the strength to search for happiness elsewhere?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is colonels-timely-bride.jpg

The Colonel’s Timely Bride by Dana R. Lynn

She’s a modern woman with a mind of her own. He’s a colonel in His Majesty’s Army and the son of an earl. Do they have a chance to make a timeless love match?

The last thing Mckenzie James expected when she visited England for her grandmother’s funeral was to find a time portal. Now, stuck two hundred years in the past, she must rely on her new friend, Miss Georgiana Darcy, to help her transform into a proper regency lady. All is going well until she meets Georgiana’s dashing cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. Suddenly, hiding her identity isn’t her only problem…she must protect her heart, too!

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam wants what his cousin Darcy has- a love match. Unfortunately, society demands he marry a wealthy woman from a noble family. His duty has always been a bittersweet one, but now it is almost more than he can bear, for he is losing his heart to the mysterious Miss James.

How can such a match work? Will his family- or her secret- be the wedge that divides them…forever?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is inconvenient-courtship.jpg

An Inconvenient Courtship by Dana R. Lynn

Mr. Darcy is determined to find a wife he can love and respect. He is fascinated by the lively Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but is determined to forget her due to her low connections. Until an act of jealously puts her life at risk. Faced with the bleak reality of living without her forever, Mr. Darcy must examine what he really wants. With the assistance of Colonel Fitzwilliam, his sister, and Elizabeth’s father, Mr. Darcy works to save Elizabeth’s life. If he is lucky, he will then be able to win her heart.

Whew! What a list and for just one week! Have you read any of these? Which did you snag?

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