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The following are books I have found for $2.99 USD with author names from M to P. This list is a work in progress and is frequently updated.

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An Alternate Perspective by Wynne Mabry

A strange machine in the library. Things which are not as they should be, including an exceptionally nice Mr. Darcy. Cast into another reality, Elizabeth is at first perplexed, and then astounded once she learns what has happened. In the reality from which she came, another Elizabeth wants very much to go home. But while she is there, perhaps she might exert a little influence on a Mr. Darcy who seems to be in need of some guidance.

Christmas in Derbyshire by Wynne Mabry

After making a swap with his aunt, Mr. Darcy ends up with Mr. Collins as the rector of Kympton. It is not the most ideal of arrangements, but he has his reasons for being quite satisfied, even before his new clergyman’s pretty cousin comes to visit. At the first sight of her, his heart is captivated, and nothing will be the same again.

Elizabeth Bennet has heard of Mr. Darcy. From the reports of her cousin and Mrs. Collins, she is expecting a proud, distinguished and reserved man. When he turns out to be warm and thoughtful, she does not mind the loss of an opportunity for interesting observation. Falling in love is much more satisfying than making sport of one’s neighbours.

With romance in the air, and a large house party descending upon Pemberley, this is going to be their best Christmas ever. A few little problems will not divert the course of true love or dampen the spirit of Christmas.

A Hasty Decision by Wynne Mabry

Devasted by Elizabeth’s refusal of his proposal, Mr. Darcy makes a hasty decision. After all, if he cannot have the lady he loves, it little matters whom he marries. Or so he thinks at the time. It is not long before he regrets his choice, but there is no turning back. As a miserable marriage threatens his own happiness and his sister’s, he finds comfort in friendships, including an unexpected one with Elizabeth. When the unthinkable happens, she remains a loyal and valued friend. But what will it take for them to have a second chance at happiness?

Imprisoned with Mr. Darcy by Wynne Mabry

Locked in a dungeon with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth has ample opportunity to discuss all her grievances with him. Eventually they are discovered, but the unfortunate circumstances result in an engagement. This arrangement is a complex one, intended to be dissolved at the right moment, but Elizabeth soon wonders if she really wants to be released from it.

The Last Miss Bennet by Wynne Mabry

As all five Bennet sisters pursue their dreams, hopes are formed and dashed and then revived. One at a time, Elizabeth’s sisters marry until she is the last Miss Bennet. The round of weddings begins with an unexpected union for Mary, which changes her outlook on life. Jane’s happiness is reclaimed, and Kitty finds love along with some much-needed good sense.

No family is without its troubles though, and Lydia can be counted on to provide those. Her foolishness threatens to stand in the way of Elizabeth’s matrimonial happiness, but it also serves to create new bonds between sisters who have not always been close.

More than Admiration by Wynne Mabry

While on holiday, Elizabeth Bennet and her aunt and uncle save Georgiana Darcy from the clutches of Mr. Wickham and Mrs. Younge. Mr. Darcy, shocked to have his sister’s errors known to strangers, fails to convey any gratitude, and Elizabeth is left with a poor impression of him. Through letters to Georgiana, however, she learns to view him in a different light. His later appearance in Meryton comes as a pleasant surprise, and she gets to know him better when he stays at Netherfield. They become close, but can she believe that he really loves her and is not swayed by his sister’s feelings? And what will happen when Mr. Wickham reappears and threatens her dear friend’s reputation and her own happiness?

Pride and Prejudice and Prudence by Wynne Mabry

When Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth at the assembly, he finds himself on the receiving end of a swift sharp kick. A young girl is determined to take him to task for his behaviour. Despite her audacity, he finds himself liking Miss Prudence. She sends him to apologize, but it is too late for that. Now Elizabeth does not want to dance with him.

It is never too late to change, however. With Prudence as his mentor, Mr. Darcy begins to correct his flaws and make an effort in society. His efforts are noted by Elizabeth, who gradually softens toward him. They make up their quarrels and are on a path toward romance, but then trouble arrives, and Mr. Darcy has new problems to contend with.

Elizabeth Bennet’s Epiphany by Karis Marie

Mr. Darcy has learned that Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the young woman he loves, has not been feeling well and so he came to the parsonage in Hunsford to visit with her. Once there he made such an ill conceived proposal that she rejected and then blamed him for his actions in separating his friend, Charles Bingley, from the woman he loved, Miss Jane Bennet. Jane Bennet was Elizabeth’s eldest sister and best friend and Elizabeth had learnt earlier that day how Mr. Darcy had happily separated the couple and even bragged that he had done so.

Their meeting went nowhere but Darcy was not a man to give up easily and so he wrote her a letter explaining some things he had never told her. Would he be successful in winning her love?

The book takes a few twists and turns from Miss Austen’s masterpiece as other events beyond Darcy and Elizabeth’s control change them forever. I hope you enjoy my story as the main characters meet and begin to understand one another under very different circumstances.

Mr. Darcy’s Foreboding by Glenna Mason

At the Meryton Assembly early in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the proud Fitzwilliam Darcy calls Elizabeth Bennet, everyone else’s belle of the ball, “tolerable”. She hears him, unleashing a prejudice, which takes most of the novel to assuage.

Yet, in Mr. Darcy’s Foreboding, a series of mysterious incidences conspire to create a more rapid repair of their initial relationship. What are these villainous conundrums?

Are the same old nemeses involved: Wickham, Caroline, Mr. Collins, Aunt Catherine, Lydia? If so, which ones, why and when? And what do they perpetrate? Kidnapping? Robbery? Or worse? Perhaps!

By the end of Mr. Darcy’s Foreboding a very prescient Fitzwilliam Darcy solves the enigmas, assisted by our favorites: Elizabeth, Bingley and Colonel Fitzwilliam. Mary, Anne, Georgiana, Kitty and of course Jane join with a bevy of new characters to enhance this soon-to-be classic mystery romance.

Mr. Darcy and the Lady with the Fine Eyes by Glenna Mason

What if Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy doesn’t meet Elizabeth Bennet until she travels to Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle? What if instead of disparaging her status, he doesn’t know it? What if Darcy is immediately enthralled by her fine eyes?

How does the story of their Pride and Prejudice romance proceed then? Does she still find him arrogant? Does he fall in love at first sight?

The Darcys and the Sirens’ Songs by Glenna Mason

The Darcys and the Sirens’ Songs is the fourth in a series about Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. It has new characters, including the Darcys’ son and the daughters of Elizabeth’s sisters.

In this story the Darcys add a very special thoroughbred to their racing stable, Siren’s Song. She is not the only siren of course as Caroline and Lydia show up to add their usual destructive wails.

The Luck of Fitzwilliam Darcy by Glenna Mason

Darcy’s good fortune is tested time and again. There are of course his traditional nemeses: Caroline and Wickham. Wickham wishes to slice a scar across his face. Caroline continues her incessant obstruction to his peace. Even Lydia Bennet becomes a trial who forebodes disquiet to his equanimity.

And yet . . .

The Darcys Return to Pemberley by Glenna Mason

The Darcys Return to Pemberley is the second in multipart series about Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. The first in the series is “The Luck of Fitzwilliam Darcy”.

In the first novel in this Pride and Prejudice Variation sequence, Elizabeth and Darcy meet. The novel is set in London and Hertfordshire. In this second installment, Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam–now married–return to Pemberley, where most of the novel takes place. Georgiana and a new beau are a centerpiece of this part of the story. New characters are introduced and beloved characters often appear, as well as the standard Darcy/Elizabeth nemeses.

The Darcys: As the Years Go By by Glenna Mason

As Time Goes By ends the seven part series of the Bennets and the Darcys. They take Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy through courtship and marriage along with their friends and family. Elizabeth’s sister Kitty marries Richard Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin. Jane of course marries Charles. The series goes through the trials of dealing with Caroline Bingley and George Wickham and the always naughty Lydia Bennet. Children are born and grow into a big part of the later novels. The Darcys and the Bingleys become owners of thoroughbred horses and travel to find more, even to Kentucky and Virginia, and have a grand time watching them race.

This last novel, As Time Goes By, continues the theme of their love and companionship. It does not end in an ending but in new beginnings.

The Pleasure of Mr. Darcy’s Love by Glenna Mason

The Pleasure of Mr. Darcy’s Love begins two years after Darcy’s letter of explanation to Elizabeth. . . a time of great anguish for both.

These intervening years have brought immense changes in the lives of the all the Pride and Prejudice characters. Unsurprisingly, Jane and Bingley are now married, but all our other favorites are flung into unexpected lives. The Collins will no longer inherit Longbourn. Why? Where has Lydia disappeared to? How can she be found? Who tries to kidnap Georgiana? Will Elizabeth finally find pleasure in Mr. Darcy’s love or will Caroline and Wickham and perhaps even Lydia intercede?

