Reading Reticule Roundup March 22

Well, just after moving my husband and I were diagnosed with Covid-19. The next morning, my son was diagnosed with strep throat. Later, hubby and I both got that. We’re all doing great now and were fortunate to have very mild cases of Covid. I also have a sugery scheduled in two weeks so IContinue reading “Reading Reticule Roundup March 22”

Reading Reticule Roundup January 30

Need some new books to keep you occupied or distracted? Here’s your one-stop one-click shop!! *Please note: I use universal links which may require an extra step before going to the site and marketplace of your choice. Some promotions may not be available in all countries. New Releases The Lady is a Tramp by AnnaContinue reading “Reading Reticule Roundup January 30”

Books for $2.99 A-D

The following are books I have found for $2.99 USD with author names from A to D. This list is a work in progress and is frequently updated. Darkness Falls upon Pemberley by Susan Adriani After an unspeakable tragedy befalls his sister at Ramsgate, Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley finds himself in Hertfordshire. There, he meetsContinue reading “Books for $2.99 A-D”