Reading Reticule Roundup January 22

Can you believe we are almost done with our first month of 2021? Here are the goodies that I have found this week! *Please note: I use universal links which may require an extra step before going to the site and marketplace of your choice. Some promotions may not be available in all countries. NewContinue reading “Reading Reticule Roundup January 22”

Reading Reticule Roundup June 19

Hello, readers! Does anyone else feel like every day of this week was an eternity but then the week went by really fast at the same time? Forgive the lack of universal links on many of these. The site was giving me fits. I hope you find something you like! *Please note: I use universalContinue reading “Reading Reticule Roundup June 19”

Reading Reticule Roundup June 5

Hello, readers! I’m back with another list of goodies! I’m still working hard on compiling the other lists. The $2.99 U to Z list went live this week. Next week, I hope to have the $3.99 list up! Here are the new releases, sales, and freebies I found this week. Click the cover to beContinue reading “Reading Reticule Roundup June 5”