A Compromise at Rosings Park by Isabelle Mayfair

Elizabeth Bennet’s stay at Hunsford Lodge is interrupted by a shocking marriage proposal from the man she dislikes most in the world; the proud and arrogant Mr Darcy. After rejecting him, she is required to follow him into the woods to return the hat he left behind, before it is discovered that he had visited her. She is shocked to see he is in far greater pain at her refusal than she realised and when she seeks to comfort him, he forgets himself and kisses her.

Unfortunately, Mr Collins, Elizabeth’s cousin, witnesses it and not recognising Mr Darcy, is pleased to inform Mr Darcy’s aunt, the formidable Lady Catherine de Bourgh of Rosings Park, that the pert Miss Bennet’s reputation has been compromised. It seems a fitting revenge for a woman who had rejected his own offer of marriage not so long ago.

But when Mr Darcy reveals himself as the man who compromised Miss Bennet, and is therefore the man who is required to marry her and save her reputation, Elizabeth is far from grateful. She, who always wanted to marry for love, is now obligated to marry a man she despises for his selfish disdain for others, and who has ruined the happiness of her most beloved sister.

Can Mr Darcy persuade her to give him a chance to prove himself worthy of her? And in Elizabeth’s pretence to her family of being a happily engaged woman, is it possible she is being fooled by her own charade into feeling more than she does? Or are these growing feelings for Mr Darcy something more than that?

At Longbourn, a scandal involving her sister, Lydia, threatens the match and Elizabeth is suddenly confronted with the possibility that maybe she does not know Mr Darcy as well as she believed. And that just maybe, he is the man for her after all.

An Encounter at Pemberley by Isabelle Mayfair

While touring Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle, Elizabeth Bennet is horrified to discover they intend to visit Pemberley, the home of Mr Darcy. She had hoped never to meet him again after rejecting his proposal months before. But assured that he is not home, Elizabeth decides to take the opportunity to explore Pemberley Woods while her aunt and uncle are out. There, alone in the woods, she is the victim of an accident.

Mr Darcy discovers her lying unconscious and must think quickly to get her to shelter before a storm begins. He takes her to his hunting lodge to tend to her injuries, realising he will have compromised her reputation and be obliged to marry her if word gets out. But Elizabeth is suffering from amnesia as a result of her accident and is intrigued by the kind, generous man who tends to her.

Is this Mr Darcy’s last chance to show her the man he can be? And as for Elizabeth, she is astonished to discover that the warm, caring man she’s starting to fall in love with was someone she disliked intensely before her accident. But just why was her dislike for him so strong?

When word gets out of them spending the night together, Lizzy’s reputation is compromised and the only way out is to agree to marry Mr Darcy. But can she accept him for the man he is now? And can she truly love a man she cannot remember?

Mr. Darcy’s Second Chance by Isabelle Mayfair

What would happen if Mr Darcy had failed to give Elizabeth Bennet the letter explaining his actions after his disastrous proposal at Rosings?

Shocked by Mr Darcy’s desire to marry her, and disgusted by his interference between Jane and Mr Bingley, Elizabeth leaves Kent for London the very next morning after his proposal. There, she hopes to comfort Jane, and enjoy spending time with the charming and newly single George Wickham who has also come to London to recover from the disappointment of ending his betrothal to Mary King.

Mr Darcy had been too shocked to respond to Elizabeth’s accusations during his proposal, but he is determined to clear his name. He sits up all night to write a letter explaining his actions regarding his treatment of Jane and Wickham, only to find that Elizabeth has already left for London. Knowing it is impossible for a gentleman to send a letter to a lady he is not engaged to without compromising her reputation, his only hope is that he will see her when he returns to his townhouse in London. Perhaps if they encounter one another enough, Elizabeth will see a new side to him and reconsider her opinion. And maybe he will have a chance to clear his name.

So he is horrified when he arrives in London and sees that Elizabeth and Wickham have resumed their friendship, and seem closer than ever. Has he left it too late? Is he about to lose the woman he loves to the man he despises most in the world; a man he knows to be utterly unworthy of her?

Elizabeth is embarrassed to see Darcy in London so soon after rejecting him. But London’s society is small, and the two are repeatedly thrown together. Seeing Darcy with his sister and friends opens her eyes to the possibility that maybe she has misjudged him after all. And spending so much time with both Darcy and Wickham makes her wonder if perhaps she has been too hasty in her judgement of both men’s characters.

Can the pair overcome their own pride and prejudice and find happiness together after all? Or will misunderstandings and the dishonourable intentions of others succeed in driving them apart?

Never So Bewitched by Any Woman by Isabelle Mayfair

Elizabeth Bennet’s stay in Gracechurch Street with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner becomes even more enjoyable when she meets the handsome, charismatic George Wickham who is staying in London with his friend Denny, before accepting a commission with the militia. She also makes a new friend in Hyde Park, the young and innocent Miss Georgiana Darcy, who is waiting for her brother, Mr Darcy to join her in London. But Elizabeth soon suspects Wickham is not all he seems, and while seeking to engage her affections, also has designs on her wealthy and naive young friend.

When her fears are realised, she knows she must protect Miss Darcy from an elopement with a man who cares nothing for her. The only way she can do so is by reaching out to Mr Darcy, Georgiana’s proud and arrogant older brother, who is currently in Bristol, searching for a suitable wife. Elizabeth is forced to put aside her own dislike for the man and persuade him that his sister is in danger.

But as she gets to know him better, it soon becomes clear that she has been just as deceived by Mr Darcy’s true character as she was by Wickham’s. Is it possible she has judged him too hastily? And as for Mr Darcy, could it be that the pert, yet bewitching Miss Bennet is exactly the woman he has been searching for? A Pride and Prejudice variation from the author of An Encounter at Pemberley.

The Journal of Miss Jane Fairfax: Weymouth to Highbury by Ronald McGowan

Have you ever wondered what Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill and the mysterious Mr. Dixon got up to in Weymouth the summer before the events recounted in Jane Austen’s “Emma”?

Now is you chance to find out, in this latest from the author of “Pride Unprejudiced”.

Naples to Northanger: : Being, chiefly, extracts from the correspondence between Eleanor, Viscountess Hapworth (née Tilney), and Miss Catherine Morland by Ronald McGowan

This book relates the further adventures of Eleanor Tilney after the end of Northanger Abbey, together with the backstory of her love for her anonymous Viscount.

To Make Sport of Our Neighbours by Ronald McGowan

This book revisits “Pride and Prejudice” from the point of view of Mr Bennet, and gives us the backstory of how Mr and Mrs Bennet met to produce their family of heroines.

Miss Dashwood’s Dilemma: Margaret’s Mission by Ronald McGowan

Now that she is Miss Dashwood, Margaret, possessed of both sense and sensibility, must carve out her own role in life.

Her sisters, Elinor and Marianne, are both happily married and supremely content with their lives, but such a conventional destiny does not appeal to the erstwhile “Terror of the Seas” and while Margaret admits that piracy is no longer a practical option, she determines to seek fame and fortune in her own way.

Find out how she does so, and how far she succeeds, in this latest homage to the immortal Jane Austen from the author of “Pride Unprejudiced.”

After Anne by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

What could possibly make Lady Catherine deliberately throw Elizabeth and Darcy together?

Elizabeth Bennet cannot believe the effrontery of Mr. Darcy’s proposal to her, but before she can firmly decide to despise him, he hands her a letter. Unsure what he could possibly have to say to redeem himself, she sneaks off to read his words, only to witness the flight of Miss Anne de Bourgh. Now, despite the array of turbulent emotions between them, Lady Catherine de Bourgh insists that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy form a team to search for her daughter. Though Lady Catherine has motives of her own, being thrown together may help Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth better understand each other, all while they go after Anne.

After Anne is a Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel of approximately 64,000 words.

Believing in Darcy  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Elizabeth Bennet’s life is forever altered by Mr. Collins’ most foolish act. Now, with her family scattered and her place in the world uncertain, she has no one to rely on but her dear friend Charlotte. Elizabeth longs for security of her own, but will never compromise her values to obtain it. Nor will she have to, if she can simply bring herself to believe in Mr. Darcy.

Courting Elizabeth by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

In the wake of his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Darcy is compelled to write her, unable to permit her misconceptions to stand. Unfortunately, he leaves his letter unattended. What happens when Darcy’s words make their way into Lady Catherine’s hands? With his aunt determined to force him to marry Anne de Bourgh, will Darcy still manage to pursue Elizabeth? Find out what twists, turns and danger await in Courting Elizabeth.

A Dollop of Pride and a Dash of Prejudice  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford


Epiphany with Tea

Who would think tea at Rosings could be enlightening? Not Mr. Darcy. At least, not until the moment he realizes how to win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart.

Even after years of marriage, the memory of tea at Rosings is still fresh in Darcy’s mind, but can lessons learned then help him come to terms with the trials of today?

Epiphany with Tea is a story of love, happiness, understanding and cherishing the season.

From Ashes to Heiresses

With the rest of their family gone and their home destroyed, Elizabeth and Jane are taken in by their aunt and uncle in Meryton. Concerned about the two surviving Bennet sisters’ situation, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley come to Hertfordshire, but not before Mr. Wickham attempts to use the situation to his advantage.

Miss Bingley’s Christmas

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t stop Miss Bingley from dragging her sister off to a trendy new flower shop in a slightly less than modish part of London. What could be so important as to bring two socialites out in the cold? Why, Mr. Darcy is coming for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Miss Bingley, a winter storm and her own arrogance combine to ruin her Christmas plans, but maybe the Christmas she ends up having will actually turn into the Christmas of her dreams.

Their Secret Love by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

What if Mr. Darcy expected Elizabeth to approve when he issued his infamous insult at the dance?

When Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet meet for the first time, they quickly recognize a connection that could change their lives, but how can they explore their attraction with Mrs. Bennet sure to pounce on Darcy as a candidate for marriage to Elizabeth and with Darcy’s family certain to censure him for his choice? They need a good plan, or their relations could destroy their love before it’s hardly begun.

Her Final Wish by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

When a sickness burns its way through Hertfordshire, Darcy casts prudence aside to ensure Elizabeth reaches Longbourn in time to tend her ailing mother. Trapped by a quarantine and hastily made promises, the two find themselves bound by obligation and honor. With Longbourn in chaos and the Bennet family at odds, will good ever come from Mrs. Bennet’s final wish?

Hypothetically Married by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

What does an aging country attorney know about raising five young women? Apparently not enough, for the first of them to wed is the youngest, and her husband is a schemer. Trying to do better for his remaining wards, Mr. Phillips moves them to London.

Elizabeth is happy enough to visit London with her uncle and sisters, until town life throws her into the company of Mr. Darcy. She met him the autumn before, when he and his friends visited Hertfordshire, and found him thoroughly disagreeable. Now, it seems she must be in his company nearly every day.

Darcy is aware that Miss Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t care for him, which suits him perfectly. After all, he has no intention of courting the aggravating country miss. Even so, he must see her often and they develop a tentative friendship. Both make it clear to each other that it is friendship, not love. As those around them seek their help for their romantic relationships, Darcy and Elizabeth are steadfast in avoiding romantic involvement with each other. Or are they?

A Death at Rosings by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

The world of Rosings is turned on its head with the sudden death of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Not yet up to the challenge of managing the estate on her own, Anne de Bourgh enlists the aid of Elizabeth Bennet, who is staying with her cousin Mr. Collins at the time. Elizabeth is capable, intelligent and quick thinking enough to help Anne manage Rosings, but is she ready for the challenge of Mr. Darcy’s return to Kent? With his rebuked proposal, his letter and her knowledge that she misjudged him between them, can Elizabeth set her own feelings aside to help save Anne de Bourgh’s estate?

A Duel in Meryton by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

With his young sister Georgiana’s reticence a constant reminder that his onetime friend, George Wickham, should not be trusted, Darcy decides a trip to rural Hertfordshire is in order, for both him and Georgiana. Darcy believes the people there are of so little consequence, Georgiana will know no fear in interacting with them. He soon learns he’s wrong about both his sister and Hertfordshire, but not about Wickham.

Even bearing the brunt of Mr. Darcy’s insult doesn’t soften Elizabeth to her wife-hunting cousin, Mr. Collins, and her first reaction is to disdain both men. As the two join forces against Meryton’s newest militia member, the charming Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth comes to see a different side to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins. Their presence in Hertfordshire, along with Mr. Darcy’s other companions, will forever alter the lives of Elizabeth and those she cares for most.

Entanglements of Honor by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

When fear of a fire forces Bennet sisters Elizabeth and Jane into compromised situations, both sisters concede they must marry. The trouble is, Mr. Bingley is honor bound to offer for Elizabeth, as Mr. Darcy is to offer for Jane. Can our two favorite Pride and Prejudice couples untangle themselves? Find out in Entanglements of Honor, a Pride and Prejudice variation novella.

The Fire at Netherfield Park by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

“The Fire at Netherfield Park” opens with Charles Bingley’s famous ball. Smoke soon seeps into the room, rapidly turning the event from frivolous to dire. Determined to save everyone, Darcy enlists Elizabeth’s aid in urging the disbelieving assemblage to depart. Darcy and Elizabeth prove as noble as one might expect, but who else will rise to the ranks of hero, who will escape the fire, and who will perish? When the smoke clears, what will become of those who escaped the fire at Netherfield Park?

Foiled Elopement by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Elizabeth Bennet is left stranded after saving Georgiana Darcy from a disastrous elopement. Rescue is near, but Elizabeth will have to pay an additional price, not only for Georgiana’s mistake but for the circumstance in which Elizabeth becomes embroiled. Some, like Miss Bingley, may look down on a precarious situation of Elizabeth’s own making, but what else could someone of her bold, intelligent and compassionate nature do?

The Forgiving Season by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Sometimes, expectations are not met… and sometimes, that’s a good thing.

When Elizabeth finds herself increasingly in the company of Mr. Darcy, she expects her dislike of him to grow. Instead, she begins to see a different side of the one man she never dreamed to care for. Meanwhile, Wickham plots ultimate misery for Darcy, but his plans lead him in a direction he never guessed he would go. 

The Long Road to Longbourn by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Fitzwilliam Darcy has nearly everything a gentleman could want. Looks, wealth, connections. He lacks but one aspect of a perfect life, a bride. He’s chosen Miss Elizabeth Bennet to fill the role but when he proposes, to his utmost chagrin, she refuses him in no uncertain terms. His heart stomped on by a country miss who is by no societal measure his equal, he can’t imagine a worse moment.

Elizabeth Bennet does not care for Mr. Darcy and his highhanded, supercilious ways and wants nothing more to do with him. She hopes, in view of her vehement refusal of his proposal, to never set eyes on him again. After all, a man with Mr. Darcy’s pride can hardly be expected to bear her company after the strong words she’s issued.

Fate, however, has more plans for Elizabeth and Darcy. The moment before they mean to separate forever, both are abducted and whisked away on a harrowing journey. To save themselves and return home, they must band together to surmount perils, overcome obstacles and decide whom to trust. Join Darcy and Elizabeth on their journey as they take the long road back to Longbourn… and to love.

Love, Letters, and Lies by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Elizabeth Bennet is not the type of woman to be forced into marrying anyone, especially not the insufferable Mr. Darcy. When, through no fault of her own, she ends up in a compromising situation with him, she does everything she can to keep their scandal secret and avoid matrimony. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to go along with that plan.

Darcy doesn’t want to wed an aggravating country miss with no connections, but honor dictates he offer. When, shockingly, she refuses, he’s relieved. Upon reflection, that relief turns to indignation, for no other woman would think of turning him down. Indignation soon grows into preoccupation… or could he be in the grip of some other, even stronger emotion?

Mary Younge by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

In Pride and Prejudice it is difficult to imagine a woman who would both meet Mr. Darcy’s requirements to take charge of Georgiana, and who would trust Mr. Wickham. If she helped him, she would lose both her job and her reputation. It is unlikely she trusted or loved him enough to do that. We only know Mrs. Younge through Darcy’s eyes, but, though this Mrs. Younge conceals some of her past from Mr. Darcy, she neither conspired with Wickham nor is fooled by him. Mary Younge shows us there could be another side to the story.

This story is also included in the compilation Pride and Prejudice Villains: Revisited – Redeemed – Reimagined, A Collection of Six Short Stories.

Pride and Prejudice Villains Revisted: Redeemed, Reimagined  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Villains Redeemed is a collection of six “Pride and Prejudice” variations, all attempting to show how some of Jane Austen’s most vilified characters could actually be good at heart, or at least redeemed. This collection includes five selections which have been previously released alone and one short bonus story.

Mr. Collins’ Deception

Jane Austen tells us that Mr. Collins was a man of ‘great humility of manner,’ but suppose that isn’t true. What if Mr. Collins is a very different person than he appears to be? His false portrayal of himself is all part of “Mr. Collins’ Deception.” Originally released on May 3rd, 2015 and is approximately 16,000 words.

Caroline and the Footman

This variation explores the possibility that Caroline Bingley’s behavior is motivated by goals other than a desire to attract Darcy. In an effort to shatter the Caroline Bingley villain motif, this Caroline is not stupid, greedy or villainous, but rather someone with her own life and dreams. Originally released on January 13th, 2015 and is approximately 10,000 words.

Lady Catherine Regrets

Lady Catherine de Bourgh cannot understand what her nephew, Mr. Darcy, sees in the low born, impertinent Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and with Darcy married, what is to become of her daughter Anne? Lady Catherine’s quest to find her daughter a husband might just lead to a better life not only for Anne, but for herself. Originally released on December 12th, 2015 and is approximately 9,000 words.

Mrs. Bennet’s Triumph

When Mr. Bennet is killed in an accident, Mr. and Mrs. Collins immediately take possession of Longbourn. While tragic, the death of her husband doesn’t absolve Mrs. Bennet of the now even more pressing responsibility to marry off five daughters. Join her in her struggle and, ultimately, her triumph. Originally released on August 5th, 2014 as a bonus short story at the end of “The Second Mrs. Darcy,” and available on http://www.renatamcmann.com, this short story is approximately 3,800 words.

Mary Younge

In “Pride and Prejudice” it is difficult to imagine a woman who would both meet Mr. Darcy’s requirements to take charge of Georgiana, and who would trust Mr. Wickham. Though this Mrs. Younge conceals some of her past from Mr. Darcy, she neither conspires with Wickham nor is fooled by him. Originally released on August 27th, 2015 and is approximately 40,000 words.

Wickham’s Journal

Yes, George Wickham is a reprehensible young man, but will he stay that way? “Pride and Prejudice” leaves him in very different circumstances than when he is first introduced. With his whole life before him, will Mr. Wickham ever become an honorable man? Wickham’s Journal can only be found in “Villains Redeemed” and is quite short, approximately 3,900 words.

The Scandalous Stepmother  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

When Mrs. Bennet died, Mr. Bennet decided it behooved him to find a new mother for his young daughters. Now, with all of them grown and getting married, it’s time for Elizabeth to learn the truth about her father’s choice. Little does Elizabeth know, the woman who fought for years to turn her and her sisters into proper English misses is secretly a very scandalous stepmother.

The Second Mrs. Darcy  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Devastated by Elizabeth’s refusal of his infamous proposal, Darcy marries his sickly cousin, Anne de Bourgh. Darcy expects Elizabeth will be out of his life forever, but Anne Darcy and fate bring Elizabeth to Pemberley. With Darcy already ensnared by Anne, will he and Elizabeth ever find happiness?

The Widow Elizabeth  by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

Can heartbreak ever lead to greater happiness?

When Elizabeth weds one of Darcy’s dearest friends he tries, and fails, to put his love for her behind him. Then, after two years of regretting his decision to step aside for his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy is given that rarest of gifts, a second chance. Though he mourns the cousin he loved like a brother, Darcy can’t help but wonder what might have been, and what could still be.

Elizabeth’s heart is broken by her husband’s death. Worse, she’s being pressed to marry not only by her family, but a barrage of suitors. Amid the chaos and sorrow, only one person, Mr. Darcy, seems to fully understand her need to grieve. He, like Elizabeth, knows Colonel Fitzwilliam deserves the respect of a full twelve months of mourning.

Still, much can happen in a year.

Georgiana’s Folly (Wickham’s Coin Book 1) by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Darcy enlists Elizabeth’s aid to help him deal with Georgiana, a tricky task with Wickham in town. This is the first of a two-novella series. Both novellas have different interpretations of Wickham, although he is not the main character in either.

Together, the two novella’s, Georgiana’s Folly and Elizabeth’s Plight, make up The Wickham Coin Series, which is also available in paperback. The ebook version of the paperback was released for the convenience of customers who have not bought either novella.

Elizabeth’s Plight (Wickham’s Coin Book 2) by Renata McMann and Summer Hanford

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth rescues Georgiana from ruin, but will her heroism be rewarded with ruin of her own? 

Elizabeth’s Plight is the second novella in a two part series examining two possible interpretations of Austen’s Wickham character. In this novella, which has more action scenes than other McMann and Hanford collaborations, Wickham is definitely a villain in this story.

Together, the two novella’s, Georgiana’s Folly and Elizabeth’s Plight, make up The Wickham Coin Series, which is also available in paperback. The ebook version of the paperback was released for the convenience of customers who have not bought either novella.

In Want of a Wife by Julia Middleton

When Elizabeth Bennet’s wealthy cousin, Lady Susan Lacey, invites her to join her for a season in Bath, Elizabeth is delighted to accept. Maybe there, she can escape her mother’s embarrassing determination to match one of her daughters to their mysterious new neighbour, Mr Bingley, and be free to find love in her own way. But in the shallow, gossipy society of Bath, can she find a husband she can truly love and respect?

Mr Darcy of Pemberley has always disliked Bath. But when his young sister Georgiana begs him to take her there, he cannot refuse her. Besides, at eight and twenty, it is high time he find himself a wife, and Bath is as good a place to find one as any other. But will he manage to overcome his natural reserve? And can he find a lady he can truly love, or will he bow to society’s expectations that he marry for wealth and position?

When Elizabeth forms a close friendship with Georgiana, Darcy’s shy little sister, Darcy is immediately attracted to the lively, pretty girl who has brought his sister out of her shell. Elizabeth is also powerfully attracted to her new friend’s aloof older brother. Their feelings grow as they are drawn together, despite the reservations and better judgements of both.

But Georgiana shares a secret with Elizabeth that could ruin her life and Darcy’s, unless Elizabeth persuade her away from the dangerous path she is taking. And an unwelcome figure from Darcy’s past arrives in Bath unexpectedly, and threatens to destroy everything Darcy loves.

The Path to Longbourn by Julia Middleton

Darcy is loath to leave his sister, Georgiana, so soon after her recent heartbreak. But when she discovers he has written to his friend, Mr. Bingley, to tell him he will not join him at Netherfield Park, she insists he keeps his word. At the last minute, Darcy relents and rides out for Netherfield without telling Bingley to expect him, dressing in plain clothes and riding an old horse to avoid the attention of thieves.

If Elizabeth Bennet hears one more word about their wealthy new neighbour, Mr. Bingley, she is sure she will go mad. Determined to escape her mother’s obsessive matchmaking, she slips out to walk in the woods before the assembly that night. Forgetting the time, she hurries home to prepare when she encounters a man she has never seen before. When he is thrown from his horse, Elizabeth is startled to discover that the plainly-dressed but handsome man has no idea who he is. She takes him to Longbourn where her family can care for him until he recovers his memory.

Though convinced by his appearance that the man must be a servant, Elizabeth cannot fight her growing feelings for him. Darcy likewise tries to resist falling in love with the bewitching young woman who saved his life. How can he love her when he doesn’t know who he is and what he can offer her? But spending all their time together makes it impossible and they are forced to admit they cannot fight their feelings, no matter what truth might come out about Darcy’s identity.

But a handsome young soldier called George Wickham claims to know Darcy and reveals troubling information about his past. And the future heir of Longbourn, Mr. Collins, is suspicious of the growing intimacy between this injured servant and the woman he wants to marry and is determined to get rid of him.

Hopeless of ever being together, Elizabeth and Darcy are desperate to discover the truth of who he is before a disgraced Darcy is forced to leave Longbourn forever.

Mr. Darcy’s Proposal by Susan Mason-Milks

A Pride and Prejudice “What If?” Story

This retelling of Pride and Prejudice asks “what if” events prevented Fitzwilliam Darcy from proposing to Elizabeth Bennet that day at Hunsford parsonage? Darcy arrives with marriage on his mind, only to find that Elizabeth has just received news her father is critically ill and probably dying. In the process of offering his help to her in traveling home, he discovers what she really thinks of him—and it’s not good. Should Darcy deliver Elizabeth home to be with her family and then disappear from her life, or will he propose another kind of help? Will Elizabeth be willing to sacrifice her future happiness to save her family from financial ruin? Or, do she and Darcy, two very stubborn people, have a chance of finding happiness together?

The Gazebo by Don H. Miller

The fathers of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet became friends at Cambridge and often corresponded after they graduated, playing chess matches and informing the other about their families. However, because of the difference in their standings in English society, they never met socially after Cambridge. The novel begins years after Darcy’s father died, when Darcy and Bingley first visit Netherfield Park to determine if Bingley might want to lease it. On their inspection tour, Darcy first meets Elizabeth, about whose first fifteen years he has read in his father’s letters. Bingley subsequently decides to lease Netherfield, and at an assembly ball, shortly after Bingley and his family move into Netherfield, Darcy has another encounter with Elizabeth. Darcy is unable to dance with Elizabeth, because by the time he arrives, her dance card is full. However, she observes him during ball and is greatly disappointed with his demeanor – it not being what what she had expected from what she had read about him in the letters his father had written to hers. Over the ensuing weeks and months, he determines she is the perfect woman for him, but he must convince her that he is the perfect man for him, despite her intial impression of him and what she hears about him from his father’s godson, George Wickham. His endeavor is supported by his sister, his cousin (Col. Fitzwilliam), and his paternal Aunt Pershing and her husband. His quest is finally resolved in the gazebo high on the ridge behind Pemberley while she and her sister, Kitty, are visiting there.

Remorse and Reconciliation by Don H. Miller

This novella is an alternate ending to Pride and Prejudice, beginning after Darcy’s unfortunate proposal at Hunsford Cottage. It assumes Darcy did not write Elizabeth a letter detailing his background with Mr. Wickham and explaining his part in the separation of Bingley and Jane. However, in this version, Elizabeth is slightly more proactive in trying to win back Darcy’s good opinion of her.

A Child for Elizabeth by Carrie Mollenkopf

Pemberley 1818,

Elizabeth Bennet Darcy sat alone in her private morning room contemplating her plans for the following week. It had been five years since her marriage, and she and her husband had fallen into an unofficial tradition of creating a series of small surprises to celebrate the occasion. More often than not, the surprises turned out the be jokes of the worst kind, but they loved it. Never ones for large crowds, they had preferred privacy to sharing, even with immediate family. So far, it had been nothing short of heavenly as they grew to know each other in ways that most married couples never did. Thiers was a love match in a time when marriages were often more of a business arrangement. The only missing element to such a perfect union was the lack of a child. Both she and Darcy wanted children, but as of yet, this happiness was not to be bestowed. As the owner of one of the largest estates in England, Fitzwilliam Darcy required an heir to take up the reins of Pemberley for the next generation.

“This place is far more than just my home; it is an entity of its own and deserves a person who will care for it with great devotion.”

To this declaration, Elizabeth could but only agree, for she knew first-hand the perils of mismanagement. Her own father, having inherited an estate of modest means, had done little to improve it beyond basic maintenance. This neglect was often attributed to having no male children to which he could pass it on. As a result, Longbourn was little more than a decaying heap of stones, more of a burden than blessing to be deposited upon her cousin William. Despite its condition, the fact that neither she, nor her sisters could inherit the family home was a source of irritation. Laws favored men in all ways. Even if a lady was in possession of her own funds, rarely did she have complete control over its disposal. This thought had often occupied her on the times when the possibility of a pregnancy presented. So much did it cause worry that Elizabeth had begun to believe that her anxiety of the prospective child’s gender had caused her lack of fertility. Of this, she had never spoken, not to anyone, but it was obvious that the longer they remained childless the more it worried her husband. Darcy, ever the epitome of kindness and consideration, had never voiced any sort of opinion. But Elizabeth knew him all too well to believe he was unbothered by the situation. This was only further exacerbated by the regular announcements of her sister’s arrivals. Having four sisters in total, only one remained presently unmarried, but even plain, pious Mary had become recently engaged. To date, her parents had been blessed with half a dozen grandchildren. Her eldest sister, Jane, bearing twin boys within a year of her marriage. Elizabeth could only stand by and be the doting aunt, sending congratulations and baby items, but not share in the experience herself. She had even gone so far as to consult a London doctor without Darcy’s knowledge. The assessment, while encouraging, had done little to solve her predicament.

“You are young and healthy, there is no history of any sort of malady that might cause problems. Sometimes these things just take time… and practice,” the Harley street physician had insisted.

Grumbling to herself, Elizabeth had simply thanked him and left. “Practice more? That is all we ever do!” But it did not seem to be enough, there was still no sign of the child she desperately wanted. Would Darcy’s love slowly fade without an heir?

Darcy’s Heart by Carrie Mollenkopf

Whatever happened to Fitzwilliam Darcy to make him so proud? So arrogant? Did he truly look down upon Elizabeth Bennet, or was he suffering from a broken heart? This tale takes place months before the classic meeting between Elizabeth and Darcy as the reader will discover the events which caused our hero to be such a reluctant suitor, despite the demands of his feelings and the impracticality of their union. Will the love of Elizabeth be strong enough to heal Darcy and overcome those who wish to stand in their way? Read Darcy’s side of the story and what he was willing to do to find true love.

Elizabeth of Pemberley by Carrie Mollenkopf

When Elizabeth Bennet marries Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy it is believed that she will want for nothing. He is handsome and wealthy, but most importantly loves her dearly. However, all is not as it appears when Elizabeth becomes mistress of Pemberley. Running an estate is much more than dinner parties and afternoon tea. Keeping up appearances in the face of financial strain can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Will Lizzie and Darcy’s love be strong enough to withstand the storms brought by natural disaster and interfering families? Or, will they give in to the demands of society and Lady Catherine de Bourgh?

A Gentleman Scorned by Carrie Mollenkopf

In the months following Elizabeth Bennet’s refusal of marriage to Fitzwilliam Darcy, he does his best to forget her. If Miss Elizabeth Bennet did not want him, surely there were a hundred others that did, and he would make sure that she knew exactly what had been lost. Unfortunately, love, if it is true, cannot really die, but others can definitely interfere. Seeing an opportunity to console Darcy, Caroline Bingley manifests a scheme to marry the master of Pemberley. Caught in her web of lies and deceit, Darcy finds himself engaged to a woman he cannot tolerate as honor dictates his acceptance. How will Darcy force Caroline to end her games in a way that will not lead him to the altar? Most of all, how will he convince Elizabeth of his love and devotion when he is engaged to another? Find out in A Gentleman Scorned: A Pride and Prejudice Possibility.

In the Shadows of Pemberley by Carrie Mollenkopf

Pemberley…home to the Darcy family for generations. With such grandeur, comes great responsibility, a responsibility that transcends time and exists even after death. When unfortunate circumstances result in the demise of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, they do not go on to their heavenly reward. Pemberley, and the love they have for it keeps them earth bound, walking in the shadows. Unable to leave, for reasons unknown, Elizabeth and Darcy watch their beloved home go through generations of future Darcys and experience great change, but not always for the better. Each time Pemberley is threatened, Darcy experiences a transformation as his rage threatens to consume him. He will do whatever it takes to preserve Pemberley even if it costs him dearly. Only Elizabeth has the ability to see hope with each new resident, saving Darcy from himself. Now a ruin, Pemberley is at risk of leaving the Darcy family forever. Will there ever be a Darcy that restores Pemberley to its former glory?

Lizzie Bennet’s Choice by Carrie Mollenkopf

Why must a lady marry at all? Of course a person must have means… and the Bennets had none. But surely her father would live to be a great age. Not yet fifty, Mr. Bennet had years before they must worry about Mr. Collins casting them out. It was only Mama that was difficult. Some days Lizzie believed that her mother would marry each one of them off at the first opportunity, regardless of personal wishes or lack of affection. But, as her mother’s child, she could be equally stubborn. Elizabeth Bennet would marry for love and nothing less. However, when she believes that her father is seriously ill, all thoughts of freedom are tossed aside as the reality of being penniless looms over her. Sometimes, a lady must sacrifice personal wishes for the sake of others even if it means a lifetime of misery. This was not how the fairy tale was supposed to end. Where was her knight in shining armor? Surely, marriage to Mr. Collins would not be that bad? After all, life was not like a story in a book, sometimes the ogre got the princess and no one lived happily ever after. But, sometimes…. On those rare occasions….the princess makes her own choices and lives by her own rules. Elizabeth Bennet is that kind of princess.

Matchmaking at Pemberley by Carrie Mollenkopf

Nearly five years after her marriage, Elizabeth Darcy has every happiness a woman could want. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for her dearest sister Jane. After miscarrying a child, Jane is expecting once again, but the presence of Caroline Bingley is making her miserable. Fearing for Jane’s health, Elizabeth goes against her own preferences and invites her former nemesis to Pemberley with the hopes of finding an appropriate husband for Caroline. However, Caroline’s selfishness interferes with the happiness of everyone around her as she demands attention. Even sweet Georgiana Darcy is not safe from her actions. Will Elizabeth find a match for Caroline? Does such a man even exist? And what of Georgiana? At twenty years of age, it is time she married as well. The Darcys of Pemberley discover that to ensure their own continued happiness, a bit of matchmaking is in order.

Portraits of Pemberley by Carrie Mollenkopf

Elizabeth Bennet Darcy walked slowly down the long gallery that housed the visual images depicting generations of Darcys. As she paused before the frames, it was as if each pair of eyes was staring back, studying her in return. Imagining they could speak, Elizabeth pondered what opinions were held by her husband’s forebears. Were they pleased with the new mistress or did they find fault? Some of the portraits went back hundreds of years, having been installed in the current house long after the first had been razed during the early 14th century. Pemberley, as it now stood, was built upon the remaining foundations of a Medieval fortress. Its stones had been repurposed in the great hall floor and fireplace. Of the drafty damp walls and rush strewn chambers, no trace could be found. The current residence was a thing of true splendor, one that Elizabeth hoped she would serve well during her life, continuing the legacy for the next generation. As of yet, her own likeness did not grace these walls, it was a point of debate she held with Fitzwilliam. Having been married nearly a year already, he had been pressing her to choose an artist and sit for her portrait. Just that morning, Darcy had mentioned it again.

“It really is long past time that you had your portrait painted. The family gallery is incomplete without you.”

“It is already filled. There isn’t any space for me,” she replied lightheartedly in excuse. Truth be told, Elizabeth hated the prospect of sitting still for hours only to have her likeness recorded. There was so much about her new home that had yet to be discovered. Just the other day, she had explored the former nurseries hoping that they would be needed in the near future. Although it was early in their marriage, many female acquaintances had discreetly broached the subject of children. An estate the magnitude of Pemberley needed an heir, and the sooner the better. While Elizabeth loved children, she was in no hurry to begin the process. For now, she was content to simply enjoy the company of her husband. With each passing day, she grew to know more of his preferences. No man was perfect, but the Master of Pemberley was about as close as she could imagine. In spite of Darcy’s fine attributes, or perhaps because of them, he also possessed a stubborn streak that was nearly as fierce as her own. This was exacerbated by a dedication to preserving may of Pemberley’s traditions. Of late, the portrait gallery, and its lack of her image, seemed foremost in his mind. Sighing, Elizabeth knew she would concede eventually. Perhaps it was best to be done with the ordeal while she was young. After all, who wanted to be remembered for posterity in their dotage?

When space is made to accommodate Elizabeth’s portrait, a startling discovery is made. Tucked away behind the painting of a Darcy ancestor is a mysterious painting, one that is not only bordering upon scandalous, but also affirms an old Darcy family legend. Who is the stranger that reaches out through a mirror to grasp the outstretched hands of Isabel Darcy? Inquiry into the painting will lead to a web of murder, mystery and lies, with Elizabeth and Darcy in the center.

Preserving Pemberley by Carrie Mollenkopf

A man in possession of ten thousand a year is truly a valuable catch, but how exactly does one maintain an estate the size of Pemberley when he is constantly beset by in-laws that drain his income? In the changing times of the early 1800’s even landowners such as Fitzwilliam Darcy must adapt to preserve their inheritance. Tenant farms, once the mainstay of estates, are now abandoned as residents flee to the cities to take advantage of new opportunities, and steam powered machinery takes their place.Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, redefining the world as social classes begin to blend. No longer are titles and land the only way to become a gentleman. How will Pemberley survive the transition? Only the clever minds of Darcy and Elizabeth find a way to balance tradition with innovation, investing in the future.

The Redemption of Caroline Bingley: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel by Carrie Mollenkopf

It has been two long months since the double wedding of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet. All Caroline Bingley has been able to do is wallow in her own self-pity. Not only has she lost Fitzwilliam Darcy to a person she considers most unsuitable, but her brother Charles as well. No longer is she the center of attention, if anything, she is now cast into the shadows like an old dress suddenly out of fashion. With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, society will permanently place her into the unforgivable category of unmarriageable. Unfortunately, rumors of her often sour disposition and spiteful nature are quickly displacing any former reputation as one of the most accomplished women in England. This is more than Caroline can bear. The only problem is what to do about it?

Refusing Mr. Collins by Carrie Mollenkopf

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that while a man in possession of a fortune may be in want of a wife, there may be ladies who do not reciprocate. This may be especially so when the man in question not only possesses the rightful inheritance of said ladies, but is also of a most odious disposition and less than agreeable in appearance. Such was the lot of five young women near the town of Meryton. Not only had they no fortune, their own father, an absentee parent at best, had not the foresight to put aside a single pound should they not have the opportunity marry. For this sole reason, their overbearing mother deemed it necessary for one of her daughters to marry this impossible man. However, a mother’s best laid plans cannot come to pass if the gentleman in question is not only repulsive, but also very, very dead. Desperate times often call for desperate measures. There is a myriad of ways to dispose of an unwanted suitor, all of which may be deemed accidental, for who would ever accuse a young lady of good family? The answer is simple… no one. However, some persons are as extremely difficult to be rid as they are to tolerate in life. The Reverend Mr. Collins, despite his obvious deficiencies when it came to appearance and personality, has an uncanny knack for staying alive but, where there is a will, there is always a way…

The Soulmate of Kitty Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel by Carrie Mollenkopf

Romance with a bit of mystery. This tale follows Kitty Bennet in her quest to find true love, and she will settle for nothing else. Sassy and strong willed, Kitty defies the role that society deems she must follow and chooses to follow her heart. From the idyllic Meryton countryside, to the ballrooms of London, to the wilds of Scotland, Kitty chooses her own path, often filled with unexpected turns… one leading to the finding of her soulmate and a bit of trouble along the way.

The Stubborn Pride of Lydia Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Sequel by Carrie Mollenkopf

Lydia Bennet has managed to find a husband just before her sixteenth birthday and before her elder sisters. However, she quickly finds that the old warnings of the risk in marrying in haste are true. Soon, her prince Charming’s golden glow becomes tarnished by reality. George Wickham is not the gentleman he pretends to be. The youngest Bennet must depend on her personal pride and stubborn streak to survive when her life is turned upside down. Lydia’s trials take her from the cold North of England to the Outback of Australia. Will the happiness she seeks be realized or will her dreams become the things of nightmares?

A Time for Elizabeth: The Strange Travels of Fitzwilliam Darcy by Carrie Mollenkopf

objects that he could not identify. Where these depictions of what his father had seen? The curiosity to disprove the ramblings of his parents was overwhelming, nearly as much as the desire to prove they were not both sinking into delusions. Rising, he took the keys and placed them carefully in their designated receptors before turning the numbered dials to a mere five days in the future. His hands shook slightly as a wave of nausea passed over him, threatening to halt his actions. Before fear could lay claim, Darcy swiftly pulling the lever, and in an instant, he was gone.

It is often said that true love is eternal, but often elusive. When Fitzwilliam Darcy discovers a strange device amongst his deceased father’s possessions, the curiosity is overwhelming. Its use comes with great risk, but leads him to the one person that has ever captured his heart. Unfortunately, circumstances place Miss Elizabeth Bennet out of his reach unless one can turn back the hands of time…. something that Darcy is willing to do, no matter the cost. But as the best laid plans often go, things do not always turn out as expected. What will he risk to save Elizabeth and win her love?

Transformation of Georgiana Darcy by Carrie Mollenkopf

Skeletons in the Darcy family closet? Sure, everyone has them, but blood sucking creatures? Who knew? When Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy decide to bring back the traditional Pemberley Autumn festival, it comes with some unexpected surprises. The arrival of distant cousins from Wales, remind them that legends are often founded in truth. Through unforeseen events, Georgiana Darcy finds herself caught up in a most unusual situation. Will she accept her new life and find lasting happiness, or will she become another tragic victim?

The Vocation of Mary Bennet by Carrie Mollenkopf

It has been ten years since the wedding of Jane and Elizabeth Bennet, Mary has been left to care for her aging parents alone. Considered eccentric for her love of science and mathematics, she is forgotten by most of society… that is until a mysterious illness befalls the people of Meryton. Soon they and many others will know Mary’s true worth.

Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Heiress (Mary of Longbourn Book 1) by Carrie Mollenkopf

After the marriages of her sisters, Mary Bennet is left to run the estate of Longbourn in their absence. Forced to manage a crumbling house in need of repairs, as well as respond to the demands of her mother, Mary makes a most disturbing discovery. How long had the skeletal remains of a long dead woman been hidden in the cellars? Who is she and how did she get there, locked inside a storage cell? With the assistance of Meryton’s newest physician, Mary will endeavor to learn not only the identity of the woman, but also the location of her dowry. Will her efforts allow Mary to gain a long desired independence, or will it only hasten the transference of Longbourn to Mr. Collins as the Bennets face financial ruin?

Mary Bennet and the Longbourn Tutor: Book two in the Mary of Longbourn Series by Carrie Mollenkopf

Mary Bennet, now financially secure with the entailment to Longbourn dissolved, concentrates on how to rectify the deficit in her education. Unfortunately, each tutor is dismissed within weeks of hire as none meet her exact needs or prove to be critical of her desire to obtain a man’s education. It is only with the arrival of Grayson Everfield that her prayers are answered. The handsome, educated man appears to be all that she is seeking, but how does his presence affect her standing relationship with Dr. Atlas Sutton? Unfortunately, perfection is not what it seems to be as human remains are found on the edge of the Longbourn estate, sending Mary and Atlas in a race to discover his identity.

Mary Bennet and the Return of the Soldier: Book three in the Mary of Longbourn series by Carrie Mollenkopf

Mary Bennet finally feels as if her life is coming together. She has found a soulmate in Dr. Atlas Sutton and accepted his hand, Longbourn is secure and her days are filled with purpose. But is it too good to last? While the engagement is yet to be announced, the return of Lydia Bennet Wickham and her troublemaking husband threatens to destroy Mary’s happiness. Always in desperate need of funds, the Wickhams do their best to interfere with Mary’s comfortable situation, resulting in mystery, murder and trouble for all. Will Mary triumph, or will she once again succumb to the demands of her family?

Mary Bennet and the Substitute Vicar: Book Four in the Mary of Longbourn Series by Carrie Mollenkopf

Mary Bennet’s wedding day is swiftly nearing. The date is set, the banns have been read and all the preparations are well in hand. The fairy tale dream appears to have become a reality. Only the discovery of the cold corpse belonging to Meryton’s beloved vicar threatens Mary’s happiness. Who would have killed such a gentle old man? Who will perform the wedding? The rush to find a suitable replacement vicar will not be as easy as it seems with the untimely return of Mr. Collins as he does his best to interfere. Mary and Atlas will embark on a quest to not only discover the identity of the murderer, but also save their wedding.

Do You Love Me? by Laura Moretti

Two years after his failed marriage proposal in Hunsford, Darcy meets Elizabeth regularly in London. Life seems to involve nothing but witty conversations, elegant surroundings and delightful dances, and, for Darcy, the daily pain of unrequited love.
But a change is coming, and neither Darcy nor Elizabeth can escape the forces that will soon alter their relationship forever…

The Governess by Laura Moretti

After his disastrous marriage proposal, Darcy doesn’t see Elizabeth Bennett for three whole years. When he meets her again at dinner in an elegant London’s house, she is the family governess… (Novella length.)

Emma and Elizabeth: The Watson Novels (The Watson Trilogy Book 1) by Ann Mychal

nspired by Jane Austen’s novel fragment, The Watsons, Emma and Elizabeth follows the fortunes of the Watson sisters in a world where the alternative to marriage is poverty. Emma returns to her family penniless when her widowed guardian remarries. At a local assembly, she is admired by more than one suitor, but her lack of fortune has the potential to ruin her happiness. Elizabeth, a woman on the verge of spinsterhood, has little hope of love. But when duty to the family is tested, one sister is obliged to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of the other.

Set in Surrey in 1795, Emma and Elizabeth blends passages from Jane Austen’s original manuscript with the continuing narrative.
‘Written with an astute knowledge of the time period and an unmistakeable devotion to Jane Austen and her world, Emma and Elizabeth is a deeply satisfying novel…’ Austenesque Reviews
‘Ann Mychal’s Austenesque prose is a delight…’ Jane Austen’s Regency World
Ann Mychal was awarded Best Debut Author 2014 by Austenprose.

Brinshore: The Watson Novels (The Watson Trilogy Book 2 by Ann Mychal

‘What in the name of common sense is to recommend Brinshore? A most insalubrious air, roads proverbially detestable, water brackish beyond example, impossible to get a good dish of tea within three miles of the place, and as for the soil, it is so cold that it can hardly be made to yield a cabbage…’ Sanditon, Jane Austen

Brinshore, the second novel in the Watson Trilogy, opens in the year 1816. Miss Osborne and Miss Musgrave will spend the summer in this little known paradise, which rivals Sanditon, on the south coast of England.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s novel fragments, Sanditon and The Watsons, Brinshore sees the return of characters from Emma and Elizabeth, and introduces some new characters too.

Laura Place: The Watson Novels (The Watson Trilogy Book 3) by Ann Mychal

The Bath Chronicle announces the arrival of Lady Allersham. What more could she wish for than the society of those good ladies in Laura Place, Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret? A mystery or two to solve and a match or two to make should keep her occupied.

The third book in the Watson Trilogy, Laura Place takes its inspiration from Jane Austen’s Persuasion and her unfinished manuscripts, The Watsons and Sanditon.

‘Ann Mychal’s Austenesque prose is a delight…’ — Jane Austen’s Regency World

‘Best Debut Author 2014’ awarded by Austenprose for Emma and Elizabeth.

Change of Heart by Tina Marie Noel

Mr. Darcy has met his match!

Life at Netherfield Park is forever altered when Elizabeth Bennet stays to care for her sister Jane. Fitzwilliam Darcy is faced with the most perilous time of his life when he realizes he has developed passionate feelings for Elizabeth, a woman who is wholly unsuitable to be his wife.

Mr. Darcy has an unprecedented change of heart that leads him to the love of a lifetime. However, nothing could have prepared him for the rapier-sharp wit of the impertinent Miss Bennet whose mischievous manners conceal her genuine disdain for the gentleman from Derbyshire.

Elizabeth soon has a dilemma of her own as she tries to discover the real Mr. Darcy. Is he the sombre, arrogant man she met at the assembly in Meryton or is he the charming man with a smile designed to melt her heart?

Our darling couple are about to embark upon a life full of humour, passion and drama which unfolds in a way neither of them could have anticipated.

Find out for yourself how Pride and Prejudice, a favourite classic romance by Jane Austen transforms when our most-beloved hero’s actions take him on a fortuitous divergence in Change of Heart.

Jane Austen Lives Again by Jane Odiwe

When Jane Austen’s doctor discovers the secret to immortal life in 1817, she thinks her wishes have come true. But when she wakes up from the dead, a penniless Miss Austen finds herself in 1925, having to become a governess to five girls of an eccentric and bohemian family at the crumbling Manberley Castle by the sea. Jane soon finds she’s caught up in the dramas of every family member, but she loves nothing more than a challenge, and resolves on putting them in order. If only she can stop herself from falling in love, she can change the lives of them all!

Inspired by Jane Austen’s wonderful novels and written in the tradition of classic books like Cold Comfort Farm, I Capture the Castle, and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Jane Austen Lives Again is an amusing fairy story for grown-ups.

Mrs. Darcy’s Diamond by Jane Odiwe

A Jane Austen Jewel Box Novella.

Elizabeth is newly married to Fitzwilliam Darcy, the richest man in Derbyshire, owner of a vast estate, and master of Pemberley House. Her new role is daunting at first, and having to deal with Mr Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, is a daily challenge. But, Elizabeth is deeply in love and determined to rise to every test and trial she is forced to endure. When her husband presents her with a diamond ring, part of the precious and irreplaceable Darcy suite of jewels, she feels not only honoured and secure in her husband’s love, but also ready to accept her new responsibilities and position.

Mrs Darcy knows she will face exacting scrutiny at the approaching Christmas Ball, but it will be her chance to prove that she is a worthy mistress, and she is excited to be playing hostess to the Bennets, the Bingleys, and the gentry families of Derbyshire, as well as Mr Darcy’s French cousins. Antoine de Valois and his sister Louise have arrived at the invitation of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Elizabeth is delighted that this young and lively couple are helping to bring Miss Georgiana Darcy out of her shell. However, when her ring goes missing before the ball, Elizabeth is distraught, and her dilemma further increased by the threat of a scandal that appears to involve the French cousins.

Project Darcy by Jane Odiwe

It is high summer when Ellie Bentley joins an archaeological dig at Jane Austen’s childhood home. She’s always had a talent for ‘seeing’ into the past and is not easily disturbed by her encounters with Mr Darcy’s ghost at the house where she’s staying.

When Ellie travels into the past she discovers exactly what happened whilst Jane danced her way through the snowy winter of 1796 with her dashing Irish friend. As Steventon Rectory and all its characters come to life, Ellie discovers the true love story lost in Pride and Prejudice – a tale which has its own consequences for her future destiny, changing her life beyond imagination.

Searching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe

When Sophie Elliot receives the keys to the family townhouse in Bath, it’s an invitation she can’t turn down, especially when she learns that she will be living next door to the house where Jane Austen lived. On discovering that an ancient glove belonging to her mysterious neighbour, Josh Strafford, will transport her back in time to Regency Bath, she questions her sanity, but Sophie is soon caught up in two dimensions, each reality as certain as the other. Torn between her life in the modern world and that of her ancestor who befriends Jane Austen and her fascinating brother Charles, Sophie’s story travels two hundred years across time and back again, to unite this modern heroine with her own Captain Wentworth. Blending fact and fiction together, the tale of Jane Austen’s own quest for happiness weaves alongside, creating a believable world of new possibilities for the inspiration behind the beloved novel, Persuasion.

Searching for Mr. Tilney (Time Travels with Jane Austen) by Jane Odiwe

What secrets lie at the heart of Jane Austen’s teenage journal?

When Caroline Heath is taken to Bath in 1975, she little expects to find the gothic adventure she craves, let alone discover Jane Austen’s secret teenage journal, or how it’s possible to live in someone else’s body. Yet, she’s soon caught up in a whirlwind of fantastic events – travels through time, a love story or three, and even the odd sinister murder – or so she thinks.

As the past and present entwine, Jane’s journal reveals a coming of age tale, set against the scandalous backdrop of Knole Park in Kent, and the story behind an enigmatic portrait. In Bath, a Georgian townhouse acts as a portal in time, and Caroline finds herself becoming Cassandra Austen, a young woman making her debut in society, torn between family duty and the love of her life. As the riddles unfold, and the lines blur between illusion and reality, will Caroline find the happiness she seeks or will she indulge her wild imagination, threatening her future and a fairytale ending?

Complicated Attachments by Denise O’Hara

Timing can make all the difference! The Militia and the Netherfield party arrived at the same time in Meryton. As events unfold, Jane first meets Mr. Wickham, while Lizzy encounters Mr. Bingley. Introductions to new acquaintances can lead to attachments that become complicated. Mr. Bingley is interested in Lizzy, but that is before he has a chance to spend time with her older sister. Wickham is enchanted and seriously pursuing the lovely Jane. And Darcy finds himself increasingly drawn to a woman he is adamant he will never marry, which an unlikely source has much to say about in Complicated Attachments, A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Denise O’Hara.

Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless

JAFF- Elizabeth eagerly awaits her sister Jane’s letter while visiting Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle Gardiner. But circumstances cause the letter to be delayed by two additional days. The extra time with Darcy changes the course of both of their lives, in ways no one could have predicted… or even thought possible. In a plot twist, you won’t see coming, Darcy and Elizabeth find out if their love is truly timeless. FYI- This book has a sci-fi element which brings the couple into the present. It’s written to be believably scientific.

Darcy and Elizabeth’s Timeless Adventures in London (Darcy and Elizabeth Timeless: Book 2) by Denise O’Hara

In this sequel to Darcy and Elizabeth: Timeless, Darcy and Elizabeth from the early 1800’s are now living in the year 2013. On a trip to the now very different city of London, the newlyweds discover new interests and experiences. Their romance lives on!

Darcy and Elizabeth’s Timeless Adventures: Titanic (Darcy and Elizabeth Timeless: Book 3) by Denise O’Hara

In the third installment of the Timeless Series, Darcy and Elizabeth are catching up on the history they missed after their long sleep. Darcy becomes fascinated with the Titanic, leading him on an adventure like no other! Part history, part entertainment, Darcy has a dream which puts beloved Pride and Prejudice characters on the TITANIC! The dream proves quite unsettling, leading our couple to some revelations and their next adventure.

Life After the Wedding by Denise O’Hara by Denise O’Hara

Formerly Becoming Jane Bingley– Romance at it’s best, Jane Austen style! The Darcys and the Bingleys are married! Explore the Bingley’s honeymoon in Ireland. There Jane meets her new mother-in-law and his lively Aunt Jeanie! How did likable Charles Bingley & self-important Caroline come from the same family? Jane learns much of the Bingley family’s untold story.

Back at Netherfield they are reunited with the Darcys and Bennets. Mrs. Bennet never changes but Lizzy must help her dearest sister who is beginning to see things differently now that she has a family of her own. And Darcy and Elizabeth must adapt to their new life at Pemberley.

Enjoy the continuing love stories of beloved character’s in the Life after the Wedding Series!

Life After the Wedding Book 2: Love is in the Air by Denise O’Hara

*** Condensed- Formerly Caroline and The Darys Host a Ball at Pemberley

Part 2 of the Life After the Wedding Series features stories of Georgiana, Kitty, Mary, and Anne de Bourgh.

Part 2 of the Pride and Prejudice Contiuation: Life After the Wedding Series, love is in the air for the young ladies! Colonel Fitzwilliam’s handsome friend catches Georgiana’s eye. Mary and Kitty have suitors and Anne de Bourgh is in need of a husband. All come together when the Darcys Host a Ball at Pemberley!

Life After the Wedding Book 3: Mr. Darcy and the Scarlet Pimpernel by Denise O’Hara

REVISED EDITION August 2018- Surprising twist and turns along with

FUN, ROMANCE, and ADVENTURE with all your favorite Pride and Prejudice characters and the Scarlet Pimpernel!!!

Georgiana’s new in-laws find themselves in a precarious situation in Revolutionary France.The men from Pride and Prejudice must join forces with the great master of escape, The Scarlet Pimpernel before it’s too late! And Colonel Fitzwilliam must decide between his love of adventure and his love for a certain lady.

***The Life after the Wedding Series has been condensed into 3 books. This installment formerly followed The Darcy’s Host a Ball at Pemberley—

Yours Truly, Mr. Darcy by Denise O’Hara

You’ve Got Mail – Regency Style! In this retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s head is full of Wickham and she blames Darcy for keeping them apart. Mr. Darcy has his hands full as he must come up with a way to change her prejudice against him if he’s ever going to win her!

You’ve Got Mail – Regency Style! In this retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s head is full of Wickham and she blames Darcy for keeping them apart. Mr. Darcy has his hands full as he must come up with a way to change her prejudice against him if he’s ever going to win her!

Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet: What Happened after Mr. Darcy’s Pursuit (Longbourn Unexpected Book 2) by Elaine Owen

What happens when England’s most thoughtless girl, Lydia Bennet, marries the man most determined to reform her? Follow our headstrong anti-heroine to her marriage and her new life in Newcastle. This is a Pride and Prejudice alternate story, based on the events in Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit.

1811-1812: How it All Began: Part 1 (The Darcy Legacy) by Deborah E. Pearson

Thirty-two years after Marrying Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy has decided to write his side of the famous love story. This first of three parts exploring their courtship and marriage explores what was going on Darcy’s mind as we follow him evolving from a lonely man through Georgiana’s near elopement, to his meeting with Elizabeth and struggling to accept her lower status to himself. We all know the reasons Darcy lists as to why he doesn’t ask Elizabeth but what really is driving those reasons? Are they really what holds him back?

How it all began is the first story in The Darcy Legacy Series, which will follow the Darcy’s as each new generation faces new trials and hardships in an ever changing world. Will the family name endure? And what will happen to Pemberley throughout the years? These and many more questions will be asked and answered in the series.

1812: How it All Began Part 2 (The Darcy Legacy)

Sick and Heartbroken Mr Darcy is forced to face the truth that he is not the man he thought himself to be. With the very survival of Pemberley itself riding on the changes Mr Darcy makes, can he fix his faults and win the hand of Miss Elizabeth Bennet or will all be eventually lost?

The second book in a three-part retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Mr Darcy. The series will follow the fates of the Darcy children throughout the generations. Can Pemberley survive the changes that successive generations and new advances will bring?

The Longbourn Conundrum by Deborah E. Pearson

An Ancient Curse. A Thunderstorm. An Epidemic.

Jane Bennet’s invitation to tea at Netherfield is interrupted by a strange series of events. Could they be related to the rumours of a generations old curse on Netherfield and Longbourn? When a thunderstorm and epidemic sweep through Meryton people are quarantined in their homes and the long-dismissed curse seems more and more like a reality than an ancient story. Can Jane and Elizabeth’s family survive this crisis or will these unnatural events claim the last generation of Bennets?

WARNING: Contains scenes of domestic/sexual abuse. Please do not read if you are easily triggered or under 18.

The Meryton War by Deborah E. Pearson

The characters from Pride and Prejudice have plunged in an alternate universe. An eerie prophecy made in 1730 has resulted in the removal of three families from London society in a desperate bid to stop a war.

Three generations later, that Prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The War seems inevitable. Is peace possible? If not, can an energy balance ever be restored to the earth? Will an imbalance in the world’s energy field and the coming war wipe out humanity?

This paranormal fantasy is not suitable for younger readers as it contains adult themes.

Twelvetide Chaos by Deborah E. Pearson

Christmas has arrived! Mrs Bennet, nervous and unsure has the task of arranging five weddings, while hosting a large group

of family and friends for the full twelvetide period. Can she cope or is her Christmas destined to have all hell break loose?

Originally published as part of the 2019 Most Ardently Christmas anthology.

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